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  1. PaulStoffregen

    Powerbank usage; running Teensy 4.1 + sensors on 5v vs. powering sensors from Teensy 3v

    Probably best to keep it simple and use just 1 power bank having ordinary 5V USB power output with 1 USB cable. Every power bank is different. None come with reliable tech specs. Even the claimed battery capacity is usually just a made up number. The only way to really know is by testing...
  2. PaulStoffregen

    How to connect SD card reader to teensy 4.0 through pads?

    Ah, now I can see you're trying to connect a plain SD socket to all 8 SD pins. That definitely does work on the Teensy 4.0 breakout board. It even uses the same socket. Maybe that board's info can help? On the software side, any of the SD library examples should work if you simply edit the...
  3. PaulStoffregen

    Arduino IDE 2.3.2?

    I've updated the web page with words "All versions 2.0.4 and later are supported. Versions 2.3.0 or later are recommended, due to improvements in Boards Manager." I also changed "2.0.x" to "2.x.x". Arduino added the ability for a "pre-uninstall" script starting in version 2.3.0. All the...
  4. PaulStoffregen

    How to connect SD card reader to teensy 4.0 through pads?

    Can you show us photos this hardware and how you've connected it? Or at least give a link to the hardware? You know what it is, but please try to imagine how anyone reading this is supposed to answer. We can't even know if this is a USB device or something like this module which uses SPI.
  5. PaulStoffregen

    Question about Regulator Enable & Termination

    This conversation would be much easier if you gave a specific voltage regulator part number and pointed to the specific words in its datasheet. Details matter. So does context. But generally speaking, that sort of language usually means the enable pin is a high impedance input which could...
  6. PaulStoffregen

    Teensy 4.1

    Mark's answer is indeed the library you want. In Arduino IDE, first select Teensy in Tools > Boards. Other menus update depending on the selected board. Then click File > Examples > SPIFlash > SPIFlash_ReadWrite. Libraries LittleFS and SerialFlash also access this type of chip, but those...
  7. PaulStoffregen

    Teensy 4.1 Serial8

    First to answer your specific question, there is nothing special about Serial8 on Teensy 4.1. It works the same way as Serial1 to Serial7. With any of the serial ports, you have a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong. It's also a lot of ways this sort of forum question can be answered...
  8. PaulStoffregen

    Teensy 4.1 equivalent of RPi "PIO"?

    Also be aware analogWriteFrequency() can accept a floating point number for the frequency, so you're not limited to integer precision. It will automatically make the closest frequency the hardware can create. All the timers have 16 bit resolution, so you can get frequencies very precisely...
  9. PaulStoffregen

    Teensy 4.1 equivalent of RPi "PIO"?

    Sounds like analogWriteFrequency(pin, freq) and analogWrite(pin, duty) is enough. This will allow you to create (almost) any frequency. The PWM hardware does all the work, so the waveform doesn't depend on software interrupts. Details here: You need...
  10. PaulStoffregen

    Troubleshooting "dead" Teensy 4.1

    Try just soldering a wire in place of L2. It's purpose is to prevent high frequency noise just possibly escaping up the USB cable or out the VIN pin. Not really essential for the board to just work. Ideally you should solder a capacitor at least 1uF for C28, as the 3.3V power could work but...
  11. PaulStoffregen

    Audio Guestbook Arduino IDE "unable to access SD card"

    Don't worry too much on the solder. Just avoid these 3 most common soldering problems 1: Cold solder - not applying heat long enough 2: Board mounted backwards - check the pin numbers match up! 3: Boards too close with parts on bottom of Teensy touching parts on top of audio shield
  12. PaulStoffregen

    New Teensy 4.0 Suddenly Not Recognized

    If you're able to water wash and bake dry your circuit board, using Kester 331 solder and Kester 2331-ZX liquid flux gives amazing results. I personally use that combo for PCB prototypes. Organic acid flux like Kester 2331-ZX is amazing stuff which makes hand soldering so much easier with...
  13. PaulStoffregen

    New Teensy 4.0 Suddenly Not Recognized

    For these latest tests, did you monitor the 3.3V power with your multimeter? Do you have any way to monitor the USB current? If not, please buy (and use) one of these inexpensive USB power monitoring products.
  14. PaulStoffregen

    SD Card generate filename from date

    Try change this sprintf(FileName, "%04d_%02d_%02d.csv", (RTC.getYear(), (RTC.getMonth(), (RTC.getDay()); to this sprintf(FileName, "%04d_%02d_%02d.csv", (RTC.getYear()), (RTC.getMonth()), (RTC.getDay()) );
  15. PaulStoffregen

    Troubleshooting "dead" Teensy 4.1

    First read the "Power Up Sequence" info on this page: Hopefully the little javascript buttons can help by visualizing the power up steps for you on the schematic. If the sequence is getting to step #6, you might have zero volts because of a metal...
  16. PaulStoffregen

    Teensy 4.1 microSD socket type

    Yes, custom USB interface combinations can be created by editing usb_desc.h. See the comments in that file for details. When editing any core library file, first confirm you have the right file by adding a simple syntax error. If clicking Verify in Arduino doesn't show the error, you can...
  17. PaulStoffregen

    Teensy 4.1 microSD socket type

    The newer SD socket (with 8 tiny holes where you can see the metal contacts) is the same push-pull type as the older SD socket (without tiny holes). SD sockets with push-push action have a spring inside. Usually they are at least 2mm wider to make room for the spring mechanism. That sort of...
  18. PaulStoffregen

    Previous versions of Teensyduino

    If using Arduino IDE 2.x.x, use Boards Manager and click the drop-down list to switch between any of the versions which support the newer IDE. If using old Arduino IDE 1.8.x, go to the download page, scroll down to the section for Arduino 1.8, and right click the download link. If using Mac...
  19. PaulStoffregen

    T4.1 Bootloader "Serial Number Already Assigned"

    No, sadly GD32 and MKL02 have different pinout. You could restore your Teensy 4.0 by resoldering the chips it originally had when new. Normally I wouldn't even suggest this, but from your comments you do seem to have the ability to desolder and replace BGA chips. But given how inexpensive...
  20. PaulStoffregen

    BUILTIN_SDCARD not defined when switching from T3.5 to T4.1 compiles

    Please understand this is guesswork since I can't see the files on your PC, but I'm pretty you have copies of SD and SdFat different than the ones published in Teensyduino 1.59. Even if Arduino IDE is utterly unusable for you to go real programming, in situations like this it can really help as...
  21. PaulStoffregen

    Teensy 4.1 - NXP MIMXRT1062DVJ6B

    Ok, I thought you were asking about the U2 chip because of "decipher the manufacture date of the bootloader". U2 is the bootloader chip. U1 is the main processor, MIMXRT1062DVJ6B. About the first 4 letters, "CTDA" in your photo, also a good question for NXP. I don't know what they mean. If...
  22. PaulStoffregen

    Teensy 4.1 - NXP MIMXRT1062DVJ6B

    I can add just a bit more info. That chip with code "AVNH" is probably 2019 to 2021 vintage. Here is a photo of a newer chip with "AAUY" sitting on the NXP packaging label with date code 2325 and lot code info. At the very least, hopefully this photo can help to confirm any answer NXP gives.
  23. PaulStoffregen

    Teensy 4.1 - NXP MIMXRT1062DVJ6B

    I only know how to read the first line, where M2T5 identifies the part number as MKL02Z32 (the last character is number '5' not letter 'S'). On this chip, I have no idea how to interpret "AVNH". I suspect it is the date code and maybe more info, but I really do not know. How to read the 2nd...
  24. PaulStoffregen

    New Teensy 4.0 Suddenly Not Recognized

    As requested, I've deleted the schematic and photos. Did you watch the voltage and current while working with the unresponsive hardware? Make any progress?
  25. PaulStoffregen

    Serial2 not printing

    Try making a copy of your main project and delete portions until Serial2 starts working. Or if you don't find the problem, delete as much of your main project so you can show us a complete non-working code. If anyone can copy it into Arduino IDE and experience Serial2 not working, odds are...
  26. PaulStoffregen

    Error when using the Pulse Position Library on a Teensy 4.0

    As explained earlier, simply delete the installed copy of PulsePosition which is overriding the known-good copy. This is the most important info: Multiple libraries were found for "PulsePosition.h" Used: /home/mint/Arduino/libraries/PulsePosition Not used...
  27. PaulStoffregen

    New Teensy 4.0 Suddenly Not Recognized

    Did you monitor the voltages and USB current while working with those dead boards? If you don't have a voltmeter and you're not looking to spend a lot of money for a top-tier model, this pretty cheap one works quite well.
  28. PaulStoffregen

    New Teensy 4.0 Suddenly Not Recognized

    Just to repeat once more, while trying the 15 sec restore or anything else, please get into a practice of continuously monitoring the 3.3V voltage, VUSB voltage, and USB current. Also remember this restore process only works on not-yet-locked hardware. It does work if you've run the 1st Fuse...
  29. PaulStoffregen

    U2 and D4 hot, 3.3v shorted to GND

    Probably not, but maybe... The bootloader chip is not involved in the software startup process. It does not function the same way as a traditional software-only bootloader, which runs first and then jumps to your program. When Teensy starts up, the bootloader does NOT run any code on the main...
  30. PaulStoffregen

    New Teensy 4.0 Suddenly Not Recognized

    I'm just re-read this entire thread, looking for anything I missed and just generally trying to get a clear picture of this difficult situation. I still don't have a clear picture, so I'm hoping you might compose 1 good message to summarize all the available info. Hopefully that can give us a...
  31. PaulStoffregen

    New Teensy 4.0 Suddenly Not Recognized

    Maybe this is stating the overly obvious, but until this problem is fully resolved, please put sockets on any more PCBs you build so you can easily remove the Teensy.
  32. PaulStoffregen

    New Teensy 4.0 Suddenly Not Recognized

    Could you explain how the power supply works? Is all the board's power coming from the USB cable connected to Teensy? Or is external power connected (maybe not shown on this schematic)?
  33. PaulStoffregen


    I don't know why that error is appearing. More info is needed to even begin to diagnose the issue. Before you go to the effort of collecting more info, please do the easiest thing first. Download and use a fresh copy of the 1.59 installer. It's at this page...
  34. PaulStoffregen

    [posted] Jaws-fx Guitar Pedal

    Article posted on the website today
  35. PaulStoffregen

    SD Cards getting corrupted

    SD card corruption is really unfortunate. Wish I had a better answer, but can't know why this happened. The only known issue (known to me... on my list of issues to fix) that seems close would be incompatibility with buffers in cached memory. If your program is using malloc or C++ new to...
  36. PaulStoffregen

    Best way to implement complicated mix of PWM and interrupt?

    Your program configured pin 36 as INPUT. With nothing connected, the pin can randomly pick up all sorts of noise. Use INPUT_PULLUP. Or connect a real resistor to the pin. Do not leave high impedance input pins floating.
  37. PaulStoffregen

    Best way to implement complicated mix of PWM and interrupt?

    Please shot a screenshot or photo of the screen.
  38. PaulStoffregen

    Best way to implement complicated mix of PWM and interrupt?

    On 2nd though, perhaps my bandwidth estimation is off by a factor of 2. The narrow pulse would be half of a cycle of a square wave. Maybe. When you use only 8 bit PWM, the 255 / 256 = 99.6% duty cycle, which is a pulse 16X wider. So it needs only 1/16th the sampling speed to faithfully...
  39. PaulStoffregen

    Best way to implement complicated mix of PWM and interrupt?

    I ran your program (the first on msg #11) on a Teensy 4.1. This is the waveform my scope sees on pin 29. Looks like a very stable 25 kHz waveform. My scope says the duty cycle is 99.97%. That's very close to 4095 / 4096 = 0.999756. I can't see anything like this. But I have a theory...
  40. PaulStoffregen

    Teensy 4.1 hang up when using USBHost_t36.h with HUB to control multiple midi device

    Please write more specific instructions to reproduce the problem. Which items are plugged at what time after upload? Or even better, give photos or short video with serial monitor visible.
  41. PaulStoffregen

    Teensy 4.1 hang up when using USBHost_t36.h with HUB to control multiple midi device

    I ran your program from msg #1. I made only 1 small modification to print "loop <number>" slowly because the note on/off messages scroll off screen too quickly (full code below). static elapsedMillis msec; // print at a reasonable pace if (msec > 1000) { msec = 0...
  42. PaulStoffregen

    U2 and D4 hot, 3.3v shorted to GND

    This is a really strange case. Normally when a board goes badly and consumes too much current for things to get really hot, either the 5V power or the 3.3V power measures low. But you said you measured 4.7V and 3.3V. Normally when a large current flows, at least a few mV drops along the PCB...
  43. PaulStoffregen

    Teensy 4.1 How to start using DMA?

    Maybe this can help?
  44. PaulStoffregen

    Button press output errors - assistance needed

    Try setting Tools > CPU Speed for slower, like 150 MHz or even 24 MHz. Quick and easy way to test if running too quickly for signals to stabilize.
  45. PaulStoffregen

    Audio library depends on SdFat

    Yes, you're right, something in these libraries is causing unused code to be compiled into the final binary. I've added this to my low priority bug list. Just to set expectations, this is a low priority if everything works properly and the only consequence is we use 40K of flash and 5K RAM1...
  46. PaulStoffregen

    Connecting Teensy 4.0 to HC-05 module

    Sure. Teensy 4.0 has 7 serial ports. 5 of those are one the easy-to-access pins. Just connect the other modules to any of the other serial ports and then replicate your code for the other 2. Ok, maybe it won't be quite the simple. You'll need to decide what you want to do with this: if...
  47. PaulStoffregen

    Configurable usbMIDI Port Names

    I am not aware of any way, at least from code running on Teensy. I did try this by editing descriptors. For Serial it is possible to affect the name shown on MacOS and Linux, but not Windows (because it ignores the descriptor name and gets the name from an INF inside Windows). For MIDI, as...
  48. PaulStoffregen

    digital input

    You should probably run some tests with that Kingbright LED. The specs say brightness is 10 to 25 mcd with 10 mA current. Maybe a lower current will meet your needs, or maybe not. Only you can make that judgement call. If you need a relatively high LED current like 10mA, the most sensible...
  49. PaulStoffregen

    New Teensy 4.0 Suddenly Not Recognized

    Try the 15 sec restore. Hold the pushbutton for 13 to 17 seconds. At 13 sec, you'll see the red LED blink briefly to indicate you're at the beginning of the 4 sec window where releasing the button causes full memory wipe and restore of a known-good LED blink program. You should see the red...