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    Teensy 3.6 GPS rfm69 conflicts

    I'm not sure the Adafruit_GPS library is supported on the Teensy... it does not appear in the list of libraries that can be installed with the Teensy board package for the IDE. The major problem is trying to print the raw NMEA data every time through loop. Instead, this sketch shows how to...
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    MPU-9250 Teensy Library

    Thanks for the kind words! To be clear, NeoGPS is fully operational on the Teensy. Just feed it characters from your favorite source: serial port, I2C, static array, whatever. NeoHWSerial is just the Arduino HardwareSerial class with an added method: attachInterrupt. This allows you to...
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    Build Issue Teensy 3.2: __AVR__ defined?

    With a little more information, I determined it was an out-of-date header copy in the repo that did not have the guard. Thanks for checking, /dev
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    Build Issue Teensy 3.2: __AVR__ defined?

    I got a bug report that seems to indicate that __AVR__ is defined for the Teensy 3.2 builds. This define is not guarded: #ifdef __AVR__ #define NEOGPS_PACKED_DATA #endif A build for the Due seems to work correctly. Is __AVR__ supposed to be defined? I guess I assumed that it was the...