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    first small scale test of our 160x80 [Video] wall

    Hey Hunter, It seems I am running into a number of the same issues that you did. I am running a 120x64 display with 8 teensys and I am running into issues sending data out consistently at a decent frame rate, 30fps. I am running basically the original VideoDisplay code that was included with...
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    Adding features to Movie2Serial for OctoWS2811, What do ya want?

    Hey guys, I have been working on an OctoWS2811 project for quite a while now and am looking to add some features. Paul's Movie2Serial processing app was pretty nice, but I have made some improvements. Added features: -Plays multiple videos sequentially -Videos are loaded in sequentially...
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    Modifying the Movie2Serial code for the BeagleBone Black

    Hey Guys, I've got a problem. I am looking to transition from running my Octows2811 display from a PC running processing to running from a BeagleBone Black(BBB). The problem being that I don't have much Linux experience. I found Paul's post here...
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    Any hope for my probably fried Teensy 3.0's?

    Hey guys, So I am currently in the process of putting together a large Octows2811 based project and I have hit a hiccup. I probably fried one of my teensy 3.0s. I am posting this as to make sure I am not missing a simple fix. My setup consists of a 300W 5V power supply hooked up to 8 lines...
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    Large Scale WS2811 Build, Need driving advice

    Hey Guys, I need some help Here is the project thus far: Me and my club are working to build a 120x64 LED matrix capable of displaying video. The current plan is to have 4 panels that attach together. Each panel will host 2 teensy 3.0s, each driving 8 horizontal lines of 120 WS2811 LEDs. So...