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    NativeEthernet compilation issue with Ethernet.begin(mac ,ip )

    Have you tried QNEthernet? This is preferred over NativeEthernet
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    Micromod - 2 yellow blinks

    Thanks @Paul, the MicroMods all work fine when I move them to the SparkFun Board. I see the same behavior on several devices and several of my boards. And I swap MicroMods back and forth between sparkfun (boots fine) and my board (yellow blinks), so I don't think they are getting damaged.
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    Micromod - 2 yellow blinks

    Micromods are giving me 2 yellow blinks on my board. Several Micromods tested, all working perfectly fine in Sparkfun's Datalogging Board. I'm making 5V from 12V, then making 3.3V (3.301V actual) for the Micromod. Giving 5V (Actual 4.82V) to VIN Pin 9, 3.3V on pins 2 & 74. Grounds on...
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    TCP & UDP Server on Teensy 4.1

    Better to start with the examples on the github for this library. But quick look at your code, MAC address is set for you by hardware, so you don't set it. Start with this example, then bring in your code...
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    Teensy 4.1 with CANBUS adapter and flexcan t4 - no CAN data stream?

    The bus needs 2 x 120ohm termination resistors. You should measure 60ohms when fully connected & powered down.
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    Preferred local PCB comms, UART or USB?

    For same-PCB communication, you can do SPI & UART, decide later. No need for UARTS XCVRs on the same board, unless you want multidrop. No need for USB, as you will introduce a cable without locking connectors, which I'd avoid for your primary data link.
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    Error receiving FlexCAN_T4 message

    Board schematic available? Not seeing termination resistors on can xcvrs.
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    Teensy 4.1 and NHD-19232WG-BGGH-V#T Display

    This display has 16 pins, not 20. Interface has an 8 line data bus.Plus its 5V Not ideal, T4.x is 3.3V. Any existing libraries for the ST7920 will give you clues on how to connect. Have you considered using a library like u8g2 or u8x8 and a different display supported by the library? spi or...
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    Teensy 4.1 Interrupt Problem

    Try setting the interrupt priority to a lower number, using NVIC_SET_PRIORITY
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    New Teensy MicroMods defective

    It would be interesting to x-ray the bad boards to see if it is a BGA issue or socket issue. I use the MM in a couple of projects. I haven't tested every pin, but I did find they can be finnicky with the M.2 connector. To me it feels like there is too much wiggle room in the mating and the...
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    3 different power sources

    Which Teensy? Are you making a pcb?
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    Using Teensy bootloader w/ VS Code (Version Control)

    Check out visualteensy.
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    add ethernet to a micromod format teensy

    I also found this board, might be less effort to use instead of the chips.
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    add ethernet to a micromod format teensy

    I was mashing together a few different Sparkfun boards, there was a POE board that had all that extra stuff. It should have all your notes in there. I checked the Arduino to MM pins, they look good. Looking at the eval board...
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    add ethernet to a micromod format teensy

    Thanks for the groundwork on this Paul. I started an Eagle schematic, pdf attached. I'm not quite done, need to find an LDO and finish up the voltage regulation section. Maybe bring out some pins to a header and add an LED for debugging. Let me know if I goofed on anything.
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    add ethernet to a micromod format teensy

    Thanks Paul, I grabbed a handful as well. I'll update here if I catch a break and start on a MicroMod ethernet test board.
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    Using multiple voltage rails on power tool battery

    The battery taps are for charging, so they keep the cells balanced, as you mentioned. Drawing off the taps in different amounts will unbalance them. Will the charger be ok with this? Not sure this is good practice. Unless you have a proper voltage cutoff for each tap. I would take the full...
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    Teensy 3.2, SSD1306 + Hardware SPI

    You need 5 or 4 pins connected MOSI SCK CS D/C Reset (can be optional, depends on library) The SPI hardware will dictate MOSI & SCK. You pick the rest of the pins from your available GPIO and define them in your code.
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    Teensy 4.1 out of stock

    Are the T4.1-Lockable available anywhere? Any way to convert a non-lockable to lockable?
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    add ethernet to a micromod format teensy

    Thanks Paul & vjmuzik, perhaps @shawn can chime in on QNEthernet's effort needed, or someone else with the chops to add it. I can whip up a MicroMod board.
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    add ethernet to a micromod format teensy

    @PaulStoffregen I was looking at this, but getting PHYs these days is 39 weeks away. So I've got time to figure out the MicroMod board, but what else is needed to get this to work? When you say software side, does the core support ethernet on these MicroMod pins? Or will the core or library...
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    Solved - Ethernet kit LED won't flash on T4.1

    The phy has auto-MDIX, which will auto detect a crossover cable and swap the signals. When you plug it in backwards, it will auto correct, but LED won’t work.
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    Teensy 4.1: Ethernet stops working after 30s when plugged into switch

    Not sure if the network has a router, but I was having issue with my network and found that a dumber network router seemed to work better, back when I started using NativeEthernet. I have a Unifi network at the office, but use a simple travel router for the T4.1 stuff I was doing, which helped...
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    PTP (IEEE 1588) Library

    I have interest in this as well, but haven't had the time to spend on it, but slowly gathering up components to build it. From what I understand, you will need a grand master clock, which can be pricey, cheapest I found was this one for a $500...
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    Teensy 4.x, Diode and Triple Can Board Problem

    Did you put the diode in the right way? (Bar on diode is on the Vin side) How are you powering it? USB only? Or do you have external DC also (J3)? At any time, do you have both at the same time? What voltage do you read at VUSB & VIN?
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    Using Teensy to program an AtTiny1616?

    Would you want the Teensy to upload a precompiled hex stored on SD card? Its possible, if you write UPDI uploader using one of the teensy UARTs Not sure the effort is worth it, unless you have 2 or more precompiled hex files.
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    what do you do when you need more 3v3 juice?

    You can power off the micro-USB, which should be rated to 1A @ 5V (the connector is rated for 1A, make sure your cable and power source are also 1A rated). Otherwise, USB with data is typically limited to 500mA. For 15 x .030mA displays, that's going to be 450mA. The Teensy will draw ~120mA...
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    what do you do when you need more 3v3 juice?

    From 12V, I sometimes I make 5V and 3v3 using 1A switching regulators, the 3v3 for powering other devices, which connect to T4 via logic gpio. Be sure to tie grounds together. Don't connect the 2 different 3v3 rails. Add 10k series resistors to each T4 gpio to those devices for good practice...
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    T4 with SSD1306 on alternate i2c (SDA1/SCL1)

    Circling back, can only get SW I2C to work with U8G2 library on WIRE1 (2nd i2c port). Some discussion on Github on getting it to work with T3., which uses i2c_t3 library. Not sure if this applies to T4.
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    Google imxrt1176 coming soon

    Interesting news
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    Teensy 4.1 Carrier Board

    USB-C for programming may not be possible. The T4.1 is programmed via the micro usb. Consider adding QWIIC
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    Modbus over tcp/ip with teensy 4.1 (MMXRT1060)

    Start here Replace ethernet with nativeethermet or qnethernet.
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    Charging of RTC battery

    @noisymime Did this work for you? I'm thinking of implementing the same circuit, based on the Panasonic pdf. Did you put Vbat at the battery or at the load?
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    Power supply buzzing with OctoWS2811 and Teensy 3.2

    Transformer you say?? They are not usually regulated, so the output voltage can vary on load. Unless there is a regulator in the transformer. But commonly, you get the step down voltage and a rectifier to get you DC.
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    PTP (IEEE 1588) Library

    Shawn, An example that mimics the single-pulse-per-second:, would be nice to verify timing with a scope. What that means for your API, well I would rely on those more experienced in creating the architecture and examples. Thank...
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    New lwIP-based Ethernet library for Teensy 4.1

    @shawn, that's fantastic. I'll take a look over the weekend. Happy New Year and thanks!
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    QNEthernet Library - EthernetClient misbehaving

    That was what I was thinking, but didn't want to assume. Thanks for the clarification.
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    QNEthernet Library - EthernetClient misbehaving

    Shawn, does the flush() only apply to TCP? Or should/can it be used with EthernetUDP?
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    best practice for detecting SD card eject with sdfat T4.1?

    The component in the T4.1 looks very much like this one: DM3D-SF (, page9) From this thread, it appears one side of the SPST-NO is tied to...
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    best practice for detecting SD card eject with sdfat T4.1?

    Thanks KurtE, I looked at it, was using SD.h, but it was proclaimed to be a thin wrapper for sdfat, so I moved over to that library. Perhaps I should move back. The 2 options I found: A. wire the sdcard switch to a GPIO, not very excited about this one. B. Check for an existing file that should...
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    best practice for detecting SD card eject with sdfat T4.1?

    What's the best way to determine when card gets abruptly ejected during logging? Using TeensyDuino 1.55 with SDfat 2.0.5beta I tried to use void writeMyFileSD() { if (myFile.isWritable() ) { if ( myFile.isOpen() ) { myFile.printf( "%s\n", myBuffer ); myFile.flush(); }...
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    Teensy 3.2 Motorized Fader Controller

    As suggested earlier, you need a closed loop servo system. PID works pretty well here, see You don't have encoders, so you will have to use the ADC value as the feedback instead. You want to be servicing the...
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    Teensy 3.2 Motorized Fader Controller

    Schematic? For SPI, each slave device needs a unique chip select, see CS/SHDN on the MCP3008. Is it wired that way?
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    Power supply buzzing with OctoWS2811 and Teensy 3.2

    could it be a ground loop? Or a power path going thru the USB? Is the laptop plugged into wall power? if so, disconnect laptop from wall power (run on battery) and disconnect any other cables (monitor, etc) so only the USB to your T3.2 is connected.
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    New lwIP-based Ethernet library for Teensy 4.1

    I am happy with any interface, simple amd that has example code. I'm a brute force programmer, and was hoping others would chime in here.
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    New lwIP-based Ethernet library for Teensy 4.1

    Shawn, My last TCP project has been working very reliably, thanks for your help and this library. I see you have a reference to Dan Brown's implementation of IEEE1588 on your Github readme. Is this something QNEthernet supports now, or is on the roadmap to support one-day? I'm looking a...
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    Jitter free square wave doubler with TeensyTimerTool?

    At the moment, it's not doing much. It will have a display at some point, and user input on a nav switch. But at 24mhz clock, jitter will be too much (41nS). I tried generating a square wave, free running from the input square wave, but the jitter was messing with the PLL. Maybe the 150MHz...
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    Jitter free square wave doubler with TeensyTimerTool?

    Running T4 here. This looks like a good starting point: A GPT can't flip a pin directly on input capture or force a output compare, so I'll need some external hardware, flip flop & some logic perhaps, then I just need to grab...
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    Jitter free square wave doubler with TeensyTimerTool?

    I have a project where I'm getting a square wave at ~48 Hz and I need to create a ~96Hz square wave with minimal jitter. Last time I tested with the "machine", I was using a combination of interrupt and polling, the jitter on the falling edge was pretty bad, due to polling. It's feeding a PLL...
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    Canbus use

    Also, you will need the CAN Transceiver hardware between the Teensy and your CANBUS. You can get a SN65HVD231 and wire it up yourself with a cap and few resistors. Or OTS options exist, here's a few I found...