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  1. Mcu32

    UART communication with another MCU

    Just try a lower rate, like 9600 - just to find out if it's a software or electrical problem.
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    teensy 4.1 DSP matrix multiplication

    Yes, and it is dual core and it's possible use the other core for simulantous tasks without performance impact, as long it's not using the FPU,too. I don't think there is an MCU with sufficient floating point performance. I'm not sure about Raspberry. What about those micro-ATX boards with...
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    UART communication with another MCU

    You forgot to add the GND connection between both.
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    ADC speed for oscilloscope

    Yes then finally use google. Do you seriously think I'll do it for you? Or anyone else? I don't care what ADC speed the Raspi has, and if it has an ADC at all. LOL Not with this chip :) Have fun and keep dreamin :)
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    ADC speed for oscilloscope

    1) The titel of this thread said "Oscilloscope". 2) You should explain what you want to do. The answer is in the datasheet of that sensor - whatever you want to do with it (you did not even explain that) Don't expect someone to recommend a chip for you, without knowing any details. But what...
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    ADC speed for oscilloscope

    Link I'd recommend to buy a oscilloscope.
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    ADC speed for oscilloscope
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    ADC speed for oscilloscope

    The absolute minimum for sampling a digital signal at 1MHz is 2MHz. Better is 10 or 100 times the rate - depending on the need, (and whether the signal is analog or not). The Teensy 4.x CPU supports a maximum of 1msps (megasamples/sec), and is therefore not sufficient. Google will tell you if...
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    Teensy not detected by mac

    No, if there is no blink, and still has the factory blink program flashed, it's broken.
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    8 Channel TDM Audio Test Source

    Not that many parts that one would need a BOM...
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    What does this tell you about my SPI signal?

    When it comes to this, and really fast signals, the layout on the board also plays a role. But i'm sure the lcd is well below 100MHz, more likely 30..60MHz max. Just try to keep the layout of faster signals short.
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    Reading Quad Timer Seems Slow

    Almost. It is a bit more flexible - 150MHz maximum, and is calculated and set in clockspeed.c. (I played a bit with overclocking the IPG, but in the end it wasn't really stable, and you should refrain from doing so) The reference manual has a nice diagram of all clocks (a bunch), and shows how...
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    Teensy4.1 performance issue

    Hard to say, since half of it is missing, nobody can try it out and compile it. Just two general hints: "Register" has been obsolete for decades and is generally not used anymore. Simply because today's compilers decide much better than the programmer what should be in register and what not...
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    Teensyduino 1.59 Beta #2

    hm ok you're right :)
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    Teensyduino 1.59 Beta #2

    Try Platformio, it compiles faster.
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    Software Interrupt Setup for the Teensy 4.x

    You already had this information:) As I wrote in my first answer: Yes, IRQ_SOFTWARE is used by the audio libary. My (mp3,acc etc) Audio-codecs library uses IRQ_Reserved1 in additon.
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    square wave inconsistency

    It can be any of the interrupts. USB for example also uses interrupts. You just shouldn't do it in software. If you really want to do it in software without glitches, you have to disable all interrupts. You will lose a lot of functionality. There's a reason why all the hardware timers exist :)
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    Software Interrupt Setup for the Teensy 4.x

    The eventresponder is evil. It disables the interrupts (unnecessarily) and makes the timing of the system more unpredictable. Even if you don't use it at all.
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    Can the audio adapter be shrunk down at all?

    Here is a (incomplete) list:
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    trying to work out what data protcal this is.

    That is far too little information. It can be anything. The forum cannot help you in this case.
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    UNDERRUN dropout

    Yes, that is the intention of these functions.... however you can't really rely on AudioProcessorUsage() because there are some things that are not taken into account. But for a rough estimation it is good enough (in most cases, at least...)
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    Can the audio adapter be shrunk down at all?

    You can use almost any board that has I2S. Small boards are some with PCM 1802 (A/D) , boards with cs4344, max98257 etc etc etc...
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    Software Interrupt Setup for the Teensy 4.x

    There are some useful macros: #define NVIC_ENABLE_IRQ(n) (*(&NVIC_ISER0 + ((n) >> 5)) = (1 << ((n) & 31))) #define NVIC_DISABLE_IRQ(n) (*(&NVIC_ICER0 + ((n) >> 5)) = (1 << ((n) & 31))) #define NVIC_SET_PENDING(n) (*((volatile uint32_t *)0xE000E200 + ((n) >> 5)) = (1 << ((n) &...
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    Software Interrupt Setup for the Teensy 4.x

    You can use any. All are can be used as software interrupt, too. Just make sure they are not used otherwise. There are some unused.. IRQ_SOFTWARE is used by the audio library (yeah I don't like this name, as it says nothing about it's function. Tried to rename it, but, as usual, PRs got...
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    Can the audio adapter be shrunk down at all?

    If you only want to output audio, you don't even need a board. T4 has MQS pins for audio.
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    Can the audio adapter be shrunk down at all?

    I guess, yes. But I don't think PJRC is going to make this. They have other small boards like the PT8211 for audio and their SD shield. If you want to play MP3 only, from the SD only, yes. I doubt you can access the SD from the Teensy. Then, it has no I2S interface for audio.
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    Need some support for Clion+Platformio+Teeensy4.1

    I would simply use Platformio. A ready to use application. Some buttons (e.g. clean, compile, serial monitor, upload) are at the bottom of the window. Platformio has a really powerful editor, GIT integration without problems, you can easily restore old versions even without using Git, and the...
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    Is my teensy broken

    Try warm water and isopropyl. It must be clean. Don't bee too harsh with the toothbrush. It could easily tear off small SMDs. Be sure that it is really dry before re-connecting it. Even under the chips, where you do not see it.
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    Teensy LC keyboard sends wrong key

    Because write takes a byte (char or uint8_t) only. With a better IDE, you would have seen this while typing ;)
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    drehmflight controller to teensy with LoRa ra02

    "USE_DSM_RX" ist not active: //#define USE_DSM_RX where? void getCommands() { ... #if defined USE_PPM_RX || defined USE_PWM_RX channel_1_pwm = getRadioPWM(1); channel_2_pwm = getRadioPWM(2); channel_3_pwm = getRadioPWM(3); channel_4_pwm = getRadioPWM(4); channel_5_pwm =...
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    TeensyDuino 1.57 flashes fine, anything else - same code - bootloops?

    Yup, this is due to the way the crash report is implemented. You can see now (again) which option does not work ;) A fix for the report would need a bit of effort, but is easy.
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    Future Teensy features & pinout

    No, no ARM core so far. They use Xtensa or RISC/V
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    Teensy 4.1 linker script is really wrong

    ...and you already have this situation. There are many problems here in the forum because the oh so fast 4.x is waiting for something. Then you wonder what all the MHz are actually good for, and certain things in the end are not faster than on a UNO, when using the std. Teensyduino.
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    OTA for teensy 4.1 using esp32?

    What about simply using a FTP Server lib on the ESP? A soon the file is there, there are many ways to proceed.
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    Teensy 4.1 linker script is really wrong

    In the ESP world, this is usually not a big problem. The libaries take this into account, and have been adapted in the past. But of course, if you never start, or can't start because there is no PJRC supported RTOS, there will never be adapted libraries. However, using dual core MCUs like the...
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    Send code for teensyduino support of Keyboard+Serial+Multimedia keys
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    Teensy MicroMod - Define general pin names

    Just add a header (*.h) file to your projects. No need to add this to the core - where it will not survive updates.
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    Audio from USB Host

    There were several mentions and it was on a user "wish list", but i'm not aware of anyone working on it.
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    Future Teensy features & pinout

    The question remains: Why that teensy addon (which officially never will have multithreading "out of the box" ) to an ESP? There are only some corner cases where a faster CPU without own WiFi is really needed (as addition)
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    Help with constants controlling sgtl5000

    Not sure where this information comes from.. :) the datasheet, downloadable here states this:
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    Teensy 4.1 linker script is really wrong

    I just skimmed this thread, but I don't think anyone felt the need to explain things to him. Tjaekel, I think you just have a basic misunderstanding: The CPU allows a flexible configuration, i.e. division of the memory area of interest of 512KB. Nowhere is specified that the 512K must divide...
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    Audio recorder (.wav) w/o audio shield

    It has. I'd dig into the Audio design Tool and start with adding and the ADC.
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    But ask h4yn0nnym0u5e - I think he has an alternate approach which works well.
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    As Paul said - still a few weeks :rolleyes:
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    File compression before file transfer

    yes. And I think i've seen something like zip somewhere on github.. can't find it anymore :( But think about storing the files not as text. Binary ist way more efficient and results in *much* smaller files.
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    Using parenthesis

    Yepp, true. And use f for floats.
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    Teensy 4.1 - ESD protection for bootloader reset

    Reset is Power On Reset, POR_B. Maybe you want to protect "Program" and "On/Off", too?
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    SRXL2 bi-directional serial loses connection due to long code

    One could use interrupt chaining
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    Using parenthesis

    It's all const, so the compiler replaces it with the result. Teensy does not calculate anything for DOF_1 and the FPU certainly not.
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    Frequency modulation via DMA

    It's also done here