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    USB driver for SourceAudio C4 Synth pedal

    For lots of multiplexed encoders check out the EncoderTool library Thread by @luni found here:-
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    MFC won't receive Midi-Channel sysex msg (0x17) or AXEFX2 does not send it.

    Unplug MFC > AXE-FX Midi. Boot up AxeFx then MFC then re-plug Midi, theoretically ruling out the MFC sending spurious stuff during startup confusing AxeFx's read handler. Not explored AxeFx here but have seen this scenario mess up other gear.
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    MIDI Basic_IO example problem

    Your code is probably working but sending on TX1. usbMIDI examples are found in File>Examples>Teensy>USB_MIDI
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    Call to arms | Teensy + SDRAM = true

    Something like this? :-
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    Call to arms | Teensy + SDRAM = true

    Um, I think that needs to be:- - with 3 10pF caps in series, you could test approximately 3pF. - with 2 10pF caps in series, you could test 5pF. - with 3 22pF caps in series, you could test approximately 7pF. - with 3 10pF caps in series, connected in parallel with 2 10pF caps in series, you...
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    Neotrellis + Audio Board I2C Lock Up

    Neotrellis needs +5v for Vin. Onboard I2C level shifter is set for 3.3v by default.
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    Neotrellis + Audio Board I2C Lock Up

    For the PCB, Adafruit Product ID 3954, and the Silicone elastomer 4x4 button keypad Product ID 1611. A couple of strategically placed elastic bands can be used to to strap the two parts together for experimentation. If you want to play with 8x8 Neotrellis then you need 4 x each of the above...
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    Neotrellis + Audio Board I2C Lock Up

    The Neotrellis library code is blocking and depending on what you may be trying to do, painfully slow and is probably the culprit messing up audio. My Midi controller project has an ILI9341 screen, 18 encoders and two hardware buttons wired to a T4.0. The whole thing fell into a heap when I...
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    Neo Trellis not detected using I2C_address_detect

    Double check solder bridge on address select pads, the pic is unclear. Try inserting 150R in SCL and SDA lines as close as possible to T4.1 SCL and SDA pins.
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    Midi To Servo

    You need to call read to get some action. void loop() {; }
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    usbMIDI output Freezes on MacOS Ventura 13.2.1 and iPadOS 16.6.1

    Or is something in code sending wayyy too much stuff that overwhelms the signal pathway's ability to handle it. You might try replacing usbMIDI() calls with some Serial.println(" Some message"); or whatever and see what serial monitor has to say.
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    T4 NVRAM (SNVS_LPGPR0..3) and the penalty of using it?

    How about external SPI Fram eg. Fujitsu MB85RS64V?
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    Ready made Note/Chord/Scale library?

    This may be worth checking out:-
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    Teenys Midi Controller How To Omit Unneeded Pots?

    Forum Rule: Always post complete source code & details to reproduce any issue! - so we don't need to go looking for what you might be looking at.
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    Can't send MIDI message to one of my devices

    Here are some links to other threads on this forum relating to similar questions.
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    usbAudio guidance

    Updated, coming to life, Stop/Start buttons, blinken lights sequencer, Moog ladder, LFO, encoders working. The fun begins, thanks again!
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    usbAudio guidance

    Thank you Mark, much appreciated. Will update to 1.59b3 and play.
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    Advice on how to expand synth sound variation

    Great work @MrCanvas. Used similar knobs on my late 70's Synth, a mess of stripboard and clip leads. One controlled Osc Mix level to VCF Fc, and the other controlled VCF Out level VCF Fc. Probably easy to implement for the sake of what your ears think, perhaps?
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    usbAudio guidance

    Thanks in advance for reading, hopefully a clear picture. Convalescing 100 miles from workshop using the opportunity to dive in and play with the Audio library running various examples on a T3.6 , Pin 2 has a button. Pin 3 has level shifter driving 40x Neopixels. Without any audio hardware am...
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    MIDI Library, Teensy 4.1 & Dodgy Old Synth! (DX7)

    Assuming that you have used a Teensy LC or later, try reducing the value of the 47R resistors to 33R or 27R.
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    Board size (and how to reduce it)

    Maybe use a T4.0 and connect the underside pins between Pin 2 and Pin 23 to the SD?
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    Teensy 4.0 Serial/ RF interference

    Chances are that the T3.2's RX pin is fairly deaf to what the XBee XSC S3B emits. The T4.x is faster everywhere so I bet it aint so deaf to the XBee XSC S3B. With a baudrate of 57600 I think there's scope to kludge some low-pass between XBee XSC S3B TX and T4.x RX. Ferrite bead? Some series R...
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    Can the Teensy 2.0 send messages every 2.5 millisec with 200uS pulses?

    @NeoBender, you started another thread here which gives a pretty clear idea of what you want to accomplish. Have posted a few thoughts.
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    How to use teensy 4.1 and interface with a 5v synth?

    Snuffling around the Matrix, thinking out loud:- Table at the bottom of page 7 of the service manual looks to me like the whole thing is addressed with a 10x8 matrix so am thinking that 18 mcu pins might do the trick. Looks feasible with a T2.0 and being a +5v mcu, bypasses any need for level...
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    BUG in USBHost MIDI Code found, with workaround...

    Here's some Roland Sysex at the press of a button or receipt of Midi CC#32 Value 127 extracted from my T4.0 project. Has a couple of tabs.
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    MIDI Thru

    Making the assumption that you want to turn off MIDI Thru wrt Serial or Din Midi. The MIDI library instantiates with Thru turned on by default. To turn it off, you need to add:- MIDI.turnThruOff(); After MIDI.begin();
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    USBhost_t36 MIDI losing midi note on / off events (Teensy 3.6) during modwheel change

    Seems similar to this thread:-
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    Teensy Controlled Langtons Ant Sequencer - Demo

    Thank you. After sleeping on it, I get the idea. Current 16 track 32 step sequencer works well. Neopixels are used to display a single track and the Launchpad is currently used as a single dumb set of buttons to control the thing. Need to work on expanding the launchpad's scope - multi page...
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    Teensy Controlled Langtons Ant Sequencer - Demo

    Me neither, but this tickles the curiosity of my creative thinking matrix. Have a Launchpad mini plugged into a T4 host and would dive in for a play if we can politely twist your arm for some working code?
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    multiple usb teensy MIDI

    You might look at EncoderTool. A few links: Repo: Documentation: Schematics:
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    Teensy 4.1 and Serial Midi Output

    First up, Teensy4x pins are not +5v tolerant so is potentially hazardous to Pin 14. is a better idea. Next, Serial3.begin(9600); // Initialize Serial3needs to be:- Serial3.begin(31250); // Initialize Serial3 to MIDI's baudrate Hope this is helpful.
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    Switching a 2.2Kw 240V kettle element using a Teensy

    Worst case with a jug heating element is to do with it's positive coefficient of resistance so will suck more current when cold. For the sake of the exercise you might cover the element with cold water, perhaps toss in some ice blocks and measure it's resistance.
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    usbMIDI transmission error

    Thank you @rvh, that inspired building an adapter to shoehorn a T4.0 into my project. Browsing the FortySevenEfects git repo found this in Issues:- Which speaks of Transmitted SysEx messages with three or six bytes missing...
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    BUG in USBHost MIDI Code found, with workaround...

    Something similar popped up on a Roland JV-XP related forum recently and the solution boiled down to allowing some 80ms for the ProgramChange to fully instantiate before sending a note message. Some other synth may handle this situation differently and who knows if it's gonna leave a hanging...
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    MIDI bar/beat Sync

    Look into the uClock library, syncs to external clock and if I remember correctly tracks Beat.
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    usbMIDI transmission error

    My screenshots above show that three consecutive bytes go missing from around byte 124 of a 140 byte message. Thinking of adjusting @rvh's test in MSG# 100. First to replace the Zeros with consecutive numbers 0 - 127, makes it easier to spot when things go awry. Second to test with progressively...
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    usbMIDI transmission error

    Gets more interesting. Switched focus to my own project, an editor/control surface for the Roland JV XP series. Communicates with the rest of the kit via Serial MIDI. Has edit buffers for 16 patches. A patch consists of one 85 byte and four 140 byte Sysex Messages. Using a 50ms gap between...
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    usbMIDI transmission error

    Been playing with the sketch in MSG# 100 on a T3.6. Using a two year old Lenovo laptop, Win10 upgraded to 11, fresh IDE1.8.19 TD 1.58. No edits have been done on any library. Monitoring with Bomes. After many button presses eventually do see Sysex messages with three bytes missing...
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    usbMIDI transmission error

    WRT low level midi input buffer configuration in MidiOx, I recall reading on a forum post several years ago discussing Sysex issues a recommendation to set Size 2048 and Num 32 for both Input and output. Back out and reboot.
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    Midi interface giving extra messages

    You're welcome, glad it's making sense now. Am puzzled about MidiOx's apparent behavior, not seen it after four years of extensive midi - bashing using Win 98, ME, XP, 7, 10 and 11. Have seen odd Midi behavior on older (2017) desktop PC motherboard with Via usb host hardware.
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    Midi interface giving extra messages

    Okay. Looking at the EXACT example Interface_3x3.ino running on your hardware. The Midi library instantiates with THRU turned on by default so anything received on MIDI1, MIDI2 and MIDI3 will be transmitted on MIDI1, MIDI2 and MIDI3 respectively as well as usbMIDI Cables 0 - 2. MIDI2 and...
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    MIDI bar/beat Sync

    If externally clocked and Start has been received then count ticks to create a beat Pulse. Then use beat Pulse to trigger Arpeggiator into action when incoming NoteOn == true or something. Gizmo's Arpeggiator and Sequencer found here:- do not use...
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    Changing MIDI Pitch Bend Range.. what am I doing wrong??

    RPN and NRPN messages are made up of five or six CC# messages and I think that is what your original code was aiming at. The Midi library takes out the headscratching with the above example and yes, works for Din MIDI, just ditch the usb bit and Cable. :)
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    Changing MIDI Pitch Bend Range.. what am I doing wrong??

    Thanks, that link explains it. Looks like an RPN message is needed. a snip from my project:- usbMIDI.beginRpn(control14, Channel, Cable); usbMIDI.sendRpnValue(valueLSB, Channel, Cable); usbMIDI.endRpn(Channel, Cable); So control14 is the Rpn# and valueLSB is midibendrange.
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    Changing MIDI Pitch Bend Range.. what am I doing wrong??

    From Examples>Teensy>MIDI>TransmitEverything:- usbMIDI.sendPitchBend(value, channel, cable); In the example, value is 911. From memory valid range is 0 - 8191.
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    Midi interface giving extra messages

    The 6N138's led may well have min current of .5ma but the Din Midi pathway is a current loop where we usually see 5ma and depending on the whims of manufacturers can be 7.5ma. So much for "standards". As for the 6N138 itself, usually work more reliably with a 1k0 from pin 7 to V- and this...
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    Midi interface giving extra messages

    Looking at the CD40106's datasheet suggests that at Vdd +5v it is only capable of sinking 1 milliamp, not enough to light up the led in the receiver's optocoupler.
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    Using a 5v hall sensor to 3.3v eensy 4.1 via SN74 difficulty.

    The Hall sensor's datasheet indicates that it has open collector output so I suggest using a 1K0 pullup to +3.3v.
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    Noob Question on map function

    Some small changes here, compiles for T3.6 may be a start. /* Breath Controller */ //Libraries used - install them from Tools->Manage Libraries #include <Oversampling.h> //*********************************************************** //#include <USB-MIDI.h> //Creation of the USB MIDI interface...