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    Arduino CLI And IDE now Released - Teensy Supported!

    I have managed to run and test a build in github-actions my using Xserver to launch a buffer display, necessary for the Teensyloader, even for compilation. Quick and dirty:
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    Teensyduino 1.56 Released

    Req to remove Artnet legacy library from the compiled binary Context The Artnet library included in Teensyduino 1.56 executable (Atleast in macOS) uses, what I believe is the legacy release, version 1.0 from 2014, of the Artnet library from Nathanaël Lécaudé Issue: Doesn't compile for Teensy...
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    T4.1 Ethernet board

    Teensy4.1 breakout board to Native Ethernet. I'm making a breakout board with the intention to breakout the MagJack on the same board (to use it with Artnet) While I wait for my Teensy 4.1 and a MagJack breakout board (to test with the ribbon cable), I started designing my board. Here's my...