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    MCP4251 and Teensy 4.1

    I tried the SPI.beginTransaction with no success. The only think that worked was to power the MCP with 5V (control lines in 3v3). It's weird because the datasheet states an min operating voltage of 2.7V and found a post around (not here) of a guy using it with a Teensy 3.6 on 3v3.
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    MCP4251 and Teensy 4.1

    Hello everyone I'm having some issues with the digital pot MCP4251 and Teensy 4.1, cannot make it work, the resistor values are fixed and not responding. Here are my connections: Chip Select: Teensy Pin 4 SCK: Teensy Pin 13 (SCK) MOSI: Teensy Pin 11 (MOSI) VSS: GND POT0 pin 1 POT0 wiper POT0...
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    No simple way to control delay time of delay object with poteniometer?

    Surely must be what h4yn0nnym0u5e said, the delay time is updating very often. Try to use the ResponsiveAnalogRead library that lets you set a threshold that the potentiometer must move before getting a new reading, in that way you filter all the noise of the analog inputs and get much more...
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    Teensy 4.0, 'disabling' an analogRead pin

    Why don't you place two clamp diodes so the input cannot exceed the 3v3?
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    Changing the "Teensyduino" Manufacturer ID on a MIDI device

    In MacOs you have to delete the Teensyduino from the MIDI configuration first. Then you connect the Teensy and the new name will pop up.
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    Frequency to midi usb

    What if instead of using a delay (blocking) you set a threshold with the RMS level to avoid the re triggering of the detection?. If the signal falls below certain value or the note is different, you reset the detection
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    Granular with external memory

    Hi, I'm starting to experiment with the external PSRAM and wanted to use it on the granular delay effect block. Modified the buffer with EXTMEM and worked ok. Now, since I have more available memory for the buffer, wanted to raise it and check it out. When I raise the buffer size above 28000...
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    Future Teensy features & pinout

    I think the situation Paul explained is understandable and i think was the right path to go. Having a stable stock in nowadays market is really difficult and that's making developers and production's life easier, kudos for that. Like someone said before, Teensy 4.0/4.1 has a lot of unexploded...
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    Teensy Audio Hangs on Mac Sonoma

    Hey guys, I use Teensy with audio and usb out and a few days ago updated my mac to Sonoma. Since then all the daws I have (Logic, Ableton, Garageband) hangs as soon as I plug the Teensy. Ableton doesn't hang, but when you select the input device a few seconds later goes back to "No Device". In...
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    Arduino IDE 2.2.1 seems to be working ok on macOS Sonoma 14.0 on M2 MacBook Air

    I had no problems with Sonoma and IDE 2.2.1 but I had a problem with Logic. When I plug the teensy board with the audio shield detects the device and then crashes. Not happening with Ableton, weird.
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    Stereo Plate Reverb for Teensy4.x

    I tested the reverb and it's awesome, modified some parameters to my taste. Now I'm working on the modulation, I want to increase it and have a parameter to modify it but I can't. Tried to modify the headers that sets the LFO amplitude but no heareable effect, can you shine some light about...
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    Going from Teensy to "Real Product"?

    Agree with all brtaylor said, let me add, if your only concern when migrating to teensy 4 is the dac, you can add an external dac chip and that's it. Even you can use a PWM + LPF arrangement to mimic the DAC, but that's depending on the application. I've done it in an LFO with really good results.
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    Audio Shield Components

    Awesome, thank you Paul.
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    Audio Shield Components

    Thank you, did you experimented with different voltages?
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    Audio Shield Components

    Perfect, thanks
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    Audio Shield Components

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a custom board that will have the audio shield embedded (with the SGTL5000). Looking at the schematic here: I have some questions regarding some components specifics: The AP7313 regulator comes in different output voltages. According to the CODEC datasheet, for...
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    Stereo Plate Reverb for Teensy4.x

    Ohhh I seee!!
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    Stereo Plate Reverb for Teensy4.x

    Piotr, been fan of your work for years now!. Quick question, noticed that you extended the usb connector to the side of the board, how does it perform that way? did you trace it as a differential pair?
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    Adjusting the Teensy MIDI device name

    No, I'm using Arduino IDE
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    Adjusting the Teensy MIDI device name

    Unplug the device and delete the Teensy MIDI object in the MIDI Studio (just select it and hit delete), then plug the teensy again and should pop up as the new one. For me that worked like a charm when change the MIDI device name and Mac
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    "External" delay with modulation inputs

    Awesome job, I'm going to test it as soon as I get the RAM chips I ordered!
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    How to add Google fonts to ILI9341 display

    Oh man, I knew that something stupid must be happening. Changed the include in the .h of the font to ILI9341_t3n.h and voila. Super grateful
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    How to add Google fonts to ILI9341 display

    I'm using the ILI9341_t3n library from KurtE and driving myself nuts to add a font from the converted ones (made by Frank B). Downloaded the .h and .cpp files of the font, place them on the same folder as the sketch and when trying to compile a lot of errors on class adafruit buttons and other...
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    Really long IR reverb and Teensy 4.1

    I looked at it and is awesome work. Have to figure out how to expand that idea to make it longer to suit the IR I'm using or you think that approach can be used in longer IRs?
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    Really long IR reverb and Teensy 4.1

    Hello folks, I have a really long IR file that want to use it for a convolution reverb. Is about 4 seconds long in 48KHz sample rate. The main question is, it is possible to process it with Teensy 4.1?