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    USBAudio distorted sound

    Here's a sound snipped where you can clearly hear the problem. Any idea how to fix this? It seems to get worse the more frequently I read midi from USB. Do usb midi and usb audio interfer?
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    USBAudio distorted sound

    Hi, I am working on a synth project on the Teensy4.1. I am using the audio board, and (in particular during development) audio output via USB. The latter started to produce strong audio artefacts, while analog out is clean. It sounds a bit as if the cpu can't keep up calculating the audio buffer...
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    Entire synth engine in a single AudioStream class

    Hi, I am getting started with my first synth project on a Teensy. I have some existing code I would like to port, and I'd rather not refactor everything to use the Audio Library with its method of wiring the Audio Objects etc. So my current plan is to wrap my entire synth engine in a single...