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    can't even get started

    I understand, and already did that I have teensyduino.32bit installed in the arduino-1.6.5 directory, and it's executable, as verified by using the 'Properties' command. So I execute it, and it appears to run OK, but wants to know where it should be installed. I select /arduino directory...
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    can't even get started

    OK, so I get to the point where I execute teensyduino.32bit, and it asks where to install it, and I select the /arduino directory, and then it asks which subdirectory under that - and there I have no idea. I have tried a couple it suggests, but nothing seems to work. I need some step-by-step...
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    can't even get started

    Running OK on Mac now, but still problems on Linux Mint machine Paul - I have it working now on my MacBook, but still have a problem on the Linux Mint machine (where I would really like to be doing all my Teensy work). I have now loaded teensyduino.32bit, but where should this file reside...
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    can't even get started

    Paul, Sumotoy: Still not working. I am using my Apple laptop, because that SEEMS to be slightly more straightforward to work with in solving this problem, as compared to my Linux Mint system. My install of arduino 1.6.5 appears to A-OK, and I am now seeing the Teensy boards when Boards are...
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    can't even get started

    ok, maybe i'm just stupid. but i cannot get teensy 3.1 going in the teensyduino environment, in either osx or linux operating systems. paul, you have great hardware, BUT. . . . for the sake of your business, you simply must get your website cleaned up, and provide simple straightforward...
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    Combined Pin Assignments card

    Pin labeled AGND There is a Teensy 3.1 pin labeled AGND. What is it for? What does it do?
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    How to measure pulse width on Teensy 3.1 input pin.

    How can I measure the pulse width seen on a Teensy 3.1 input pin, say pin 4? If this requires use of Timer1 (and TimerOne.h), how do I do it? Thanks for any hints. . . .
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    Use of UARTs on Teensy 3.1

    There are 3 UARTs on Teensy 3.1 I need to use two of them for my application. Is there an Arduino example available that demonstrates use of these UARTs? And BTW, the word "serial" is far too much over-used here. It is used when referring to comms back to the attached PC, and also when...