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    SD card initialization

    Can you upload a photo of the arrangement you want to use with your Teensy 4.1 board? So we can give you an idea of the problem you are experiencing.
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    [queued] Engine Monitor - Teensy 4.1 & 3.6

    It looks great, responds very well to adjustments on the fly.To verify the display settings, please use the following code: #include <GDSTx.h> void setup() { GD.begin(); } void loop() { GD.Clear(); GD.cmd_testcard(); } Upload a photo of the result on the screen, to verify if the time...
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    [queued] Engine Monitor - Teensy 4.1 & 3.6

    Yes, personally, I have encountered this behavior several times: the wiring, just one wire that fails is enough. But, let's go in parts: 1) Please share some photos of the way you have the 20 pin flat cable connected to your teensy Short cables should be used. The flat cable that comes with...
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    [queued] Engine Monitor - Teensy 4.1 & 3.6

    Great, THX. I checked the additions in GDSTx for the BT817-7" screen, using the 5" BT817 screen and to my surprise it works very well, even though the dimensions of the screen in theory are 800x480, internally the BT817 chip easily supports the resolution of 1024x600 px!!!, I know this because...
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    [queued] Engine Monitor - Teensy 4.1 & 3.6

    @Turby: The BT817 chip in 7" screens corrects the problem of non-square pixels. This is the timmimg table, left: 7", right: 5" GDSTx updated! #define SizeEVE 74 Share us some pictures of your TFT (by the way: my next BT817!, yeah!)
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    [queued] Engine Monitor - Teensy 4.1 & 3.6

    It's good to know that you chose this type of screen, you really went to the top of this type of TFT's: 7" is really quite a challenge. The BT817 chip should work without problems, it seems to me that the times between the 5" BT817 with which I did the tests and the 7" BT817 should be...
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    [queued] Engine Monitor - Teensy 4.1 & 3.6

    I hope it is useful and thanks for the comments, they are greatly appreciated. What do you think that to contribute a grain to your great project, allow me to continue answering in this thread, since the hardware you want to use is similar to the one I have on my desk at the moment. Regarding...
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    [queued] Engine Monitor - Teensy 4.1 & 3.6

    As I see that they do not answer something concise, I sign up to answer you. As I told you before, you can use the library for gameduino 23X, some modified or modify it to your liking. In this case I suggest GDSTx, I've been fine-tuning it for a while and I think it can help you very well...
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    [queued] Engine Monitor - Teensy 4.1 & 3.6

    Try this: GDSTx library NHD 4.3" FT813 + Teensy 4.1 Allows you to use the teensy 4.1 SDIO reader to handle jpg, avi, assets, cells, and audio files; using the latest SdFat library. It is a modification of the arduino 23X library, which allows you to use the SDIO reader from teensy 4.1, it is...
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    SdFat SDIO for Teensy 4.0

    A couple of functional tests with teensy 4.1 and the SdFat 2.2.2 library MicroSD: Canvas GoPlus 256 Gb GDSTx with Teensy 4.1, FT813 7" TFT and SdFat 2.2.2
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    Gameduino 3x with Teensy 4.0

    It's not the gameduino-dazzler shield, I've been waiting for the opportunity to get one for a while now. Hopefully and there will be fortune this 2023. The array I'm testing on is a 5" TFT NHD FT813, with a teensy 4.1
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    Gameduino 3x with Teensy 4.0

    It's been a while since I touched the base library used in the project. Let's see: - I downloaded the library from the repository. I have a 5" NHD FT813 screen installed in a teensy 4.1. Wiring: 3.3V GND TFT-CS-10 SCK-13 MISO-12 MOSI-11 BL-GND BL-VCC to 3.3V AMS1117 regulator The first...
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    Gameduino 3x with Teensy 4.0

    Please, can you share the modified library that you are using? I have a screen with a FT813 chip and another with a BT817 chip at hand to check the errors it generates when compiling with a teensy 4.1 board
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    Gameduino 3x with Teensy 4.0

    I've been studying this library for a while so that it can work with other EVEx chips and boards faster than AVRs and above all, to take advantage of the SDIO reader of teensy boards through the most recent version of the SdFat library. The library for gameduino 23x (GD2 for friends) works...
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    Future Teensy features & pinout

    Since wish dates are approaching... Would it be possible for the new teensy to come with a USB-C connector instead of the usual microUSB?
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    OLED, TFT, or what? Looking for suggestions on display...

    You must consider several aspects: - Resistance to the occasional drop of water, and you must protect the MCU and wiring very well from water seepage - You must firmly solder the components - If possible, try to make the main cover only have the screen installed, the MCU should go on a separate...
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    OLED, TFT, or what? Looking for suggestions on display...

    IPS LCD: Riverdi BT817 3.5" with industrial grade capacitive screen. For these types of demands, a device with better features must be considered. The 5" version recently arrived on the workbench and I was very impressed with the performance with the teensy 4.1, I am seriously considering...
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    Linker issue about gettimeofday() on Teensy 4.0 with FreeRTOS

    I think that the new toolchain must have something, since this function: _gettimeofday, was not defined in the previous GNU. So I think that some libraries must have it enabled. Is it possible to bypass the use of that GNU toolchain function, to use the custom version of such a function, so...
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    Linker issue about gettimeofday() on Teensy 4.0 with FreeRTOS

    Install the 1.57 again. Remember that the beta versions seek to improve some aspects, but also usually bring some errors, in this case with the most recent version of the GNU toolchain, comes with some pre-halloween scares
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    Generating and displaying a line graph - Teensy 3.2

    It is possible, but you must have a TFT handy that allows you to present the graph in real time, but your array must also be capable of processing the amount of data you want to show, perhaps a teensy 4 would allow you to cover that aspect. MCU: Teensy 4.1 TFT: Riverdi BT817 5" (EVE 4)
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    SpectrumAnalyzer fft.available() is always false

    Try to get the FFT function to respond with the correct settings. The audio signal should be on A2, it even works without the audio shield. If there is something wrong with it let the experts clarify it for us, but so far I haven't seen sparks come out of teensy 4.1 jejeje Try this simple...
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    Microphone FFT Hardware Test Not Working

    I have used this sequence to "hear" the audio signal AudioInputAnalog adc1; AudioOutputI2S i2s1; This is the configuration sequence that has worked in the FFT analyzer (if something is missing in the configuration I am all ears): AudioInputAnalog adc1...
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    Teensyduino 1.57 Released

    From W11-22H2 insider preview TL 1.57 perfectly functional on IDE 200-rc9. Thank you Paul and your team of professionals, who keep us interested in the project
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    Struggling to find a good display for teensy 3.x or 4.x

    You could try with this screen in its touch version ST7735
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    How to perform a simultaneous reading of A2 (for FFT) and A14 (for a NTC sensor)?

    I want to use a teensy 4.1 to be able to monitor the audio signal from the PC obtaining it's approximate FFT. Since I recently installed liquid cooling for the processor and video card of the PC, I would also like to monitor the temperature of the coolant and some extra components that normally...
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    MSGEQ7 hookup to Teensy 4.1

    How small is this world! jejeje. I found a couple of those MSGEQ7 chips in DIP8 format. After reviewing many assemblies on the net, I found the most suitable circuit, consider 3 smd 104 capacitors, one of 33 pF, a 200K resistor and a 22K resistor.
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    Cpnnecting SPI LCD screen to T4

    I found this repository with an adaptation of the ILI9341 library to handle the GC9A01 driver. Try using it on your screen:
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    Cpnnecting SPI LCD screen to T4

    Maybe if you change SPI_MODE3 to SPI_MODE0 in the DEV_Config.ccp file To fine-tune the speed of the SPI port, consider using the SPI.beginTransaction statement, after SPI.begin() For example: SPI.beginTransaction(SPISettings(36000000, MSBFIRST, SPI_MODE0));
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    PJRC 3.2" ILI9341 dimensions

    3.2" ILI9341 (SPI) size: 5.6 x 9.8 cm
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    Teensyduino 1.56 Beta #2

    Exploring windows 11 on a computer that in theory should not support it ... Teensy 3.6 online, IDE 1.8.16, teensyduino 1.56-beta2
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    ILI9341 Touchscreen doesn't work with Teensy 4.0

    That type of ILI9341 screen does not have a touch panel. Photo of the back of your TFT or link to the site where you purchased it
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    Tensy 3.6 driving GlobalSat USB GPS puck

    Awesome device, congratulations. The teensy 3.6 has an accessory to which USB devices can be connected: You will have to look at the examples to make the GPS-USB that you indicate work. Perhaps you could replace the USB GPS with this...
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    Problems with display ST7735S and Teensy 4.0

    In this case, as in other similar ones, you have to connect wire by wire again, you have to check the continuity to ensure that any of them is not broken. You also have to check the welds on the screen pins, sometimes there are traces of some protection wax that prevent the correct connections...
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    T4.1 software reset?

    Trying to catch the ball in the air ... does it work for teensy 4?
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    Library problems: how to read image off SD card and display on screen, Teensy 4.1

    You can use this combination in teensy 4 or 4.1 - ILI9341_t3 - XPT2046_Touchscreen - JPEGDEC - SD or SdFat
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    Driving large TFT/LCD displays

    I refer to the TFT, there are some that have a chip dedicated to pixel management, it is generally incorporated into the PCB in addition to the screen's controller chip itself. The advantage is that you can implement complex graphical environments, which take the burden off the MCU. In the EVE4...
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    Driving large TFT/LCD displays

    In arduino, a TFT needs to have a graphics chip that is in charge of managing each pixel. The EVE 4 chips, specifically the BT817, could be a close option, the 10.1 "version has a 1280x800 resolution and the 7" version has a 1024x600 resolution. I think with some minor settings it might be...
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    MicroSD card max size in Teensy 4.1

    It is possible that with the most recent version of SdFat beta you can use the 256 Gb memory. I have a 128 Gb microSD installed in the GPS and it works very well
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    Using antenna with gps module and Teensy 4.1

    The Neo7 that has worked very well is similar to the Neo8 you have: GPS NEO-7M A version of the Neo6 that also works is this: Neo6 (GT-U7) Since the SMA connector is fragile, these spare parts can be used: SMA to female IPEX The antenna with SMA connector that I am using is this: SMA antenna
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    Using antenna with gps module and Teensy 4.1

    It works perfectly, much better than with the built-in antenna. The external antenna is complementary, nothing has to be removed. PD: by the way, the Neo7s are much better, a pair of Neo8s have defects on their PCB and are not working
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    FFT on Teesy 4?

    Paul some questions on the code: 1) What frequencies could cover the range 0-20 that you propose in the vector? for (int i=0; i < 20; i++) 2) If it were zoomed in between 2-135 bins, would it be feasible to cover a frequency spectrum, say between 40 and 6000 Hz?
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    Question about the programming of touch screens

    When we work on TFT's that do not have a dedicated graphics processor, we must "mask actions so that they appear immediate" on the screen. We can achieve this by duplicating screens, whose difference is subtle between the two. As a result we will have dynamic interfaces. This concept can also...
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    Unable to use T4.1 with external power

    If you are going to program your teensy 4.1 with the external power supply still connected, you will damage your precious teensy. A phrase that has been said in the forum is more than eloquent: "the teensy do not know if the power is external or it comes from a USB port on the PC". This means...
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    Easy-to-use (well supported) large display?

    Some alternatives are somewhat more expensive and at first they were very limited with what could be obtained from them, without forgetting the learning curve, however, after some time I think I have already managed to make them compatible with teensy 4 and teensy 4.1. GDTeensy4X FT813: NHD...
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    ILI9341 GraphicsTest works, Touch paint demo not so much

    It is not that complicated, the first thing is to get the touch panel to work using SPI. Then comes the calibration. The rotation of the screen must be considered and obtain the corresponding calibration. The resistive film shows variations in the corners, however with the help of a fine-tipped...
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    5V Teesny 4.1

    There is the detail: you come from the AVR-5V environment. The teensy 4.1 you must use it with another approach, you must use an intermediate chip if you want to continue using the components you already have. Shield way you wish won't find it, you have to create that path. A good chip is the...
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    Teensyduino 1.54 Beta #6

    Windows 10 x64 V 20H2 Arduino IDE 1.8.13 GD23ZUTX runs without issues at this moment. SdFat with the SDIO reader of the teensy 4.1 runs very fine, like a well greased motor. THX again
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    Teensy 4.0 using external power

    I take advantage of the query, since I consider that it goes in the same direction: external source for teensy 4.x. How bad is it to connect an external source directly to the microUSB connector, let's say like a powerbank with a 5V@2.1A supply, without cutting the VIN-VUSB bridge?
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    How to print 64bit float in teensyduino for teensy 4.1

    Like I said: Saint Google doesn't know everything. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have been rechecking all the GPS code that I am building for work, I used a teensy 3.6 with the idea that its SDIO reader would help with the handling of the maps. However, it seems to me that teensy 4 or...