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  1. KrisKasprzak

    Having a heck of a time getting a TFT w/ ST7735 to even compile

    I use the Adafruit_ST7735 lib all the time and have no compile issues. In fact I also wrote a menu system for that driver. I hate to cop out and suggest this, but try 1) reboot your machine 2) delete the lib (display and GFX) and reinstall 3) Maybe delete the Arduino IDE and reinstall as well?
  2. KrisKasprzak

    [photo needed] 4.1 Edge connector

    Good idea, I've thought about doing the same. As an alternative, I solder DIP sockets in all my projects so i can replace MCU's if needed. For odd shape MCU's (ESP32 and the longer 4.1's) I cut and install multiple DIP's
  3. KrisKasprzak

    SOLVED Sorry, non-Teensy question, but I need help getting data from a web server using ESP32

    SOLVED.... posting as this may help others 1. build complex string with url AND token AND any optional switches 2. send same complex URL to begin and POST const char *serverName = ""; Then later in code...
  4. KrisKasprzak

    SOLVED Sorry, non-Teensy question, but I need help getting data from a web server using ESP32

    All, I realize this is purely an ESP32 question, and I apologize for asking it here, but this forum is too helpful for me to go elsewhere. I have a working ESP32 can can ping the national weather service for data. I can also get stock data from yahoo. Passing a special URL and i get a JSON...
  5. KrisKasprzak

    [queued] Oh! - Science World Building Lights Controller

    That has to be one of the most impressive implementations of interactive art I've ever seen. This world needs more minds like yours and projects like this. Very inspiring!
  6. KrisKasprzak

    Measuring RPM using a 3144 hall effect sensor gives odd +/- error

    I used floats or doubles initially for that reason, but the lib returns these as uint32_t. There's no difference. If I put a signal generator (square wave from my scope), the frequency is perfect w/o a glitch. If I carefully watch the duty cycle of the 3144 sensor, it fluctuates a percent or...
  7. KrisKasprzak

    Measuring RPM using a 3144 hall effect sensor gives odd +/- error

    Joe, Thanks for caring! Note 1. Teensy 3.2, however 4.0 will not change the results 2. hall effect sensor is a 3144 on a small module board 3. Trying a 3144 w/o the board where the out is connected directly to Teensy...
  8. KrisKasprzak

    Measuring RPM using a 3144 hall effect sensor gives odd +/- error

    Thanks to all. I'm now using the FreqMeasureMulti library--I had to cut some traces on my PCB had hard wire the sensor connection. I see little difference in the +/- tolerance when compared to the clock measuring technique--this could be due to the hall effect sensor, magnets, etc. I see very...
  9. KrisKasprzak

    Stereo guitar/bass cabinet emulation

    From one head banger to the sounds!
  10. KrisKasprzak

    Measuring RPM using a 3144 hall effect sensor gives odd +/- error

    All, I have a fairly reliable pulse counter for measuring RPM. I'm using a Teensy 4.0 and a 3144 hall effect sensor. The sensor reads 4 magnets connected to a PC cooling fan that are evenly placed around the fan (this is just a simple test apparatus). My system counts pulses and measures time...
  11. KrisKasprzak

    Stereo guitar/bass cabinet emulation

    Very impressive.
  12. KrisKasprzak

    Flash-chip database driver for the Teensy (meet TeensyDB)

    For the last 2 years, I've switched from SD cards to flash chips for storing telemetry data. I wrote a what I feel is a robust database driver where data is stored as records of fields. Just like DBase III, and Microsoft access. My needs are to take measured data, save it and not be concerned if...
  13. KrisKasprzak

    Interfacing ADS7828 to Teensy 4.0 via I2C

    actually you may have to use 0x48 as the address...Wire.h expects 7 bit address, meaning you will need to knock off the (LSB) or the RW bit, so... 10010001 or 10010000 becomes 1001000 which is 0x48 or 72 dec I agree with above that your initial while() will not get the second byte. What...
  14. KrisKasprzak

    Interfacing ADS7828 to Teensy 4.0 via I2C

    try as opposed to Wire.receive();? Are you sure about the address? I took a quick scan of the data sheet and I'm not sure you just send an address to Wire w/o hardware inputs. Pin A0 A1 must be set high / low, LSB indicates read/write and the address built accordingly. address =...
  15. KrisKasprzak

    GPS Module and Library Recommendations

    I'm currently using BN-880 GPS module (active antenna) to record race car lines and record car performance at points along the track. I'm taking readings every 500 ms. I have mixed feelings about this and other similar units. + relatively low cost ~$28 per unit great library support...
  16. KrisKasprzak

    bmp 280 false sensing result

    Are we sure elevations will be the same even if in the same location? I'm pretty sure these units compute elevation from pressure. The constant passed into readAltitude() simply compensates for atmospheric pressure at sea level. The problem with these units is using pressure to compute...
  17. KrisKasprzak

    USB Stratocaster Teensy 4.0 inside

    Need a YouTube vid!
  18. KrisKasprzak

    Help with a 4 band parametric eq

    Flicker free is just for keeping text from flickering. Nothing to do with drawing graphics. I saw this line of code above // Clear the previous state - fill only the non-border area tft.fillRect(x, y, barWidth, height, ILI9341_BLACK); And is probably the culprit, you are erasing the...
  19. KrisKasprzak

    Help with a 4 band parametric eq

    More.... Want a touch-slider controls for an EQ? Example and code link here: Wanna draw text w/o flickering? Code and example here: Wanna menu system? Code and example here: Need custom fonts? Code and example here:
  20. KrisKasprzak

    Help with a 4 band parametric eq

    See the spectrum in action here: Updating the 31 frequency channels is very fast and did not need any frame buffering. After getting the fft data, I simply cycle through each of the 31 channels and draw a colored rectangle based on the level. The code has a 2 second "hold" option to show the...
  21. KrisKasprzak

    Help with a 4 band parametric eq

    I did something similar. I have a mic processor that has an eq for adujusting sound levels and a spectrum display to see the processed mic results. It's been several years since I looked at this code but maybe it will give you a head start /* This program is a microphone montitor for a...
  22. KrisKasprzak

    Electronic circuit to convert 0.8-4.2 to 0-5 VDC

    Thanks Paul. I'll give it a try.
  23. KrisKasprzak

    Electronic circuit to convert 0.8-4.2 to 0-5 VDC

    I have a DC motor controller that requires a 0-5 VDC input to vary the PWM for a DC motor controller. I bought a motorcycle-style handgrip to control the controller. Unfortuntatly the handgrip is based on a 49E hall sensor and outputs 0.8 to 4.2 VDC. Meaning the controller will never shut the...
  24. KrisKasprzak

    Help! Possible to drive 6000 LEDs with color data loaded from SD card?

    6000 LED's? This I'd love to see, can you post a pic ?
  25. KrisKasprzak


    Nice work. This definitely warrants a YouTube vid to promote your skills.
  26. KrisKasprzak

    Highly optimized ILI9341 (320x240 TFT color display) library

    Yes, there is a tool for converting fonts for the ILI9341_t3 driver. link to the tool vid on usage Hope this helps
  27. KrisKasprzak

    Request for guidance on vindar ILI9341_T4 with simple println

    If you are writing 6 fields to the display, the libraries you cite should be more that adequate. Depending on the lib, you can also use custom fonts to draw text for a better look over the stock ones. ILI9341_tx has some included with the lib (Arial for example) and there is a tool that you can...
  28. KrisKasprzak

    Request for guidance on vindar ILI9341_T4 with simple println

    How fast do you want to write text to the screen?
  29. KrisKasprzak

    Getting temp from MPU6050 that is returned in 2's compliment

    Thanks. I should have consulted the data sheet first. All is fine now. Kris
  30. KrisKasprzak

    Getting temp from MPU6050 that is returned in 2's compliment

    All, I'm using an MPU605 with Teensy 3.2 and I'm trying to get the temp, which is returned in 16-bit 2's compliment. I've found some explanations on converting but my conversions are way off. int16_t MPU6050::getTemperature() { I2Cdev::readBytes(devAddr...
  31. KrisKasprzak

    New Stepper Motor Library

    I'm looking at using this lib for may motorized table saw fence. I'm able to get working where I can get the position during a move for feedback to the user. I did have an audible beep upon pressing keys on the TFT LCD. however attempting to run a stepper after a "beep" and the steppers barely...
  32. KrisKasprzak

    Teensy 4.1 and Ethernet, a workshop experiment

    I love the idea, but I think you will need to publish a meeting date/time and an agenda.
  33. KrisKasprzak

    ILI9341 And XPT2046 Not Working Together

    Odd, I use these things all the time, never an issue. I do use pin 8 for the display RST. Just for fun try putting touch_cs on a different pin and use the irq. #define TS_CS 0 #define TS_IRQ 1 XPT2046_Touchscreen ts( TS_CS, TS_IRQ);
  34. KrisKasprzak

    [queued] Dual Robot Arm Controller

    Really nice job!
  35. KrisKasprzak

    Teensy 4.0: possible method to repair to port not recognized

    All, I had a Teensy 4.0 up and running just fine. I reprogrammed it using Arduino 2.0, had Teensy 3.2 set as the board by accident. The IDE did not report the usual "wrong board" warning, but I got this scary message. The port was no long longer recognized by the IDE, however Windows 10 will...
  36. KrisKasprzak

    General question regarding analogRead

    All, On occasion I see the usage of the adc library in some sample code. Code such as: #include <ADC.h> #include <ADC_util.h> const int readPin = A9; // ADC0 const int readPin2 = A2; // ADC1 ADC *adc = new ADC(); // adc object; In setup adc->adc0->setAveraging(16)...
  37. KrisKasprzak

    How do I clear old text when printing text on ILI9341?

    Try my flickerfree library?
  38. KrisKasprzak

    Adafruit ILI9341 on T32

    If you are using the display on PJRC site that has the ILI9341 chip and the XPT2048 touch driver, this touch driver is probably the best, I use it all the time. Note that the touch chip is SPI and can be shared with the display SPI, just...
  39. KrisKasprzak

    Adafruit ILI9341 on T32

    If you move to the ILI9341_t3 lib, maybe these will help. Each vid has a link to the lib in the description. If you want to create menus, check this out If you need some buttons, checkboxes, graphing tools (vids don't show buttons, checkboxes, options buttons...
  40. KrisKasprzak

    Adafruit ILI9341 on T32

    It should, i use 2.8" TFT (ILI9341 chips) all the time. They use the standard SPI bus. I recommend using the ILI9341_t3 display library as it's faster that the adafruit and there's a nice utility to create custom fonts.
  41. KrisKasprzak

    SDfat + Arduino 2.0

    RESOLVED I found one of the libraries was using SD, and the .ino was using SDfat--apparently you can't use both. I changed the lib to use sdFat and all is well..
  42. KrisKasprzak

    SDfat + Arduino 2.0

    All, Compiling a program that compiled fine in pre Arduino 2.0 and now I'm getting errors on most programs. The latest issue involves a sketch that uses SDfat and here's the error. This error text makes no sense to me, nor can I figure out how to resolve it. Help greatly appreciated...
  43. KrisKasprzak

    How to add Google fonts to ILI9341 display

    If you want to create your own fonts (different type, size, bold, italics). Here's how. Hope this helps. Kris
  44. KrisKasprzak

    Creating an array of objects fails in Arduino 2.1.0

    shawn, you are my hero, that was the fix. Odd how the original code worked in pre Arduino 2.0.
  45. KrisKasprzak

    Creating an array of objects fails in Arduino 2.1.0

    All, I've just installed the latest Arduino 2.1.0, and working code now fails. Using a teensy 3.2: error: array must be initialized with a brace-enclosed initializer 182 | Button KeyPadBtn[12](&Display); Here's my button class creator code class Button { public: Button(Adafruit_HX8357...
  46. KrisKasprzak

    Case suggestions

    Only suggestion I can offer is that I design and 3D print my own.
  47. KrisKasprzak

    About the Teensy 4.0 3.3V limit.

    For reading an analog signal, I see analogPins are not 5.0v tolerant, but what really is the limit? 3.3000000000 or could 3.5 volts be applied to a pin for ~100ms?
  48. KrisKasprzak

    Teensy 4.0 lockable vs standard

    Thanks KurtE, I saw that page but was hoping to see it clearly stated. The image was clear but just need to be sure.