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    Teensy 4.0 - based Audio Guestbook

    I had a similar situation where I was wiring an old Western Electric 302 model which has 3 wires: Speaker wire (white to dial) Mic wire (black to dial) Shared wire, used in speaker and mic (R to induction coil) I tried wiring to the HP with tip to the speaker wire, and Shared to sleeve which...
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    Saving Audio as WAV Sounds Like Static

    Quick Update. It was the SD Card. After putting in a better one it's saving the audio. One issue I have now is that the file i just wrote doesn't actually write the bytes to the card until I start a new recording. It's like whatever file is written doesn't actually write to the card until I...
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    Saving Audio as WAV Sounds Like Static

    Hey all, First time post and first time getting involved with any type of project like this. Super excited. So like a few folks on here, I'm trying to build out an Audio Guest Book from that wonderful YouTube tutorial using the Teensy. I've started from the github repo here at earlier revisions...