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    [queued] SHAPESHIFTER Open Source Drum Machine

    Code repository for V1 to save future y'all a bit of poking about.
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    advice about touchsensor setup

    Anecdata: I have done a few touch keyboard interfaces (PCB with solder mask, no resistors) and I have never had a pin go wonky from static discharge or having to source "high currents" to bring the pin up to the reading state. I'm sure one could design a case study for any micro involving kids...
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    Teensy 4.0 - based Audio Guestbook

    I know that a lot of people came to this thread from the original YouTube project, which used Teensy 4.0. They may not know there is a difference between the audio shield uSD interface and the native 4.1 uSD slot (faster), and are sticking with the audio shield SD and the 4.0 Teensy because it...
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    MIDI clock to TTL clock 24ppq ?

    I would look at using elapsedmillis (or elapsedmicros if that's not accurate enough) to measure the interval between clock bytes coming down the pipe. Then wait that number / 2 (also using elapsedmillis) to set the pin low, not your set number of 2222 or whatever. Should square up the wave. If...
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    touchRead() range?

    In my experience (small Buchla-type PCB keyboards) the circuit is the most important bit. I ended up with a large groundplane on the bottom layer below the keys to stabilize/shield a bit. I do calibrate on start out of habit but it's usually similar with battery USB vs. computer USB...
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    Audio library and analogRead() not working together on Teensy 4.0

    There is a classic trip-up where audio reads and analog reads happening simultaneously require careful pin choices to end up on different ADCs. This is addressed in the link above, and also: with specific 4.0...
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    Reading multiples waves files in the same time

    Sometimes you just want it done with many nice features that you could never code yourself. That sorted out, now you can actually work on which files you want to play, the UI, etc. If this is one of those times, consider the Sparkfun WAV trigger or Super WAV trigger.. It's got polyphony...
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    eeprom questions teensy 3.6

    Do look into EEPROM Put(); It only writes when the value would be changed, which helps with EEPROM endurance. Also note that int/word/long writes are better for EEPROM endurance than the equivalent number of byte writes. If you...
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    Re-doing my Hammond MIDI controller: ideas and suggestion needed

    OK, I missed the switches and LEDs PDF in your first post, so this is just a drawbar reading solution. If you use a large Teensy, you can omit an external chip and just cycle through pulling one of the 8 or 9 buss bars high and read the 20 drawbars with input pins. Next buss high, read 20...
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    Re-doing my Hammond MIDI controller: ideas and suggestion needed

    3.5, 3.6, and 4.1 all have enough pins to directly read out 8 rows / 20 columns AND 2X Serial ins to do MIDI merging from the two keyboards if you desire. 3.6 and 4.1 can USB host. A decade counter or 3 ->8 decoder could strobe through the buss bars and leave enough pins to just pull off...
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    Pitch control of sample playback: current state of things?

    Did the AudioPlaySdRawResampled library fit the bill? I'm about to start on a similar polyphonic journey. Reviewing the last "useful things not in the standard audio library" bit from my saved threads, you might also peruse the BleepLabs tape delay...
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    Pitch control of sample playback: current state of things?

    Culling through what I can remember, for it is a common topic: for monophonic sample playing FrankB mentioned you could precisely change the overall Teensy speed. I don’t remember seeing any code for that, but it’s clever and expedient. Also, and less hacky may be this library, though I...
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    Help with List of Teensy Eurorack modules

    Temps Utile, clocky cousin of the Ornament and Crime Temps-Utile
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    Alternatives to Livid Brain

    Doepfer has some DIY boards that are similar to the LIVID boards, if you want to skip ahead a bit. Like this one.
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    DAC:speed conversion and reference voltage

    An op-amp could add gain, buffer, and protect the Teensy.
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    Teensy 3.2 DAC -> full AC signal generator / LFO for audio

    Well, there is this from 1010 music: Also the Ornament and Crime Module is crazy popular, among other Teensy based modules. Things have progressed since 2016. Nothing Teensy 4.0 that I know of, yet.
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    Wrong Kick sound with Teensy 3.6 internal DAC

    The Polaron has a pretty similar framework (3.6, uses native DACs). Nothing wrong with its kicks. You might check out the gain staging in your product vs. the Polaron:
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    [posted] Polaron DIY drum machine

    Great project! Is this obligatory 3.6 or could I squeak by with a 3.5, perhaps with overclocking?
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    MIDI Faderbox fader choice

    The slide pot IS the divider: at the middle there'd be 5K above and below the wiper. Having the pull-up on would add a third resistor and make it less than linear. that might be desirable in some corner cases, but it's better to start simple. If you want a non-linear response, you can buy...
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    real bass drum by midi

    Having tried to make pinball machine flippers with many speeds and torques of servo and failing, I feel a solenoid is likely the right path for percussion. They offer impressive speed and power, and come in a large variety of throws and sizes. I needed a dedicated power supply for my...
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    Audio shield for mallet controller

    Good points, Oddson. Additionally...Although I didn't try too many cards, speed is dependent on type of the words of Paul, from
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    Audio shield for mallet controller

    This may be pedantic, but...I'd use the SD card slot on the 2.5 rather than the one on the audio shield because it has a wider/faster interface to the SD card, decreasing latency and increasing speed. I have not seen .WAV playback benchmarking for 3.5 and 3.6, but playing .WAV files off the...
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    Since you have a Teensy 3.6, it can act as host. You might need a cable: and the pins. This example code may help: Examples>USBHost_t36>MIDI>InputFunctions
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    Teensy 3.2 + Audio Adapter: Memory Spikes and Playback Stutters

    Since you hit AudioMemoryUsageMax = 4 on the second screenshot, I'd up the allocation, since there's ample memory: // Always allocate memory for the audio shield! AudioMemory(8); Since you are also working with a whole other embedded system in the SD card, different SD cards might have...
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    USB keyboard input in Teensy is another; mentioning it as a cheaper, smaller, and more plug-and-play option than the above shield.
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    Advanced Midi Sampling

    By my recollection the Teensy 3.2 could play 3-4 samples from an SD card simultaneously before getting crackly about three years ago (caveats include very dependent on type of card, not using the modified read only library). Has the 3.6, with improved library and parallel SD interface, had its...
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    MIDI Synth Shield for the Teensy

    David- I'd be interested to know more about it. Are the general MIDI instruments from a chip like the VS1053 or SAM2195? Do you have any details on the synthesis engine? I'm all in favor of "dozens of voices"!
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    Hammond organ / roto2

    Sparx: Not sure if it's a quite a Vox, but the "Transistor Orgel" part of the PropString build at the same site sounds pretty funky. Pity no source code that I can find. You'd be able to drop it right into your existing hardware (minus...
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    Rocker midi controller

    Explodey- I'm not an Ableton guy at all, but if you are having trouble with your note off messages you should be aware that there are two kinds: The official note off message and the sneaky "same note on message with velocity of zero" variant. Might as well try them both in case one works. If...
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    Swiss Army Synth Audio Board?

    The stand alone audio board and the prop shield are great, but...I'd love it if there was a board that had support infrastructure for all manner of audio projects, whether they be CV based, stomp box, or stand-alone instruments. Basically spots for the buffers, optoisolators, and DACs that...
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    Wiki Coming - Please link worthy posts

    Video of Audio Library and board course, with materials:
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    Audio Library Tutorial

    Very slick, pretty comprehensive, and demystified a lot of things for me. Thanks!
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    Granular Synthesis with Teensy and Audio Adaptor

    For those wanting more examples of granular synthesis in a finished (and IMHO rad) product: Oh look, there is well commented code! Not the latest version with all the 2.4 features, but still...readable, commented code...
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    Limits of delay effect in audio library

    Can't wait to play with this! Eight seconds or so of sound to repeat/modulate is going to be great. I can infer what the six identical chips are. Is there a parts list somewhere indicating what the other two chips and caps / resistors are so I can check my parts bins before I order? EDIT...
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    midi to usb interfase

    OK, having gotten that out of the way...these are the steps I would take. For the USB are going to need a little hardware to handle that MIDI in, for example: Amanda has some...
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    midi to usb interfase

    Hi. If you are trying to make a 5 pin ("DIN") synth talk to the iPad, I honestly don't know why you are not at least trying one of these, even with the varied successes reported with iOS in the reviews...
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    Teensy in an MRI

    There is general concern about loops of wire having induced currents from the ever changing magnetic field. It's also a pretty heavy RF environment. You can't help the loops that are on the PCB, but you can help the loops and inherent antennas that are part of the typical crap on a breadboard...
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    Combining 3 wav files and saving to SD card

    It sounds like a fun project, but...It's still a little unclear what you want to do. Are trying to make a recording of a whole drumming performance for playback? (combine them into one wav file) Are you trying to stack sounds so you can fatten a sound or reduce the number of voices needed...
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    Detecting "touch" on pots / rotary encoders

    Well, if you don't want to DIY or wait for Mayhew to get them in stock, you can pick up these Cadillac models for $30 or so: ALPS Fader motorized RSAON11M9 touch sensitive 10K linear slide potentiometer The motors are there, but you don't HAVE to use them.
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    Midi clock signals

    You are right, that page does not mention clock. It can be a little confusing with THREE official arduino MIDI library versions, all kinds of hacked versions out there, and USB thrown in the mix. I don't know what the current status is, but if you look at the page I pointed you to, it says...
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    Midi clock signals

    OK you are in the right place, BUT have to clarify a bit your exact layout and what you want it to do if you want specific help. Also at least give us a little source code (see message IN RED above). BUT FIRST I would direct your attention to a post on the amazing Little Scale blog...
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    SD Card WAV files and DSP effects...

    The "it depends" answer: it depends on what effects you want to use and how many tracks you will be treating. Mono/stereo/bitrate play some role, too. SD card quality is an annoying confounder. The audio library is just days out of Beta, so the limits are not really defined. It is awesome...
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    Build Thread - Beatmaker

    If you are going to go through all the effort to start audio events with precision timing, you would be revered if you added hooks for sending MIDI events as well. It's not a lot of data: you have to edit or capture note number and velocity and then send a timed note off, too. I have a...
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    Teensytron (Audio Library Mellotron project)

    Sounds like....victory. A heartfelt thanks for the corrections, Nantonos! The residual skeletons from the "everything" version are now mostly exorcised. I have revised the code in the initial message to an actual working version. I had to go with simple rotating voice allocation that is less...
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    Audio Library

    Never found them. I would throw arbitrary files names in there, but my head infers short with the S suffix'd one and medium length with the M.
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    Teensytron (Audio Library Mellotron project)

    partial victory One change was needed to get it to make a peep: if (SD.begin(10)) { waves[6]->play("A3.wav"); // there was no waves [7] waves[5]->play("C3.wav"); // single sounds can be thin; chords sound epic } I have to say...the start-up notes sound great in headphones...
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    Audio Library

    There are the two files referenced in the sd_speed_test.ino example that I can't seem to find...but maybe I'm not looking hard enough?: File f1 ="01_16S.WAV"); File f2 ="01_16M.WAV");
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    Teensytron (Audio Library Mellotron project)

    I'm building a sample player, mostly for classic Mellotron samples ( ). USB (and eventually serial) MIDI note on and note off messages play (and stop playing) samples on the Teensy 3.1 DAC. I have been obsessively checking in on the Audio Library files...
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    AltSoftSerial Project Help

    If you can modify the code using the regular softwareserial library to work (as detailed here: ) I am not sure what else altsoftserial would add other than throughput, which you don't need to send a "D" character...
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    Dead Link says he mostly used Cunningham's code from Github wha-bam: