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    Optimized library for Adafruit Sharp Memory Display 3502

    I'm using this display on a Teensy 3.5 running a modified GRBL. I want to update the positions of the x,y and z axes frequently but don't want to bog down the main loop transferring entire frames to the display. So what I did was modify the code (based on...
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    Teensy Large Piano Keyboard

    It's a custom project for this person. Will have to ask him first.
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    Teensy Large Piano Keyboard I have an array of 24 AudioSynthWavetable wavetables, one for each key. A whole bunch of AudioMixer4 mixers, then declare AudioConnection patch cords to connect everything together. The exact connections depend on how you do the stereo mixing...
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    Teensy Large Piano Keyboard

    My handstand coach asked if anyone could build a piano he could play with his feet while upside down. I volunteered, and this is the end result. (Sorry for Facebook video, but you don't need an account to view). Uses Teensy...
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    Undocumented Feature ? Digital Filters

    Results on a 3.2 were confusing. I was using a probe pin connected to pin 14 which is Port D1. The enable and control port values should have been 2, but that didn't work. For reasons I can't explain, PORTD_DFCR = 1 worked but PORTD_DFER must be 2 (as expected). Perhaps because this is...
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    Undocumented Feature ? Digital Filters

    Test of digital filter for switch debouncing. I've been testing this feature to debounce some CNC limit switches. Using Teensy 3.5 and switches connected to Port D pins. (According to documentation, only Port D pins support digital filtering) Logic analyzer screenshots are on...
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    Why are PINBemulation and PINCemulation in avr_emulation.h reading the same ports?

    Both class PINCemulation and class PINBEmulation contain identical code that access digitalReadFast(8) through digitalReadFast(13) inline int operator & (int val) const __attribute__((always_inline)) { int ret = 0; if ((val & (1<<0)) && digitalReadFast(8)) ret |= (1<<0); if ((val &...