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    Teensyduino how to use Raw HID and Mouse simultaneously?

    You can use RAW HID and Mouse together, if you are using a RAW-HID + Mouse USB_mode. As this is not in the Teensyduino list, you can /must compose your own. Or, you encode Mouse operations into RAW-HId operations in PC and decode them in Teensy and vise versa
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    Teensyduino how to use Raw HID and Mouse simultaneously?

    You can only use the the USB mode you selected. Raw HID for raw hid only Keyboard+Mouse+Joistick for Keyboard and/or Mouse and/or Joystick etc. The different modes provide the needed USB description BTW, do you really still have a Teensy 2.0 ???
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    Why is there no example of Teensyduino's USB Raw HID

    You are missing all the _Teensy examples Here this is on my screen I guess, you first need to select Teensy 4.1 as board
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    Senior Design Project Feasibility

    I guess, part of the task is to demonstrate how these interfaces work. What I would do is to take your STM32 implementation as API template and study/use the Teensy implementations together with the IMRXT datasheet and fill your API. It can be done, it has been done, I did it (OK for Teensy 3.x...
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    Teensy 4.0 / High Voltage Heater

    Can someone tell me what all this has to do with the title of this thread?
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    Teensy 4.1 INMP441 Input

    The INMP441 must be connected in place of the audio shield. However, the connection used by the audio shield may guide how the INMP441 may be connected. Have a look at to see how T4.1 is connected to a I2S-MEMS microphone
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    Attempting to remove high frequencies using I2S microphone INMP441 and the teensy 4.1 board

    You have a lowpass filter with a corner frequency of 500Hz, so all frequencies <500 Hz will pass and due to not sufficient steep roll-off also some frequencies above 500 Hz. In order to remove 400 Hz and above, you must reduce the corner frequencies. I would start with 350, or 300 Hz
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    Fix for boards.txt not updating is no longer valid

    OK, but there must be a place where Arduino copies the one provided by TD. Someone knows where this is?
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    Writing Data to Teensy 4.1 microSD

    Not sure if connection is correct. Teensy4.1 does not tollerate 5V (Vin is 5V). I would connect to 3.3V to avoid any problems. OK, I hardly use UART, so I'm not sure if +V is required and GND is sufficient.
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    Set amplitude in decibels?

    What is the reference amplitude? decibels are relative measurements. Also decibel of amplitude(0) does not exist. It is minus infinity! now to your question: Assume reference amplitude is 1.0, then the amplitude(0.9) = amplitude(pow(10,-0.915/20)) the amplitude(0.1) = amplitude(pow(10,-20/20))...
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    CSAC + Teensy

    Did not continue that work, as the CSAC I had on loan did not keep vacuum for temperature > 30° C. Also, I was not sure if the required PLL would be sufficient phase jitter free.
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    Adding MTP to a Teensy 4.1 project (and 3.2) that is already SERIAL + MIDI

    I only used Windows, and know that it works on Ubuntu. I recall that Mac's were always an issue. Old story: Apple-Microsoft
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    Force windows to re-enumerate teensy USB device

    The method by Paul in #6 works also for MTP responder to reset MTP after writing files to disk! Only drawback is that open Teensy Filexplorer will disappear and has to be opened again. If that is accepted behavior no more sendEvent is needed
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    Force windows to re-enumerate teensy USB device

    using the device manager, is de- and re-install the comport not an option?
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    Teensy 4.1 failing to create files randomly

    That is not correct, except you are using a very old TD installation. New SD is a wrapper to SdFat which supports long filenames etc.
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    Teensy 3.2 End Of Life

    @hlide; maybe this one , but go to the end of discussion
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    Non blocking writes to sd card

    @joepasquariello: SD access ONLY blocks other actions in loop(). If ALL other functions run at interrupt level these are NOT blocked. In acquisition systems it is anyway preferable to have acquisition and RT processing at interrupt level (as audio library does)
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    Non blocking writes to sd card

    If you have acquisition running at interrupt level and sd card access in loop(), then SD card access is not blocking acquisition. See the different logger examples. SdFat could be set to DMA if SPI access (i.e NOT T4.1 built in SDcard) but Bill Greiman suggests not to use DMA. SDIO access (T4.1...
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    Teensy 4.0 + ADS1220

    Well, as you use SPI to an external ADC (according to OP) this is not an Teensy ADC problem. Also, if data are corrupt after ADC, as it seems, there is no way to reconstruct. In other words, this is no Teensy SW issue, but a ADC HW/SW issue. Of course, you configure for continuous conversion...
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    Teensy 3.2 Arduino Shield + Lipo Battery

    I'm using and had no issues so far. For this - I cut VUSB/VIN on Teensy - connect VUSB to 5V - connect GND to GND - connect VIN to VBAT - I enable 500 mA loading current I use an Adafruit 4400 mA Lipo battery Teensy runs on Battery when loaded, after some...
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    TeensyThreads: using ThreadWrap shows error in Visual Studio

    Intellisense on VSCode is doing that more frequently. Make sure that the libraries are in the search path. If it compiles, I tend to ignore that.
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    Problems with teensy 4.1 ADC signal – connecting to the wrong ground?

    After looking to the setup picture, I would conclude that you cannot get ever with a flying setup (pins connected breadboard style) any low noise result. To see what is goung on, plot say the 10 or 100 ms of data. I'm certain you will see the 50 Hz you are picking up (my ADCs do the same)...
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    SDFAT non blocking write for Teensy 4.1

    The simpest way to have hight throuput to SD card is - to have all processing at interrupt level - handly SD card operation in loop() - use of large (e.g. 16 MByte extmem) ring buffer This is equivalent to non-blocking operation. Works for me for up to 2.4 MBytes/s data recording
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    Teensy 4 disconnecting from Windows 11 every 10.5 seconds (descending blip-blip sound)

    Well, as I could overcome the issue, I did not enquire further. As the OP asked for similar experience, I gave my own one. Maybe I can try to reproduce the problem as I have still earlier versions of the code.
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    Teensy 4 disconnecting from Windows 11 every 10.5 seconds (descending blip-blip sound)

    I had this start - crash - start - crash sequence recently, when I compiled older programs with new TD 1.59.4. In all cases, the use of Wire was the culprit. Changing the way Wire was initialized and used resolved the problem. I guess this has to do with new GCC toolchain.
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    MTP Close function

    Nothing if your acquisition runs on interrupt level and mtp.loop is called from main loop. In order to see the file on the PC, MTP must be unmounted and remounted. For this operation, the PC expects some response from Teensy. If Teensy is busy with acquisition, MTP request will time out and die...
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    MTP Close function

    My mode of operation is to call mtp.loop only when not acquiring data, that is when acquisition is stopped. Yes, there is no need to call mtp.loop continuously.
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    MTP Close function

    MTP can only be closed by the PC by unmounting the MTP device. Remember within MTP PC is the host/master and Teensy is the device/slave. ONLY the PC can give instructions that are to be executed by Teensy. In theory, PC could listen to requests from Teensy (by sending events) but the PC is not...
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    3D file for teensy 4.0/3.2 ?

    Have a look here IIRC, there are not only T4.1 but also the others
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    Teensyduino multiple devices flash at the same time

    Stimulated by the OP I spent some time to script the uploading of a hex file to multiple teensies. The uplad is sequentially and uses standard CLI uploader. I tested it in all three modes program-button pressed, seremu and serial. Maybe it may help someone. # hexfile to be downloaded...
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    Teensyduino multiple devices flash at the same time

    One after the other. Essentially, it first gets a list of all teensies on the PC (com ports), then loops through the list and puts each teensy into programming mode and uses the standard cli program to upload the program. The idea was to use the existing programs and it worked. The PJRC...
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    Teensyduino multiple devices flash at the same time

    As I mentioned a python script, I just did a quick and dirty one and tested it on two teensies hooked up to a USB hub import subprocess import time import serial from import comports sx=comports(True) for s in sx: # with serial.Serial(s.device,134) as ser...
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    Teensyduino multiple devices flash at the same time

    OK, 8 years ago I modified the PJRC CLI code (not used is for years now), but nowadays I would write a python script that first scans all com-ports and hid-devices for a teensy. I would then identify the teensy type (only needed if mixed models are present). Finally I would execute a command...
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    Teensyduino multiple devices flash at the same time

    Using CLI this is possible, as the first step is to find one or more Teensies. You can determine in which state it is: Bootmode has an own PID code. Standard CLI code must, however, be extended to loop through all Teensies on PC.
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    Teensy 4.1 SD card CS pin

    Well, I had alos to do frequently the decision: TD or not. Unfortunately, SDFat from TD is diverged from Bill's version in more than one point. You can use SDFat functionality by using, but most funtionality is also accessible vit SD interface. As you know, checking out the examples...
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    Teensy 4.1 SD card CS pin

    @SteveFX, remove the SDFat library from your local library. latest TD (don't recall which version) integrated SDFat and made SD an interface to SDFat. Use only SD calls.
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    SD card initialization

    no, I use 1TB card reguralily. the card must be formated as Fat (Fat32 or exFat). Use the latest Teensyduino, as it enables exFAT by default
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    IDE for Teensy 4.1

    and here VisualStudioCode (uses VSCode + makefile that you easily can modify for your preference)
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    24kHz noise from Teensey or PC / Power Test

    what happened to the 24 kHz line?
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    There Seems to be a Problem with MTP_Teensy and SD

    The proper operation with MTP is to do either generating files or using mtp-loop. Well, at least that is the mode that works. Also, after writing to uSD, the PC must be told (e.g. by user) to remount/reset the MTP responder (on the Teensy). when cut and paste files, the PC must first copy the...
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    micros() rollover period on Teensy 4.1

    Add to @MarkT, obviously previous_timestamp needs to declared as unsigned (e.g. uint32_t)
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    Teensy 4.1 MEMS INMP441

    The I2S MEMS microphone (especially the one from Adafruit ( SPH0645LM4H)) can have significant negative offset resulting in always negative values (MSB always set). I use ICS-43434 microphones, that have nearly no offset. You can get them e.g. from
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    U4 going short on teensy 4.1

    Sorry, what is U4? Is that the TLV75733P on the Teensy 4.1?
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    Calling teensy_post_compile without bootloader update?

    AFAIK, bootloader update is only done once and only when necessary. Maybe I miss the problem?
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    Problem of filtering a signal

    The way I did this type of design is to generate me the filter in, say Matlab and then to convert the filter to biquads to be programmed to Teensy. Matlab has tools for that. I have not done it for a while, but I never have seem 20 biquads with identical parameters.
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    do..while inquiry

    or while(x<5) { ... } which is even less typing
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    Builtin Sd-Card Teensy 4.1 - SD.begin() errors

    Paul, whenever you have time you may correct a typo and change 'timpilot' to 'tompilot'
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    Future Teensy features & pinout

    I have the feeling that, (more) sooner or later, the micro USB must be replaced by a USB C connector. It is new getting difficult to get microUSB cables (at least here in EU local store) as by EU regulation all future smartphones must be USB C.
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    MTP_Teensy example "mtp-logger.ino" compile error, on T4.1.

    @Sandro, I modified both 'mtp-basic' and 'mtp-logger' to compile and run with updated TD; Do use now SD.begin() and not SD.sdfs.begin() to ensure that presence of card was registered properly. I also added "while(!Serial);" in both programs to see ALL Serial.prints on terminal (monitor). Please...