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    Alternative for DAC of Teensy3.1

    Some years ago I made a power supply using teensy3.1 DAC to drive the output stage. As this device is no longer available and the pin compatible Teensy4.0 has no DAC: What is a possibility to get an analog output from this device? What SPI-DAC IC would be possible?
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    No Serial Port with teensy3.x, teensy4.1 on Macos (M1)

    Thanks. I will try with a USB-Hub with switches.
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    No Serial Port with teensy3.x, teensy4.1 on Macos (M1)

    Hallo defragstor I greatly apologize for my ignorance concerning the possibilities of USB-cables beeing faulty. I bought a new one and this one worked. I began programming in the seventies with Algol and Fortran and thought to have great experience in finding errors, including dereferencing...
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    No Serial Port with teensy3.x, teensy4.1 on Macos (M1)

    I use 4 or 5 cables and all worked. Now only the upload to Atmegaxy and teensy++2 works, outside Arduino. The working nano has a atmega328. About 6 Teensy3.x, a Teensye.1 and all ESP32-boards are not working, T_4 and ESP32 even not with platformio, based on Arduino framework. They are also not...
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    No Serial Port with teensy3.x, teensy4.1 on Macos (M1)

    Thanks for your answer, but: I trash every cable that is not working... All worked until yesterday, including teensy4.1. Programming and uploading to arduino nano still works, but connecting to Teensy3.x stopped. That's why I suggest a problem with a Teensyduino/Arduino file somwhere.
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    No Serial Port with teensy3.x, teensy4.1 on Macos (M1)

    I am working with teensy's for a long time with success until now. MacBookPro14" M1 macos 12.1.Monterey, Teenyduino 12.58 As of today, in Tools>Port only cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port is shown. Trying to upload a sketch to the teensy3.2 fails No Teensy boards were found on any USB ports of your...
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    Teensy no more recognized by Mac

    I also tried to upload an arduino hexfile via teensyloader with no success.
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    Teensy no more recognized by Mac

    I am working with various teensys since many years in dozends of projects, actually on MacBookPro 14" and macos Monterey. Since yesterday, everything worked well, but now no connection is possible, with previously used boards from teensy++2 to teensy4.1. No updates or changes in projects. Same...
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    recommended DAC solution for 4.x?

    I have a fully digital power bench working with the Teensy3.5 using its DAC for controlling the Output. Is the MCP4922 an alternative for that purpose in case the Teensy3.5 is going down?
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    ostream: undefined Reference to putPgm

    I want to access an SD card on teensy3.5. I have the latest Teensyduino version 1.56 Using the examples from the Teensyduino Example SdFat_Usage or all the examples in Bill Greimans SdFat github repo work fine. I tried the example Sdinfo. It compiles and runs started from the desktop folder...
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    Hello Is there a chance that teensy++2 will be available again? I have several projects with this device. Or is there another distributer with quality copies?
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    Teensy2 on macOS Big Sur

    The project is from 2017. Xcode produces a .hex-file I choosed and uploaded with teensyloader, possibly older version. It worked fine in these days, together with other projects with teens++2, all with the Timer2.settigs refused now. Changing to the register names of Timer3 it compiled and I...
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    teensy2 timer3 Registers changed

    I have a project from 2017 with teensy2 that worked always well. Now as I want to change the code, I am told that the registers of timer2 are undeclared. Downloading the datascheet from microchip I noticed that there is no timer 2 but timers 3 and 4. My datasheet is from 2011. Outdated indeed...
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    rawhid-read consumes augmenting cpu time

    My CNC-App (macos 11.2, Xcode 12.1) sends data to the USB-Device (Teensy3.5) every about 1 sec. The data contains the steps for the next section for the stepper motors. The next data is sent when the teensy has confirmed the end of the section. That works fine for little tasks. But with bigger...
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    teeny++2 no upload

    Hi thebigg Thanks for your answer, but same answer: Device must be specified
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    Teensy2 on macOS Big Sur

    I have a project I coded several years ago running on a teensy2 with macOS HigSierra and Xcode10. It uses Timer1 and Timer2 and compiles well of the recent machine. Now, after reopening the project on a newer machine with MacOS BigSur and Xcode 12.5 I get errors about...
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    teeny++2 no upload

    I am using teensy++2-bord on several macbooks pro (now with big sur)for a long time. Actually with a project using teensyduino RawHID that worked without problems for weeks. But suddenly I am unable to upload the code. I get the error Sketch uses 8316 bytes (6%) of program storage space...
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    util/delay.h no such file

    Since today I get the error util/delay.h no such file at line #include <util/delay.h> when compiling a sletch that worked for a good time now Changing to <avr/delay.h> gives the same result. MacOs 11.2.3 BigSur Arduino 1.8.13 Teensyduino 1.53 The same error occurs with #include <i2c_t3.h>...
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    hid with MacOS catalina

    rawhid with macos11 Big Sur For many years, I am working on MacOSX with the USB-Functions provided by John de Witt at with no problems with Teensy2.0 to 3.6. Now working on Big Sur with Xcode12 I run into troubles getting SIGABTRT's In...
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    hid with MacOS catalina

    Thanks, I will give that a try.
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    hid with MacOS catalina

    for many years I am using the hid.c code from the teensy website to communicate with teensy2 to teensy3.6 from MacOS. With MaOS 10.15 Catalina this is no longer possible because of enhanced security standards. Has anyone tried that?
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    LiquidCrystal lib

    I am trying to use the LiquidCrystal lib for a 16x2 Display in a project within embedXcode. I see the Library in the Library folder of the teensy Resources. Opening the LiquidCrystal.cpp file, I read // this file no longer used So it gives me an error in my sample code when I write as...
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    Mac: teensy not shown in /dev/tty* or /dev/cu*

    I have a teensy3.2 working with teensyduino (RawHID) and embedXcode. Everthing works well, I can choose the port in the tools menu and the console ist shown. But after every upload a terminal window is opened saying: ls: /dev/tty.usbmodem*: No such file or directory The teensy is indeed not...
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    Teensy3.2 ADC Pin Assignement

    all clear, thanks
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    Teensy3.2 ADC Pin Assignement

    Simple question: Is there a list or picture showing which ADC-pin can be assigned to ADC0 and ADC1? I could not find anything on the web with more information than on the pinout cards of pjrc
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    ADC readSynchronizedContinuous additional channel

    Hi I have a Teensy3.2 using ADC readSynchronizedContinuous on channel 0 and 2. That runs ok. Can I read another channel, e.g.A9, from time to time, triggered in the loop? Settings: Averaging: 2 Resolutuion:12 ConversionSpeed: MED SamplingSpeed: MED storage for results: volatile int16_t...
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    teensy2 ADC weired berhaviour

    I found a useful site about the ADC of the Atmega32u: Dealing with channel numbers above 7 requieres setting the MUX5 bit in ADCSRB.
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    teensy2 ADC weired berhaviour

    Teensyduino problem solved. I had in mind the pinout and schematics from the pjrc-website and did not mention that in teensyduino the numbering of the channels is different. Teensyduino: teensy2 from pjrc: sorry and thanks for your help. Channel 8 in the sketch runs fine now, but not channel...
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    teensy2 ADC weired berhaviour

    ADC weired behaviour Thanks and sorry for wrong format, safari did not show anything about it. And I misspelled Port C instead of Port B while not copy-pasting. This code snippet is part of a longer project with a dozen files and more than thousend lines, written in C. It loggs data via...
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    teensy2 ADC weired berhaviour

    teensy2 ADC weired behaviour I have an app which uses 2 ADC channels on differnet Ports because of layout linitaions. Reading channel 1 from Port F on Pin PF1 works fine, but reading channel 11 from Port C on Pin PB4 returns garbage. I reduced the code to reading the same value on both Pins...
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    Portable Power Supply

    I recently ordered a very cheap powerbank case from aliexpress: Safety 5V 1A USB DIY Power Bank 2X 18650 I run into the issue described in this topic of the device switching off after a delay with low current. The proposed workarrounds did not help. I opened the device and found the IC used is...
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    rawhid_send on MacOS 10.11 working on teensy2++, not on teensy2

    I am using the file usb_rawhid.c with teensy2++ in my projects for years in various projects with MacOS, now in a CNC-application with Xcode7/MacOS 10.11. Now trying to work with a teensy2 because of its smaller footprint, I am no more able to send records. In the file hid.c the function...
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    MacOS 10.11 rawhid_send working with teensy2++, not with teensy2

    moved to suggestions
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    Teensy2 occasionally hanging (Mac OS X)

    Hi Sorry for the not very specific title. I have an app with Teeny2 which works most of the time. But from time to time the calling Mac program hangs when trying to send requests from my Mac. After enumerating the device and sending one successful request the Mac program produces a SIGBRT...
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    Teensy2++ external power and use without USB

    Thank you for the quick response. I will try this. I do not work with arduino, I always use the pushbutton. Does the Teensy detect a newly attached USB cable when the pull-up is disconnected?
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    Teensy2++ external power and use without USB

    I have an Teensy2++ application (plain C) in HID-mode to extend my very recent DIY RC-transmitter with a USB interface. I want to transmit data from and to the transmitter when plugged into a PC (Mac). In addition, the Teensy does other work in the transmitter. - This works fine on the...
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    Teensy2++ with MacOS 10.9 Maverick and Xcode5.1

    I just updated to MacOS 10.9 and found only one issue in Xcode5.1: In the rawhid-code I am using I had to change the 'static' variables to 'const'. After that my code run without problems. Great board. heimi