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    Teensy products no longer accessible via ttyACM? port

    I develop on Linux (ubuntu) and I've been using Teensy 3.1 for a number of project and have come to rely on using the USB port for debugging as ttyACM*. Maybe it's good that I've been buying my more recent Teensy's from old stock but I just got some teensy 3.2s in and they enumerate on linux as...
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    Teensy project template for Eclipse 4

    This was extremely helpful. thanks TimJ. I followed the install instructions and it all went very smoothly. I don't see anywhere on the site to ask questions specific to platformio, do you know where to seek help other than here? thanks
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    Teensy project template for Eclipse 4

    Please be much clearer about this instruction. Are you saying we can change "teensy_template" to another name, and where this old name appears in .project and .cproject? Why would I want to do this? Am I renaming this once? I don't know what a eclipse template is so I have no idea why...
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    teensyduino on fedora on arm, no solution?

    Hi Paul, We chosen the Odroid U3 Arm platform with Xubuntu for our system and would like to offload some IO work to a teensy. So the desire is to get the toolchain on the U3 Arm for development. I've read the thread above but still trying to understand how teansyduino fits into Arduino...
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    Teensy 3.1 GPIO interrupts

    tlb, Thank you for taking the time to help and try and over all that I asked. Since posting my questions I have experimented with some unqualified hints from a post and they seem to work, but it took a different tact than what you show above. Here's what I did to establish an ISR for my...
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    Teensy 3.1 GPIO interrupts

    Hello, I have GPIO interrupt questions (I'm using Teensy 3.1, Ubuntu 12.04, and switching between teensyduino (based on Arduino 1.05) and Eclipse Arduino IDE [EAI] (based on Juno and Arduino 1.5.5) FYI-My need is to implement an ISR to respond to the falling or rising edge of a pulse. Also...
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    attachInterrupt() teensy 3.1 multiple ISR per interrupt

    Hi, Where can I find a reference for ALL interrupt related functions that are available. The teensyduino interrupt.h file is empty, PJRC website has a page on using interrupts but it's not up to date for teensy 3.1, which I'm using, and no interrupts mentioned on the library...
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    Teensy 3.1 External Interrupt on pin - please provide guidance

    RichardFerraro, How are you resolving cli() and sei()? When I put these in my sketch to do not resolve. Thanks
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    Update links and provide navigation improvements

    Hi I've been crawling around this site and doing Google searches to ramp up on Teensy 3.1. I've benefited from the community support and PJRC through web posts. I've frequently comeback to the site with the need to get answers to questions but have had problem finding a good...
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    "Complete" implementation of Teensy 3.0 ADC as a library

    Pedvide, Your library appears to have a rich set of functions for ADC. Thanks for your effort. I'm gearing up to use ADC on Teensy 3.1 and I was cramming on the subject when I came across this post. I have a few questions: Does your library work with Teensy 3.1? What's the status of...
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    A few questions from a person new to Teensy: 3.1 support in libraries; terms

    Thanks for the responses. I hope it's becoming evident from this and other posts that there's interest in having a more full-featured IDE/tool chain and hardware debug options. The Eclipse Arduino IDE holds a lot of promise for me, especially since I've spent a lot of time in front of TI's Code...
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    Eclipse Arduino IDE - Error <> is not compiled for this board Teensy 3.0 vs 3.1

    Hi, I replaced my boards.txt file created during the installation process with the one you provided, but the project would not compile. In an effort to provide you with as much information as I can, I collected Console output, source, and a few notes for two projects: One using the...
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    Eclipse Arduino IDE - Error <> is not compiled for this board Teensy 3.0 vs 3.1

    Eclipse Arduino IDE - Error <> is not compiled for this board Teensy 3.0 vs 3.1 Hi, kudos to Jantje for Eclipse Arduino IDE and thanks to headroom for instructions pages. I've finally gotten all of the steps done and I appear to be able to build the blink example. I'm developing on...
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    A few questions from a person new to Teensy: 3.1 support in libraries; terms

    Hi, It's been suggested that I try Teensy on project to build an adapter to connect a high bandwidth USB device, i.e. Laser, to wifi wireless, so I can eliminate cables. I've purchased several Teensy 3.1 and I'm quite pleased with it's hardware power and flexibility. I've completed the...