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  1. MichaelMeissner

    Recording video in Teensy

    Well maybe it can handle it, maybe not. But I suspect it may be a lot of work. If you aren't interested in doing the work and learning stuff, etc. it may be better to buy something off the shelf that already has most of the functionality you want.
  2. MichaelMeissner

    Recording video in Teensy

    I suspect the Teensy just does not have to power to record Full HD by reading the camera and writing to the SD card. Maybe it can handle it, but I have my doubts. But an Arduocam does have a 2MP sensor and evidently you can control it from an ESP32 with an open source API. So in theory a...
  3. MichaelMeissner

    A way to control 8x strips of RGB without using 8 pins

    Or as I said, use a Teensy 4.0 or 4.1 for the secondary processor. That way you don't have deal with the issues of the differences. That being said, at the Arduino level things are pretty much the same thing, but of course when you are dealing with parallel LEDs and DMA/etc. then you get into...
  4. MichaelMeissner

    A way to control 8x strips of RGB without using 8 pins

    I tend to think that having multiple processors of different types will add to your complexity. You will need to deal with various incompatibilities. I would think if you are going with multiple processors, it may be better to use a Teensy 4.0 to control the LEDs, and have a high level stream...
  5. MichaelMeissner

    Transferring files from PC to SD card

    Unfortunately, MTP is not yet included in the standard Teensy libraries. You have to download the MTP_t4 library from: I modified the mtp_example program as follows: // From /shared/arduino/git/MTP_t4.git/trunk/examples/mtp-basic/mtp-basic.ino #include...
  6. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes is getting expensive

    The ST7789_t3.h include file comes from the ST7735_t3 library ( I would imagine that it comes from the standard Teensy installation. If not, you would need to install it in your Libraries directory.
  7. MichaelMeissner

    Teensy 4.0 and mp3 and FrankB's audio library

    I think I saw h4n0nnym0u5e in another thread talk about their/her/his media player starting to copy the SD file into memory, and play the file from there. I could be wrong about it.
  8. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes is getting expensive

    If you notice, many of the 128x128 displays have a micro SD card reader, and a separate pin that is the CS pin for the SD card. Those displays need to MISO so you can read data from the SD card. Some of the 240x240 displays have a SD card reader, and they need MISO plus the 2nd CS (i.e. the...
  9. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes is getting expensive

    FWIW, the displays used for Uncanny Eyes do not send information back to the Teensy (i.e. having a MISO pin, which would be pins 12 and 1). Thus, while it is a valid concern in general, it isn't an issue in this particular case. When I wire prototype boards up for displays, I use a common pin...
  10. MichaelMeissner

    Right Teensy Board for me

    I can't help you with the specifics, but all 3 of the Teensies currently available (Teensy 4.0, Teensy 4.1, and the Teensy MicroMod from Sparkfun all use the same processor inside. The memory provided with the Teensy, the form factor, and the pins available are different, but the processor...
  11. MichaelMeissner

    What connector goes on the Teensy 4.0 rear pads

    I don't think there is an official connector. In the past there have been PCB boards designed to bring out these solder pads, and a lot of people just soldered wires to the pads. My interest in the pads faded when the Teensy 4.1 came out. However, a previous discussion had this (note the...
  12. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes is getting expensive

    Of course, see my original post. This can be an expensive hobby. Sorry to hear about your soldering trials.
  13. MichaelMeissner

    Teensy 3.2 Arduino Shield + Lipo Battery

    In the past, I believe I've used that combination. I haven't used the prop shield in awhile but I never used the motion sensor, just the sound, flash memory, and neopixel/dotstar voltage level shifters. As I understand it, the featherwing adapter has a MOSFIT or transistor on the VIN pin. If...
  14. MichaelMeissner

    Teensy 3.2 Arduino Shield + Lipo Battery

    I haven't had to cut the solder joint between VUSB and VIN.
  15. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes is getting expensive

    They look correct, with the proviso I've never used the 3rd SPI bus that is setup for wiring a SD card. I usually connect the BL pin to 3.3v. In theory, it should handle not being connected, but I figure it is better to be safe. Sure, but note I don't know much about the rendering or the...
  16. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes is getting expensive

    It depends. It is somewhat messy. My sources are in a git tree. There are 2 active branches. Meissner2 branch which has my modifications: Main branch, which is a copy of Chris's branch...
  17. MichaelMeissner

    ornament & crime beta testing

    And if you figure the 1.7 time into your time lines, it still will be 1.7 times that. :cool:
  18. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes is getting expensive

    Each display's CS pin should connect to a separate pin, and then in config.h you edit the code to list that pin. If the device doesn't have a CS pin, then you would put -1 for the CS pin. Some of the square 240x240 displays don't have CS pins. The role of the CS pin is to enable the device...
  19. MichaelMeissner

    Teensy 4.0 and mp3 and FrankB's audio library

    When you are trying new cards, note that cards that are equal to or more than 64GB use the ExFat file system, compared to the traditional FAT32 filesystem (with VFAT overlaid). Perhaps, ExFat cards are read faster than FAT32. Perhaps not. If you can, you might want to try both a 32GB card and...
  20. MichaelMeissner

    Teensy 3.2 Arduino Shield + Lipo Battery

    If you can live with 3.7-4.2 volt power when you are battery powered, some other alternatives include: 1) Use the Adafruit teensy featherwing adapter ( If you use long male pins or stacking headers with long pins, you could solder the featherwing...
  21. MichaelMeissner

    Yet Another File Player (and recorder)

    Have you tried the MQSR/MQSL pins (10/12) on the Teensy 4.0 and 4.1? The problem is those pins are used by the primary SPI bus, but you could use the 2nd SPI if you have a display (note, on the Teensy 4.0, you need to solder wires for the 2nd SPI bus that are on the bottom of the Teensy). Of...
  22. MichaelMeissner

    Teensy 4.1 only works if powered by USB cable

    Typically you want to use code like: while (!Serial && millis () < 3000) ; This will wait up to 3 second for the USB to be connected, and if not continue on. Otherwise, it will hang forever until you connect the USB cable.
  23. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes is getting expensive

    I'll try to expand it later, but there are different Teensy Eyes, based on what display you have. With the original 128x128 TFT LCD displays (that you have) you want a variant of the original code. Look for the example 'uncannyEyes_async_st7735.ino'. Note, that example has been modified for...
  24. MichaelMeissner

    Request: Pre-Soldered Network Card Pins

    Because proto supplies does the hand soldering, it won't scale up for large purchases, but they do offer Teensy 4.1's with the network headers, and various PSram/flash chips soldered in:
  25. MichaelMeissner

    3.5mm 4-pole Extension cables

    You would want to get a 3 pole extension cord, not a 4 pole extension cord. What you want to do is search for "TRS 3.5mm extension cord". If you can only get 4 pole extension cords, I would imagine you want to get a converter plug. TS, TRS, and TRRS explanation TS is 2 pole, typically mono...
  26. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes is getting expensive

    FWIW, I figured out what the problem was with github. I had been accessing github via https, and it was relying on using password authentication (which was recently turned off for security reasons). I re-registered one of my ssh keys with them, and I re-cloned the files using ssh...
  27. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes is getting expensive

    I had integrated some sound support in my github files (note, I have't pushed binary sounds I created yet), but evidently github turned off svn (subversion) support today and I can no longer do a git push to update the remote directory. This week will likely be busy, so it may be some time...
  28. MichaelMeissner

    How to put a file to extern Flash?

    I really wish the MTP support libraries would get folded into the Teensy base. You need to download KurtE or WMXZ's MTP support libraries from: Then you need to build your Teensy sketch with either MTP (experimental) or...
  29. MichaelMeissner

    can i use 2 sd cards at the same time with teensy 4.1?

    The audio adapter's SD card uses completely separate pins than the built-in SD card, and they are on separate SPI buses. I would expect the built-in SD card to be faster than the audio adapter, since the built-in SD card can transmit 4 bits at a time, compared to the audio adapter 1 bit. On...
  30. MichaelMeissner

    Trying to set another I2C pinout with Teensy 4X,but fails [SOLVED]

    Ummm, you should be able to use I2C with pins 18/19 with the audio board, as long as you don't use a device that uses the 2 addresses: 0x0a for the SGTL5000 and 0x1a for the WM8731 that the audio board uses. I know I've used other I2C devices with the audio board. I2C is a shared bus, where...
  31. MichaelMeissner

    EXTMEM and playmem

    I discovered that the Teensy 4.0 did not have enough space to hold all of the eye definitions, but Teensy 4.1 does. Obviously if you have sounds, it might eat into the space. In theory, it would be nice if we could be more dynamic, and read the eyes/sounds from either a SD card or preferably...
  32. MichaelMeissner

    EXTMEM and playmem

    Cool. I haven't been doing much Teensy stuff recently, but I always wanted to add sounds and such to it, and I was just thinking of adding a dfplayer chip to do the sound. If you feel inclined to, it would be nice if you published your code for adding sound.
  33. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes - Switch eye using button

    I haven't really done any microprocessor coding in quite some time. I did buy a Qualia and 2 displays, but I haven't done anything other than run the initial rainbow demo.
  34. MichaelMeissner

    Teensy 4.0 Powered by Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger

    Some power banks will shut off the power if the device (i.e. Teensy) doesn't draw enough power. Paul had posted a circuit years ago for this problem. I discovered this device on crowdsupply, that I bought, but I haven't used yes:
  35. MichaelMeissner

    RIP Teensy 3.2

    I created a spreadsheet for my own use that attempts to list the pin compatibility between the Teensy 3.x/LC/4.x versions (note, Teensy 3.0 is in the table, but the columns are hidden to reduce the size of the table)...
  36. MichaelMeissner

    DAC options for 4.1

    Since you are talking about a single speaker, I assume you are talking about: Stemma in this context is the 3 wire JST PH plug format, but you could just as easily solder wires to the 3 pins on the other side of the shield. If you have the audio shield...
  37. MichaelMeissner

    Adafruit_MAX31855 thermocouple was using a Teensy3.2 now going to Teensy4.0

    You mentioned I2C. I2C often times need pull-up resistors, If you have 2 resistors lying around (2.2K up to maybe 10K), trying wiring them as pull-up resistors, wiring one end of each resistor to 3.3v and wiring the other end of the resistors to the I2C pins (18 and 19). Nowadays, many I2C...
  38. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes - What to use for the light sensor?

    I haven't played much with the sensors. But in his/her/their/its revamp of the M4 eye code for Teensy 4.0/4.1 has support for the Person Sensor (made by Useful Sensors, Inc. and sold by Sparkfun) using the 240x240 displays. For that sensor, you just have to connect it to I2C. My...
  39. MichaelMeissner

    Teensy 4.1 is slower than Arduino every with neopixel !?! Please help

    With that many led strings and servos, I could imagine that you need to stage powering a subset of stuff on, waiting for a bit, and then powering the next. Otherwise, your initial power rush of everything starting up might overwhelm your power supply. At the least, you might want to put the...
  40. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes is getting expensive

    No real idea. At heart, I am a C programmer who now has to use simple C++ for work. We've had the same issue with needing -Wno-psabi on the PowerPC port in two cases. One was a bug that was fixed ages ago that structures were passed differently between different GCC releases. The kicker is...
  41. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes is getting expensive

    Note, if you use Teensy 1.59 beta 3 with Arduino 1.8.19 or Arduino 2.2.1, you get the following warning: In file included from /home/meissner/Arduino/meissner/TeensyEyes-st7789-2eye/config.h:72, from /home/meissner/Arduino/meissner/TeensyEyes-st7789-2eye/main.cpp:9...
  42. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes is getting expensive

    Cool, I'll pick them up shortly.
  43. MichaelMeissner

    Noob wanting to export Arduino sketch to something smaller

    Size can mean two different things, either the size in memory that a microprocessor can hold and whether there is enough memory to hold the program and run it. Or it could mean the physical size of the microprocessor. In terms of program sizes, the Uno R3 had 32 kilobyes of flash memory (to...
  44. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes is getting expensive

    This question perhaps should be asked on the Adafruit forums. In general, for the larger eyes, you want the M4_Eyes program, not the Uncanny Eyes (M4_Eyes is the code for the Monster M4SK and Hallowing M4, Uncanny Eyes is the original Teensy 3.2 port with some support for M0 boards like the...
  45. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes is getting expensive

    The exception might be for stage props, where you need it bigger so the audience can see it. It depends on what you are doing, how far back you get, etc. I do think the 2.1" 480x480 display may too large for a human sized monster outside of a stage with a large audience..
  46. MichaelMeissner

    Possible to use Teensy AS the keyboard to replace 8x8 matrix?

    Given this, you want a Teensy 4.1 and use USB host support. It has 5 pins on the inside that you can solder a USB A cable (which PJRC.COM sells, but it is commonly used in making PCs, so you can buy it elsewhere). Alternatively, the Teensy 3.6 has the same support (but Teensy 3.x's can be hard...
  47. MichaelMeissner

    Teensy and Audio Shield not working

    Are you using the SD card reader on the Teensy 4.1 or the SD card reader on the Audio board. The tutorial is set up to use the SD card reader on the Audio board. If you want to use the SD card reader on the Teensy, in the example, you need to change the following: // Use these with the...
  48. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes - Switch eye using button

    BTW, I suspect there may be a new version of the eyes code shortly. Adafruit has released the following new products (plus some more displays pre-announced): Qualia ESP32-S3 for TTL RGB-666 Displays: 2.1" 480x480 round display w/o cap. touch...
  49. MichaelMeissner

    Uncanny Eyes - Switch eye using button

    Perhaps somebody else has come up with other eyes. I didn't see any other things referring to Uncanny Eyes over at the Adafruit Learning pages, but maybe do a query over at the Adafurit forum. There are 4 main strains of the code: Uncanny Eyes...