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    Teensyduino 1.48 Beta #3

    Thanks for the update, Paul. Did you have a chance to look why the PulsePlosition library coming with TD does not compile anymore with T4? (see also
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    Teensyduino 1.48 Beta #2

    I was trying to use PulsePosition library with T4 and got lots of compilation errors (urgent at least for me... :)). It was compiled using TD 1.48b1 but with TD 1.48b2, I got the same errors: Arduino: 1.8.9 (Windows 10), TD: 1.48-beta1, Board: "Teensy 4.0, Serial, Faster, US English" ...
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    Teensy 4.0: Access to second LED?

    When Teensy 4.0 is going to be programmed through Teensyduino, you can see a little red LED flickering. Ist it possible to control this LED by my own code, like the other LED on pin 13?
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    Teensyduino 1.48 Beta #1

    I replaced the empty loop() of the benchmark with the following code to get the temperature printed once a second: long nextTime = millis() + 1000; void loop() { if (millis() > nextTime) { float tmpc = tempmonGetTemp(); Serial.println("Temp.: " + String(tmpc)); nextTime =...
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    Teensyduino 1.48 Beta #1

    I also had this effect one time (last three lines missing) - but with Teensy 3.2 connected. A FastCRC benchmark comparison between Teensy 3.2 (with hardware CRC) and Teensy 4.0 (table based CRC) is quite interesting: Teensy 3.2: CRC Benchmark F_CPU: 96 MHz, length: 57344 Bytes. Maxim...
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    Teensyduino 1.48 Beta #1

    Thanks. After commenting out PIT_MCR = 0 in startup.c it does not freeze anymore. Which side effects may it cause, when it is not set to 0?
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    Teensyduino 1.48 Beta #1

    Thank you Manitou. After replacing the FastCRC library in Teensyduino with the latest version from FrankBoesing, the code compiles. But when the library gets loaded and initialized, it freezes my T4. So even the table driven software CRCs seems not usable at the moment.
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    Teensyduino 1.48 Beta #1

    Hi, does the Teensy 4.0 not support fast (hardware) CRC calculation like the Teensy 3.x? With Teensy 3.x I was using Frank Boesings FastCRC implementation ( ) which makes use of the FastCRC libraries for AVR. When I try to compile my code, it seems to...
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    Need Help with Teensy 3.6. Serial COM port disappears after uploading code

    Yes, slightly older, I was using version 1.39. Now, with 1.40 the yield() function in HX711 library does not lock the Teensy 3.2 anymore.
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    Conflict with Teensy 3.X and HX711 Libary, I think related to ShiftIn function

    For those Teensy users who overcome this thread due to problems with the HX711 library, also this topic might be helpful:
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    Need Help with Teensy 3.6. Serial COM port disappears after uploading code

    Just to let you know that commenting the yield() function at the beginning of the .cpp file also helped in my case. The difference to the problem of pynpyn was in my case that it locked out also my Teensy 3.2.