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    Strange Problem Any Ideas?

    A little less information. I guess a kind of power up sequence problem. If you reprogram your teensy the I2C is already powered. If you start a new power up the I2C device might be not ready for setup ( .begin() etc.) when setup() is running.
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    Big project and Sketch

    Several files in Arduino works. Simply put several *.ino files in one folder (you can put there also *.h or *.c files etc. and #include them). But you must have one *.ino file with the same name like the folder itself (there you have to do all #includes and so on).
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    Code which worked on the Arduino nano doesn't work on teensy

    Assuming teensy 4.1 is booting much faster then nano you might have a timing problem. AD5932 is not ready when teensy tries to write to registers Maybe try to add delay(5); as first in setup()
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    Issue playing .wav from SD while checking button bounce

    Hi, try to increase debounce time from 5ms to maybe 20ms or use Intervalltimer for function button.update() every 2 ms I asume a timing problem
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    ISR to map MIDI notes to output pins?

    Hi, I even would not use an ISR for this. Teensy is fast enough for doing this within loop(). Use flags and timers to control.
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    Question: Any changes for HW Serial LC in TD 1.54?

    @KurtE Thanks for the answer and the suggestions. I'll try some of them out. That can take a few days, I will report on the results here.
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    Question: Any changes for HW Serial LC in TD 1.54?

    @PaulStoffregen Thank you very much for your efforts in this case and in general for the teensy product family. All hints are very much appreciated. My code really has 2 variables which are changed in interrupt service routines, but these are already declared as volatile. Just for thought, in...
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    Question: Any changes for HW Serial LC in TD 1.54?

    I did mention, but possibly it was not clear enough. English is not my mother tounge. My code works with "Smallest Code" opt. level. For me okay so far, but it might be good to know the reason.
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    Question: Any changes for HW Serial LC in TD 1.54?

    Is there a simple way in the IDE to see the memory usage of the functions? Gibt es in der IDE, eine einfache Möglichkeit den Speicherverbrauch der Funkrionen zusehen?
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    Question: Any changes for HW Serial LC in TD 1.54?

    Frank the posted example code works and the memory values do not belong to this sketch, but to my "problem code", which I am not allowed to publish. der gepostete Beispiecode funktionert und die Speicherwerte sind nicht zu diesen Sketch gehörig, sondern zu meinem "Problemcode", welchen ich...
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    Question: Any changes for HW Serial LC in TD 1.54?

    I do not receive anything on the UART, although it can be proven that it was sent. Ich empfange nichts auf der UART, obwohl es nachweißlich abgesendet wurde. When I read out the receive buffer, it appears empty (or possibly filled with non-printable characters), but correct characters have been...
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    Question: Any changes for HW Serial LC in TD 1.54?

    @PaulStoffregen you are right about everything you have written. Yesterday evening I wanted to get possible hints from the forum in order to be able to search more precisely today. Tonight I tried to dig deeper into the problem. The following are the findings: The problem in my code is on the...
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    Question: Any changes for HW Serial LC in TD 1.54?

    @PaulStoffregen first of all, thank you very much for the tests you have done. I am still at work and have to my equipment at home no access, so will do the promised checks from my side this evening. I don't say this problem must be affiliated to TD, but I try to solve it for my. The thing that...
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    Question: Any changes for HW Serial LC in TD 1.54?

    @KurtE Sorry, I may be absolutly wrong regarding this, but I saw you provided half duplex support in September 2020 to hardwareserial, suspicious to me. Can you please take a look on this if it is tested for T LC, and has no impact to older versions? Thank you for your efforts.
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    Question: Any changes for HW Serial LC in TD 1.54?

    Thank you for care. a few answers before I dig deeper and ty to present an example to demonstrate (hopefully today evening UTC+1) - external gas sensor connected (can't deliver details) - speed 19200 baud - SERIAL1, but SERIAL2 and 3 has also to be examinated (also used in some cases) - no...
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    Question: Any changes for HW Serial LC in TD 1.54?

    Hello, are there any changes for hardware serials in TD 1.54 to former versions? Arduino 1.8.15 is used. Reason to ask is, when I compile a sketch in TD 1.54 the hw serial communiction to an external sensor doesn't work any more. Same sketch in former version of TD works (I still have the old...
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    not initialize mpu6050 ,Failed to find MPU6050 chip

    May be something wrong with timing within MPU6050. Adafruit library contains a lot of delays, so if it works with one PCB and not with the other (same curcuit), may be at egde of timing limits. Adafruit library does several initialsations and setting during begin() Sorry, have no time/ability...
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    not initialize mpu6050 ,Failed to find MPU6050 chip

    Pull ups seem to be present on the board (value 2.2k). Which logic level does AD0 have? If on GND, then the I2C address is 0x69, but the Adfruit library uses the fixed address 0x68 (HIGH at AD0).
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    Disable USB Port

    Hello, the link you provided was made for the AVR teensy (1.x and 2.x). I think you don't have to fiddle with USB for teensy 3.6, simply use snooze lib for low power.
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    Teensy 4.1 I2C not reading slave device

    Hello, from your image it seems you made a mistake with your wires. You have connected +5V from your ADC to GND of the breadboard instead to 3.3V.
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    Wire library

    Thank you for your answer. I think merge and pull request might be above my skill level. Just for AVR core (T2) would be good enough for my needs. Maybe Paul can give his opinion in this topic. Best regards
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    Wire library

    Bump An answer would be nice.
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    Wire library

    @Paul Stoffregen I saw Arduino updated Wire lib with "Wire class now supports timeout". Any chance to get this functionality on teensy (especially teensy2.0) also? I have a project on wich this could be usefull. Thank you for your efforts for teensy
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    Using EEPROM in Teensy 3.2

    Hello, if you use EEPROM.write or you access just one byte of storage. To store variables (strings) independent of size use EEPROM.get and EEPROM.put instead.
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    Using the MKL04 bootloader chip in DIY circuit to program MK20DX256VLH7 (Teensy 3.2)

    Hello, check this: - on schematic on website PJRC is PTB5 of MKL04Z32 on pin 13 on custom schematic it is on pin 25
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    Some beginners questions

    Hello, this library might be suitable for your type of display (if SPI bus) and works with teensy:
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    Teensy 3.5 RTC problem

    You should post your source code and your serial monitor output here. Then its much easier to help.
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    How to reduce code size on teensy 2.0

    Thank you for your efforts in teensy product lines. I appreciate this. For my project, I think it is unrealistic, especially with my programming skills, to reduce the code by 7% by source code optimization. So I have deleted some functionalities and thereby come to 87% of the available flash memory.
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    How to reduce code size on teensy 2.0

    This is the difference between original boards.txt: Der Sketch verwendet 34362 Bytes (106%) des Programmspeicherplatzes. Das Maximum sind 32256 Bytes. Globale Variablen verwenden 1405 Bytes (54%) des dynamischen Speichers, 1155 Bytes für lokale Variablen verbleiben. Das Maximum sind 2560 Bytes...
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    How to reduce code size on teensy 2.0

    Thank you for your answer. I always use F() Makro for strings. I will try your suggestions tonight (Europe time) and give feedback later on.
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    How to reduce code size on teensy 2.0

    Your are right, but unfortunatly the hardware is fixed at this stage of project.
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    How to reduce code size on teensy 2.0

    Hello, I have a problem with the size of the compiled code for teensy 2.0. This size is 106% of the available space. I have 2 general questions for the experienced forum members: 1. Is it relational to reduce the code size below 100%? 2. How would you proceed in principle? I can't post the...
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    Teensy 3.5 RTC problem

    Hello, you don't sync your timeLib with RTC of teensy, so TimeLib starts with zero UNIX time (1.1.1970). TimeLIB and RTC are two independend objects. To unterstand have look there , especialy posts of Paul Stofffregen there. Check also...
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    Teensy3.5 RTC- Some basic doubt !

    Hello, read in this thread the posts of Paul Stoffregen, this might answer you questions.
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    Audio + Teensy 4.1 problem

    On your jack pj-313E-8A you might have mistaken pin 1 with pin 4. Also you should have two seperate jacks for mic and headphones, because you cannot connect mic ground with headphone ground (see PCB pictures here: I don't know if it matters, but...
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    The pull ups are necessary. Otherwise you will get problems reading SD Card (wich I had).
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    Audio + Teensy 4.1 problem

    Hello, I don't see the 2.2k pull ups for SDA and SCL in your schematic. Dit you forget them, then I2C bus might not work.
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    Interfacing DAC1220 20 bit DAC with Teensy 3.5

    Hello, check your func void shiftOut(uint8_t dataPin, uint8_t clockPin, uint8_t bitOrder, int val, uint8_t bits = 8, uint8_t del = 10) { uint8_t i; for (i = 0; i < bits; i++) { if (bitOrder == LSBFIRST) digitalWrite(dataPin, !!(val & (1 << i))); else...
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    T2.0 newbie help for flight controller button box

    YES, Pin 24 is labled E6 on PCB. It seems confusing because Teensy2.0 is an old 8bit-AVR product. Introduced before IDE Teensyduino come. The F2 and so on are the values for die C compiler without IDE. Simply look here for Pin Assignments, Using Arduino...
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    T2.0 newbie help for flight controller button box

    I think you are right. But you have one more digital pin 24, also useable for interrupts.
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    adjustTime(number) problem when adding seconds

    Hello, with adjusttime() you set timelib object but not the RTC on Tennsy 3.x. In setup() you have set syncronisation of timelib with teensy-RTC by "setSyncProvider(getTeensy3Time)". Default time for sync is 300 seconds (5 minutes). You can change this by "setSyncInterval(seconds)". So after 5...
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    Teensy 3.2 / Adafruit ST7735 / spitftbitmap Example - Image is off the screen?

    Hello, try to add 10k pullup resitors on both CS lines.
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    T3.6 MOSFET switch problem

    It seems you switch off your GND-line by MOSFET, so UART can't work without GND connection. Instead switch the 5V-line to your sensor. Use a p-channel MOSFET then.
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    HalfKay does not run upon pushbutton press; verified not USB cable issue

    It looks like something is wrong with the USB hardware on your teensy 2.0. Maybe USB connector, PCB, 22 Ohm resistors or even 32U4.
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    Question about a code I didnt understand I2C / SPI

    If I were you I would try to use SPI library of teensy or search for a lib for your ADC chip.
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    Question about a code I didnt understand I2C / SPI

    Hello Gary, from my point of view: - your shortened code will probably not run due typos - wire lib is not used in code, the include at begin is useless - the code (without typos) might run because communication to AD9833 seems to be hard coded in function UpdateRegister()
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    Yet another issue I'm struggling with sending data to ESP8266 via serial line

    Maybe a problem with baud rate error. Take a look there: Maybe try to adjust baud rate on ESP-side, don't know how software serial works.
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    I2C woes -

    Hello, it is very difficult to see in the photo, but at the soldering points of the teensy it looks as if there is a short circuit between D18 and D19 (SDA, SCL).
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    Connecting together multiple boards

    Hello, maybe you try the following approach: - take 5 teensy 2.0 and connect 13 analog inputs each, one only 12 inputs (5 * 12 - 1 = 64) - connect all 5 teensys with a bus system, either I2C or SPI (preferably) - one of the 5 teensy has a bit more work to do, it is the master of the bus (SPI or...
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    Unable to compile code, even when necessary libraries are present

    Hello, check version of TD and ADC lib. Maybe same cause like in this thread: