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    Using more than 2 pt8211 boards

    Sorry for hijacking the topic, but is there any documentation on how to wire 2 pt8211 with the library?
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    definitive waveform sync/reset?

    Hello, I've been seraching for an hard sync/waveform reset (waveform reset to zero) for the AudioSynthWaveform or AudioSynthWaveformModulated. Found some solutions posted here over the years on the forum, but haven't tryed them yet because i don't have the confidence to change the .h and .ccp's...
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    Adjustable envelope code for the 4.x

    Would it be possible to get just the envelope value and send it to the DAC? I was looking at the .cpp/.h but i have no idea where to start messing with it
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    Weird noise audio shield

    Hi! I'm building a device around the recording code that is available at the teensy audio Github, but all of a sudden this wired glitchy started to happen on my board... This only happens when i record, if i run the filter code or the sample player code this noise is not present... Attached is...