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    Audio Adaptor Shield REVD Kicad Symbol and Footrpint

    Thank you, saved lots of time!
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    QNEthernet and TeensyThreads causes assertions/crashes. ...solved!

    This post is solution to a problem in hopes it helps others in the future since no web search lead me to an answer directly. ;) When using QNEthernet and Teensythreads in the same program while sending large data at fast rate (25k every 250ms) one of the following assertions occur within a few...
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    [queued] MCL86+ - Drop-in 8088 CPU Emulator/Accelerator for the IBM PC

    Impressive low level work inside the emulator code!
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    [queued] Infrared Mirror

    Displays the output of a MLX90640 infrared camera on a matrix of LEDs using a Teensy 3.2 and FastLED. More pictures: Source:
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    Four Channel Frequency Detection, Suggestions Please.

    I am creating an instrument with four strings and I would like to detect the frequency of the note being played on each individual string using four separate pickup coils. I am looking for high accuracy and quick response as the strings will be auto-tuning based on the detected frequency. I am...