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    Freezing Problem.

    Why without any info?) Teensy 4.1 (this was discussed) Arduino IDE 2.2.1 Last Teensy Core for Arduino IDE (TeensyDuino?) is 1.58.1 About code... I think about it. I think, it will be TFT_eSPI library with many fonts. I will try it and write.
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    Freezing Problem.

    Hello! I’m have a random boot freezing. Sometimes it starts, sometimes no. I’m using a TFT_eSPI library and many fonts in progmem. I can’t to explain how to reproduce this because it’s random. I using last core with Arduino ide 2.2.1
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    Using SDFatEX and Audio library

    Hello, I have problem like this. Now audio library use sdfat, but I can't play file from sdfat card, because method play(); haven't SdFs argument. For example: SdFs card1; ..., "test.mp3"); I get many warnings while compiling and the code not working. How to chose source...