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    Another fork of FlexCAN

    I found it advantageous to add another data field for microseconds when logging data on CAN. If you use a 32bit word, there will be some of the unused MSBs that don't deviate from zero when tracking the microseconds per second. You can used a bit mask and shift to use this space to keep track of...
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    Another fork of FlexCAN

    Thank you for working on this interrupt based CAN messages for the Teensy. This is a nice feature. I have a couple things to share: 1. It was able to work on 666000 and 1000000 baud CAN. That was nice since I didn't have to mess with bit timing. 2. Extended IDs are not enabled by default. I had...
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    Microseconds per second

    I've created a simple sketch that provides a way to get microseconds in a timestamp. I'm interested in any alternatives. Does the setSyncInterval() function create an interrupt so the microsecond reset counter is always called on time? #include <TimeLib.h> elapsedMicros microsecondsPerSecond...
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    Teensy USB driver "hijacks" Samsung Galaxy S4 phone USB function?

    I'm fairly new to the forum, but thought this was the most applicable spot to post a comment from what I experienced this morning. The issue was everything was working fine with Windows 7 64-bit, Teensyduino 1.30, Arduino 1.6.11, and a Teensy 3.2. I was working happily along and had uploaded...