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  1. marmil

    Teensyduino 1.59 Released

    I just ran into something after updating to 1.59.0. I'm using Arduino IDE 2.3.2 (on Windows 10) and the current FastLED 3.6.0. After updating from 1.58.2 to 1.59.0, when I upload a FastLED sketch it doesn't seem to run. I do see the message that the compile and upload are done, but the sketch...
  2. marmil

    confused again. Cutting VIN from VUSB - Teensy 3.0

    Re: your question "also, what is this?" -- that's a fuse symbol, but it's not a true fuse. See this post:
  3. marmil

    Possible workaround for FastLED w/Audio shield issue

    I was just looking at macetech's RGBShades code that uses mapping (not sure if you based your code of that or not) and he defines NUM_LEDS as the matrix W x H. And then this same value is put in the CRGB array (lines 42,43 here: ) which...
  4. marmil

    Possible workaround for FastLED w/Audio shield issue

    Hi Jay. When looking at the code you posted you have: So you've defined NUM_LEDS = 224 and then for the CRGB FastLeds array you're making that 16x17 = 272 and then in the addLeds line you're specifying NUM_LEDS+1 = 225 Three different numbers here. I would sort of expect these discrepancies...