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    How do I clear old text when printing text on ILI9341?

    To 'CLEAR' text on a graphics display, one should write the same text being cleared in the background color or just simply block fill the area. Then apply your new text in place.
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    Case suggestions

    What else is going inside the box? Connectors ? Switches ? PCB ? Battery ? What does 'your device' do? All things to consider. I too would do what @KrisKasprzak would do.
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    Choose pullup resistor ohms

    Most likely on chip it is 3-MOSFETs sized to carry 0.125x output current, 0.25x & 0.5x all connected in parallel. On chip resistors are difficult to make, but, FETs are smaller and more reproduce-able.
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    How to output 5V from PWM pins of Teensy 2++

    According to the link given, 0 is low and 256 is constant high. If those values don't work, I would just try to >>> digitalWrite(<pin>, HIGH); <<< Have you tried measuring with a DVM ? or remembering to connect GND on the scope to GND on your project ?
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    enable CMP! interrupt on T_3.5

    ISTR there is also a clock enable bit that allows the comparitor to function. Perhaps it was in a post by @thereminengineer (apologies)
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    Enable new microSd card

    Your code must be able to detect removal or absence of the SD card and also if a card has been inserted (presence) into the SD card slot. When it detects a new card then execute the code to enable it. Your active session must handle these change events as required. You may want to use a flag...
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    40x4 LCD on Teensy 4.1

    Although I have not used the T4.x in my projects ISTR it has 3.3v logic levels so no need to level shift them.
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    Interference with two SPI devices (MS5611 and IMU)

    SPI relies on the CS pins to control which device is active on the bus. You state each device functions individually but they do not play well together. Can you verify that the CS pins are not both active at the same time causing bus interference? Also does each device behave properly on...
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    I2c eeprom ??

    I2C eeprom use with GSL1680 touch controller This is the file used to write the GSL1680 program into a local eeprom to eliminate 'all those lines of code'. Run once to program the eeprom contents then remove the 'Wx' jumper to load from eeprom and remove those extra lines of code in the...
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    Direct drive MOSFET (DMG3406L) from Teensy digital pin?

    Why not use a regulator with an ENABLE input to control the voltage instead. Something like TLV70233 or TPS7A6133. Feed from a low voltage such as 5.0v to minimize power dissipation. There are also small adapter PCBs available to make them breadboard compatible.
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    What to add for general purpose Teensy board?

    My general purpose Teensy widget utilizes a T3.2, a choice of either ILI9341 or 20x4 TFT display, an SD-Card socket, and optional PB switches. I bring out 6 IO lines 1x analog output and I2C communications with 5v and 3.3v power onto a 2x8 berg header to allow off board devices. It has...
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    T3.2 hardware counter pin(s) and examples?

    Just a count ? Not a frequency ? From the top of my head I believe the FTM clock inputs are on pins 0 & 1.
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    Using Adafruit_MCP3008.h library causes pin 13 LED to light up

    According to the schematic at the LED is in series with a 470 ohm resistor. Get your clippers and pick one to snip.
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    ra8875/GSL1680 .teensy 4.0 ..touch panel functional but an issue

    @Joey120373 Buy Display wrote their code in that funky way as it is used as a driver. I don't understand C-code very much, but that is my take on it. The Skalwar code throws the errors because the delay is before the I2C endTransmission. I too found the Buy Display code for the Due...
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    Pulses counting in intervals with teensy 3.2

    It appears that by changing the CPU speed from 72MHz to 24MHz also has the effect of slowing down the SDcard clock speed. I don't see in your original code anything to slow down the SDcard speed such as >>> (!SD.begin(sdCs), SPI_HALF_SPEED); <<< which will change the SDcard clock speed...
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    Pulses counting in intervals with teensy 3.2

    Ooops, my bad (lazy copy/paste). I just use p3 to collect the status of the 'begin' or 'init' operations to check the completion results. You could declare it or delete it as it is optional. Are you aware that SD has error codes that help determine what went wrong.
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    Pulses counting in intervals with teensy 3.2

    @brogue I'm initializing my SPI the same sequence as you are. I don't know how fast the SD card you are using is. Have you tried to slow down the SPI bus for the SD Card by using either p3=(!SD.begin(sdCs), SPI_HALF_SPEED); OR p3 = (!card.init(SPI_HALF_SPEED, sdCs)); (So...
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    Pulses counting in intervals with teensy 3.2

    Look at the card that came with your Teensy 3.2. It shows where the pins are located. You will also notice some pins are listed in grey text, they are alternate pin assignments. It appears that all the SPI pins have at least one alternate, maybe more. There are commands to make the...
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    Ethernet port with WIZ850 & Teensy 3.2

    Not sure what you mean here. What do you mean by port number? Maybe look at the UDP example I think that references a port number.
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    InternalTemperature problem

    I think the temperature library is messing with the ADC Resolution, Voltage reference and Averaging. Try to reload the Voltage reference and number of bits to what your default choice was. Averaging won't disturb your reading as much as the other two settings would.
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    Analog voltage when teensy power off

    Can't you just use a schottky diode with the cathode to the LBO pin and the anode to the Teensy. Have the input configured INPUT_PULLUP. The diode will block the positive voltage from the PowerBoost 1000.
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    talking to teensy when plugged in to USB?

    I do this as @LUNI mentioned by using serial commands. On the Teensy end I look for serial events.
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    play with image rotations in degrees ILI9341_t3n

    That would be a really challenging project. Lots of matrix math with SIN() & COS() to move the image points around.
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    Communicate with TFT using Dual or Quad SPI (QSPI)

    SPI is a serial data transfer with some handshaking & dedicated CS (chip select). The existing SPI support relies on special hardware in the Teensy chip to make it super fast. The data paths are in/outs from shift registers that convert parallel to/from serial . Doing a multi lane...
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    Interaction between built-in SD card and MFRC522

    According to the schematic there is no connection between the built in SD Card slot and the SPI bus. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
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    Using I2C between Teensy 3.2 and Mega

    @MichaelMeissner did you mis typoe and mean 'pull-up' resistors? @David Leddon is there a common ground wire between the Mega and Teensies?
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    ra8875/GSL1680 .teensy 4.0 ..touch panel functional but an issue

    Things I notice using the GSL1680 touch screen. The GSL1680 touch chip is only a touch sensor. It does not encode pressure information . When detecting more than 1 finger information, position matters. Say I'm touching the screen with two fingers. Place one in the middle, don't move it, and...
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    ra8875/GSL1680 .teensy 4.0 ..touch panel functional but an issue

    @Keith_M Would you please clarify the <half of screen. . . . > Is that like top/bottom half or every other one, (even/odd lines only)? I'm doing a Teensy 3.5 project and will look at that.
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    Need SPI ADC part advice, and 4xSPI questions

    Perhaps looking at how the on board SD Card operates on T3.5 & T3.6 could shed some light on what is required to implement that.
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    Need SPI ADC part advice, and 4xSPI questions

    Could you clarify the 4x SPI bit? are you talking 4 seperate SPI ports -OR- were you thinking about an SPI port with 4 data lanes?
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    Easy-to-use (well supported) large display?

    I mostly use the displays from tftm043 4.3" diag with ft5206 cap touch controller tftm050 5.0" diag with GSL1680 cap touch controller tftm070 7.0" diag with ft5206 touch controller All are RA8875 controller based. They all come in either resistive or capacitive based touch...
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    Take a ScreenShot from ILI9341 Display

    That looks great. What did you use on the PC side to work the image data? Thanks.
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    How would I configure A14/DAC as an analog input?

    On a Teensy 3.2, is there any special way to configure the A14/DAC pin as an analog input? I've seen posts to use analogWrite to set the value but is there any special setup to configure it as an analog input? I would like to use it as an analog input pin.
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    Teensy 4.1 skimpy power supply

    Although I have zero mileage / experience using the T4.x I would suggest adding an electrolytic capacitor to the regulated side of the Teensy power grid to reduce the effects of the power transient to see if it lessens the impact. A heat sink on the processor and/or or voltage regulator may...
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    I2c eeprom ??

    Code to do writes to EEPROM //EEPROM_I2C_Write Use to create EEPROM contents // writes are always in groups of 5-bytes * 25 repeats // last 3-bytes on page are left un-programmed // p6 is page pointer // P5 is address on page pointer static void EEPROM_I2C_Write(uint8_t regAddr, uint8_t...
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    I2c eeprom ??

    There are several libraries for I2C EEPROM on Github. I looked at them for reference purposes when employing a 24C512 to hold firmware for the GSL1680 touch controller. Not too difficult to do. Remember to allow 10mS or more for each write operation as indicated in the spec. Use dummy...
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    program teensy 4.1 though pins?

    You don't give us much to work with. Is the Teensy being mounted on another PCB where you could use tiny spring contact pins? Could you pick the +5v from the Vin pin on the corner of the Teensy and use a USB-C to mini-B converter? Can you provide a concept sketch?
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    4.1 with battery, single USB to program and charge. Device not recognized.

    I'm doing something like this with a Teensy 3.2. In your drawing you have the PowerBoost 5v output going to the T4.1, so it (may) only gets recognised as USB device when it is powered on. Maybe the T41 is barely getting enough phantom power thru the D+/D- inputs so it does not respond...
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    Teensy 3.2 not working with RA8875 display

    I reinstalled/updated both the IDE (1.8.13) and Teensyduino (1.53) and as suspected, the problem resolved itself. Perhaps (???) it was related to the issue discovered here: in #22 or maybe here...
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    Teensy 3.2 not working with RA8875 display

    The display is wired as a 5v unit. The circuitry is on two (2) different PCBs with traces no longer than 4-inches. Screen resolution set for 480x800. Since the T32 and T35 have a common sub set of pins, I am using the same software to check out both boards. HERE. Post #6 in the...
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    Teensy 3.2 not working with RA8875 display

    I'm working on a new project that uses an RA8875 display and am having problems with the display not functioning. It is a 5-inch ER-TFTM050 that uses the GSL1680 touch screen which is working. The display is all white, the RESET pin is tied high. I've used this display in...
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    240x320 TFT display working fine now solid white permanently

    Are you using 10k pull ups on the CS lines? Initializing the SD card before the display to be sure it is in SPI mode? Show us your wiring and code as it helps us to help you.
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    Making a USB gaming mouse

    Will that sensor act as you expect it to? Do you have an optical mouse? Try running your hand around it and see how well you may control the cursor position. Try this at different distances. Maybe this is not the correct type of sensor and you require a better definition of how you...
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    Teensy 4.0 + mcp23017 blink

    Is there a common ground connecting those seperate proto boards?
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    Actual current limitation of Teensy 3.2 and rules of thumb about typical/max current

    I believe there is about 250mA available from the 3.3v regulated by the Teensy 3.2. Your calculations seem correct. I2C talks to only one (1) sensor at any time. Decoupling capacitors sprinkled among the sensors may soften the load by supplying the transient power. You could possibly...
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    Multiple I2C buses on T4.1

    I may be wrong here, but I don't recall Wire.h supporting the other I2C busses. I do believe it can be edited and renamed as wire1.h to support each additional I2C bus.
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    Programming the I2C address of a MCP4728 4-channel DAC using i2c_t3 ?

    Just in case someone else needs to use a bunch of these DACs in their project, Microchip direct sells these parts pre-programmed to different I2C addresses for about the same cost as they can be purchased from DigiKey. No minimum order required. I am a user of Microchip parts (sometimes). I...
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    PIN_Dx definitions are causeng errors

    You probably need to do something like #define PIN_D2 2
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    ra8875/GSL1680 .teensy 4.0 ..touch panel functional but an issue

    As stated in #6 above I have modified the BuyDisplay code example given fro the Arduino DUE. My mod uses the SumoToy RA8875 driver contained in Teensyduino along with different pin assignments. I attached it to post #6. Change the pin defines at the top to reflect the pins that you use for...
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    ra8875/GSL1680 .teensy 4.0 ..touch panel functional but an issue

    Oh, there is one more thing, the data sheet for this (may still) shows conflicting information to the interfacing sheet. Note the I2C pins WAKE is actually on display pin #32 and INT is on pin #33. When I first...