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    Artnet to OctoWS2811?

    Oh one more thing I forgot to mention. I noticed that if I send too much data too fast to the setup that I have, it basically freezes and requires a restart, which also means reloading the software onto each board. I'll try switching to the new wiz820 adapter, I think an all in one...
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    Artnet to OctoWS2811?

    Hey, I've been working on a big project that uses the teensy and ethernet shield based off info found on this site: The project is called the Mariposa Chandelier, it's 40' tall and is surrounded by a staircase which has buttons along...
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    Teensy 3.0 OctoWS2811 with WIZ812 Ethernet

    Was this ever tested? I'm having trouble with this at the moment. Slightly different based on this: I'm just trying to adapt the Video Display example to work with UDP input instead. I switched out serial...