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    WiFi AP & TCP server?

    If you have control over (access to modify) the client, it would appear to make it easier to have a single TCP2UART and then use the content to identify the source and destination.
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    WiFi AP & TCP server?

    so the single client mentioned under 1) is opening multiple ports described under 3) eg a TCP2UART bridge with multiple TCP ports? Just out of curiosity - if you only have a single client connected - why the need to multiple TCP ports?
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    what is teensy board

    Since it appears that the Leo Bondar joystick controller is doing exactly what you need - why are you looking for an alternative?
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    WiFi - Lantronix xPico

    This is what hlk-rm04 is supposed to do. it does not have DNS/DHCP, but you connect to a specific ssid and ip address and can configure the device as a WIFI <> UART bridge. And if the sticker is to be believed it is FCC approved. Also...
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    ESP8266 with Teensy

    Sorry if I was not clear. If all you want to do is to use esp8266 as an WIFI to UART bridge it is completely possible with the standard firmware. your link is referring to a webserver running on the esp8266. This scenario is possible with the standard firmware: So lets say you wanted to your...
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    ESP8266 with Teensy

    If I understand you correctly you want this setup: Instrument <-serial-> Teensy 3.0 <-serial-> ESP8266. If all you need is to convert serial data to TCP or UDP packets to feed a separate web server and vice verse the standard firmware can do that. I have this up and running with one way...
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    ESP8266 with Teensy

    Nice work. I have a few more of these coming in shortly. Not sure if CH_PD and GPIO0 is broken out, so this is helpful. Are you planning on customizing the firmware o just use it as is with Teensy?
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    ESP8266 with Teensy

    So you have version 1 with only 3.3v, gnd, rx and tx pins active? do you mind sharing how you got this version to accept new firmware?
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    New kind of micro controller developer environment

    Based on a Google search it is likely a real person - just not a real product.. if it is possible to do a IP67 with wlan, bt and other wireless technology with 12 months battery life they should teach Apple how to make a cell phone batter that last more than a day :-)
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    ESP8266 Wifi chip for $7 $USD

    The hard reset works great - thanks for bringing this to the discussion. I am doing a hard reset in the setup() and got rid of the soft reset all together and it works great. Next step is to tackle the power situation. I want to get rid of the separate power supplies for the ESP8266 and the T3...
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    ESP8266 Wifi chip for $7 $USD

    This is a great write up and example. I solved most of my problems with a better power supply. I would not go with anything less that 500ma. I have a simple setup running T3: Touch input from -> Serial Tx -> and ESP: Serial Rx -> UDP write. The remaining challenge is that the ESP8266 sometimes...
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    ESP8266 Wifi chip for $7 $USD

    Got a LM2596 voltage regulator of Ebay and using it it with an old laptop power supply. This seems to have resolved all the stability issues.
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    ESP8266 Wifi chip for $7 $USD

    I have not tested it, but this guy seems to have created a pretty nice library.
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    ESP8266 Wifi chip for $7 $USD

    My current power supply is supposed to 500mA. either it is not 500mA or the little thing draws more than 500mA in AP mode.
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    ESP8266 Wifi chip for $7 $USD

    Hmm, I am getting random reboots in AP mode. My suspicion is my power source is is not sufficient. What are people using for power source for their projects? I am thinking about this one...
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    ESP8266 Wifi chip for $7 $USD

    There appears to be so many different firmware (and maybe hardware) versions so a lot of the online examples does not work unless you have that specific version. I have hooked this up to a serial port on my laptop and an can now successfully send UDP packages and emulate a single command on my...
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    Any Chance of a Teensy ++ 3.1?

    Thanks for the link, but I feel the same way as you - I am not going to add to the pile of boards I never use.
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    Any Chance of a Teensy ++ 3.1?

    I realize there are some FCC complications, but i would love to see a T3.x with built-in wifi. I think there is a huge demand for some thing like this for IoT and other applications. Also support up to 500mA (like uno) for addon boards or shields would be great. I have had a couple of situations...
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    ESP8266 Wifi chip for $7 $USD

    Thanks. Looks like external power is needed - peaking at about 215mA. btw the firmware on mine appears to require CH_PD, RST, GPIO0 and GPIO2 needs to be pulled high to communicate over serial, which is not mentioned in any of the examples I have found online. some good info here...
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    ESP8266 Wifi chip for $7 $USD

    I just got my first sample today. the firmware and documentation is pretty rough. I have not gotten it to do anything but responding with the firmware version. Can some one remind me the max mA i can drive from a T3? trying to figure out if i need a separate power source or not.
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    Does anyone have a list of pin assignment between ENC28J60 and Teensy 3 using UIPEthernet? Thanks!
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    Capacitive TouchRead() Range/Sensitivity?

    Anyone successful in getting proximity sensing to work by modifying these constants? I just saw Touch board and conductive paint ( at Maker Faire and would love to do the same with my teensys
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    Teensy 3.1 and CAN Bus

    I was looking at the prototype of the adapter with room for a DB9. is the intention to support a single CAN bus at at time or all the data lines that normally is routed from OBDII to the DB9: CAN High J-2284 6 CAN Low J-2284 14 ISO 9141-2 K Line 7 ISO 9141-2 L Line 15 J2850 BUS- 10 J2850 BUS+ 2
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    Alternative to WIFI shield, Yun, TP-Link??

    I just got a Zipit Z2. I installed OpenWRT and it is up and running and connected to my router. It should be USB host capable and does have I2C w/o any hardware changes, but I need to build a custom cable. The dock connector is similar to Dell Axim x50 PDA and can still be purchased from...
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    Audio For Teensy3 - What Features Would You Want?

    I would like to add a few items to the list: - Haptic technology - "rumble" and other effects for home theater and games - guitar effects
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    Spark Core (kickstarter project): Wifi for everything

    Not sure what cost implications WIFI would have, but I would take some @ $30 for projects around the the house.
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    K-line (iso 9141) interface using mc33290d

    I am trying to reuse steering wheel buttons in my car to control my iphone without dismantling anything. The traditional way to do this would be the CAN bus, but only the diagnostic bus is exposed on the OBD2 Plug, so I would have to get behind the radio to access the CAN bus for infotainment...
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    Require new registrations to post sensibly before being umoderated?

    Agree. A lot of these spam attacks comes in bursts, so if people are willing to report multiple spam postings and waiting 60 seconds between each report, I am sure some of the more active spam-reporters wouldn't mind taking on a more involved role if that could help.
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    The battle between Teensy 3 vs MBED Freescale Freedom - who will win?

    If a price difference of $6 per board is determining which DEVELOPMENT board to to use, it is time for a different hobby or better business idea. :-) From a hobby perspective i am very happy with the Arduino IDE and the fact that there is so much code and libraries available to borrow from. From...
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    Teensyduino installation problems
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    Is 3.0 a "Class-Compliant MIDI-Device"?

    The first I would try is to have the iRig powered from the microUSB while you are testing - some of these devices needs to have external power supply when used with iPod/iPhone while the iPad can provide enough juice without.
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    Suggestion for IDE folder structure

    I think your priorities are good. Just too many moving parts between T3 libraries and 1.5.2 beta IDE. Time is much better spent on getting the USB host going ;-)
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    Teensy loader for Raspberry Pi?

    Paul, which SD card did you end up using?
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    Multiple virtual MIDI ports over USB with Teensy 2.0? (Or 3.0?)

    I don't think anyone is suggesting anything different. Teensy will be recognized as a midi device. I believe the intent of the above breakout would add another
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    I have a Teensy 2.0, and an idea for what I want to do in MIDI.

    Teensy is great for midi as it is recognized directly as a midi device without any additional hardware. Some inspiration here. Most of these are ardruino based, so the sketches can be simplfied. Another cool project...
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    Multiple virtual MIDI ports over USB with Teensy 2.0? (Or 3.0?)

    Not sure what your hardware situation is, but unless you need more that 16 channels, you should be able to to run several control surfaces via a single MIDI. The teensy can act as a midi device. If you do need more, You may want to check this out. I have...
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    Teensy 3.0 Hardware Serial Port tips

    This should do the trick and it comes with a DB9 and everything..
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    Help with an Arduino Library

    What do you have connected to the input pin? "poll" a is only called if there is a change to the pin value and ready is only called if poll is getting a value. If you feel confident pull should return a value, try to put counter.poll() into the main loop to isolate if the problem is related to...
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    Help with an Arduino Library

    Since the sample code compiles fine for T3, there is really nothing we can help with unless you post your code and explain what your problem is. I do believe the interrupts are numbered after the pins eg int1 = pin1
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    getting started, teensy 3.0 usb keyboard example on mac os

    Have you downloaded both Arduino and Teensyduino:
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    Running Out of Memory? Switch on String?

    Nicely done! It would be great if you can/will share your code. A lot of people are struggling with strings and memory - especially then ones who are using an ardruino and not a teensy due to a memory leak ;-)
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    drums with teensy - a keyboard emulation problem

    here is some inspiration for the pads: and this is what you are trying to get to with your scan time and threshold:
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    Running Out of Memory? Switch on String?

    Actually I wasn't thinking. the switch value has to be an enum, int or char and not a string, so it is a bit more complicated. If you post/PM the complete sketch I will take a look at it.
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    drums with teensy - a keyboard emulation problem

    30ms is just an example. you need to check your specific situation to see what the scan time should be. You cannot have delays in our code if you want to use more than one trigger. You will often want to hit two triggers at the same time and if you use delays, it would only pick up one. if...
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    Running Out of Memory? Switch on String?

    Try changing to switch/case and... post your code if you need further assistance..
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    drums with teensy - a keyboard emulation problem

    Actually the original Guitar hero drums does have velocity sensing, which you would need in the higher levels of the game. Even if you don't need that it will be very difficult to accept very fast convective triggers without the risk of double triggering if you ignore the level of the signal and...
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    low voltage tripping bounce?

    I think the point is to have anyone in this forum to assist with your problem you need to provide more information. If you are soliciting an individual's assistance your posting probably belong in that person's inbox and not on this forum. however, please share! based in the little information...
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    Please Post Code & Details In Your Question!

    is there a way -tags or otherwise - to format attached code? If I copy and paste code in it is wrapping long lines and removing indention.
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    drums with teensy - a keyboard emulation problem

    I am assuming you want velocity sensing since you are using piezos, so the digital read is no good as it eg on/off. if you don't want velocity sensing you can use a push button and a digital pin which is MUCH easier, but not as fun/realistic. This is what I would do: 1) put your...
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    drums with teensy - a keyboard emulation problem

    A lot of info here , but based on your sample code, you have already been there :-) There are a couple of challenges. the Piezo signal will has a waweform and will delute overtime. The first problem with your code is you are only delay(10) before you test...