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    Two SPI devices on Teensy 4.0

    I am working on a project that could use two SPI signals. How do you configure the two CS pins using TeensyDuino? Can you use pins 9 and 10 and somehow tell the Teensy to switch, or can you not use pin 10 (say use pins 8 and 9 as GPIO) and disconnect 10 all together? Thanks for your great...
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    TCD1304 with teensy 3.2

    Hi Qar, I assume you are talking about the TCD1304neg code for the 3.2 and not the ntyrell code for the 4.0. I have worked with the ntyrell code and have found that it works well (although not perfectly for my application). I dont have a Teensy 3.2, so I can't test this stuff out properly. If...
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    TCD1304 with teensy 3.2

    This is all very useful. Thank you to EsbenRossel, Reim and ntyrell for your good work. I have been working to apply this to spectroscopy instrumentation for use in science education and have just posted a bunch of stuff to my GitHub page, At that...