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  1. dlchambers

    Looking for Teensyduino installer for Arduino 1.6.9

    Yeah, I know - old stuff. I have a legacy Teensy 3.2 project written under Arduino 1.6.9 that I need to build. Building under latest Arduino has new warnings and creates a different hex (mem sizes are different), so I really need to do it under 1.6.9. I have the Arduino 1.6.9 installer, but...
  2. dlchambers

    Using a teensy board to act as host for a USB device (not common devices!)

    Is it possible to detect *ANY* device being plugged in and get it's VID/PID? I plan to use USBSerial, and have it working (example worked 1st time out of the box!), but I also want to know when *ANY* device is plugged in, even something that USBHost_t36 doesn't support, and print a simple...
  3. dlchambers

    Teensyduino F() behavior

    The Arduino F() macro places a string literal in PROGMEM (reducing the RAM footprint) I'm using a Teensy 3.2, and need more RAM space, so I wrapped a number of Serial.print() strings in F(). But I saw no change in the mem sizes of Flash & RAM. So I grepped for F() and found these defs...
  4. dlchambers

    Teensyduino USB issue

    I had this problem just now, and was able to solve it (for me, running Win10). Some background that led me to my solution: When you install a program in Win7+ (eg. install the Arduino IDE), and the installer launches the just-installed app, that app often runs in a "sandboxed" mode. This...
  5. dlchambers


    Are the Teensys ROHS compliant?
  6. dlchambers

    Teensy 3.2 gets "stuck" and won't mount COM port

    This happens to me once in a while. Using Teensy 3.2 as Arduino (teensyduino) on Win10. I'm running the USB as Serial. As I'm developing my program and I have a bug, sometimes the Teensy gets hosed. The bug must be some very bad memory thing :) 99.9% of the time, I just recompile/reprogram...
  7. dlchambers

    Dimensions to the USB D+ and D- pads on the underside of the Teensy 3.6?

    Could you please provide these dimensions relative to eg. Pin 1 (GND), as well as the pad sizes? Thanks! -Dave
  8. dlchambers

    Program Teensy 3.2 from within my own (windows) program

    For what it's worth, the Windows binary on this page programs it correctly: Haven't looked into the source yet, but it's a datapoint.
  9. dlchambers

    Program Teensy 3.2 from within my own (windows) program

    No errors, the C# code seems to run perfectly every time
  10. dlchambers

    Program Teensy 3.2 from within my own (windows) program

    I'm finding that my .hex works perfectly when written by Teensy.exe, but does not work when written by TeensySharp's 02_FirmwareDownloadConsole. When the hex is written by TeensySharp, the COM port never mounts, and it can take 2 presses of the upload button to get the bootloader to function...
  11. dlchambers

    Gold flash on Teensy 3.2 holes

    No replacement needed - just pressed the pins thru harder :) I just suspected you'd want to know.
  12. dlchambers

    Gold flash on Teensy 3.2 holes

    A few of my Teensy 3.2's have gold flash in the mounting holes, making it hard to insert headers: Seems like a manufacturing quality issue... has anyone else seen this?
  13. dlchambers

    Program Teensy 3.2 from within my own (windows) program

    TeensyWatcher provides a Serial number for each Teensy (eg. 2030840 decimal). I see the source of this (in the .NET code) is the registry entry (via a ManagementObject) Follow-on questions: 1) Is this indeed a unique # for each Teensy? 2) How can one retrieve it from within a Teensy C++ program...
  14. dlchambers

    Program Teensy 3.2 from within my own (windows) program

    @luni: That's EXACTLY what I was looking for. It works beautifully - THANKS!!! Another win for the PJRC community.
  15. dlchambers

    Program Teensy 3.2 from within my own (windows) program

    Seems simple enough - that's really what teensy_loader_cli wraps. It seems that the VID/PID of 0x16C0/0x0478 is still used by for the 3.2. Question: How does the Windows app put the Teensy into bootloader mode? 0x16C0/0x0478 isn't active until you press the button on the Teensy, but the Teensy...
  16. dlchambers

    Program Teensy 3.2 from within my own (windows) program

    Is it possible to incorporate Teensy 3.2 programming into my custom Windows app? I want to distribute my own updater (a .NET application) which can determine (via USB serial talking to my Teensy-based program) if an update is needed, and when it is, push a new .hex file from Windows down into...
  17. dlchambers

    Minimum I2C speed for Teensy3.2 with Teensyduino?

    For Teensy3, does the std Arduino Wire lib use i2c_t3 under the hood?
  18. dlchambers

    Minimum I2C speed for Teensy3.2 with Teensyduino?

    What's the minimum speed supported by Wire.setClock() for a Teensy 3.2 running at the std 72 MHz? I have an I2C issue that I'm trying to debug and want to slow it waaaaaay down to observe things. Also, are the standard increments? I.e. clock rate should be a multiple of X ? Thanks! -Dave
  19. dlchambers

    USB pad locations on Teensy 3.2

    Awesome! Thanks!!!!
  20. dlchambers

    USB pad locations on Teensy 3.2

    Could you provide the dimensions from the outer holes to the centers of the USB pads on the underside of the Teensy 3.2 (indicated as "A" and "B" in the following pic)? Thanks! -Dave
  21. dlchambers

    Thoughts on feasibility of self-updating from an SD card

    I'd like to make my Teensy be able to update it's program from a HEX file on an SPI-connected SD card. I'm using a Teensy 3.2 with an I2C wifi module and SPI SD card. I'd like to be able to have the Teensy download an update (hex file) and store it on the SD card, then have the Teensy replace...
  22. dlchambers

    Why is the Reset button sometimes needed but sometimes not?

    Thanks to all for the good info. I meant to say "program" button/pin, not "reset". I am prepared to bring that pin out to my case, but of course would prefer to not have to. However, if there's even a slight chance (and there seems to be) that there are situations where the teensy can't be...
  23. dlchambers

    Why is the Reset button sometimes needed but sometimes not?

    I've found that when programming a Teensy that sometimes it'll program w/o needing to press the reset button, but sometimes it won't program until you press the button. Two questions: a) Why is this? b) Is there any way to ALWAYS allow programming without pressing the reset button? I want to...
  24. dlchambers

    Part for Teensy 3.2 USB pads?

    Teensy 3.2 exposes USB signal pads on the underside (GREAT addition - thanks!!!) Is there a suggested header (eg. DigiKey part#) to solder onto these pads which will extend them down like the perimeter thru-hole pins? Thanks, -Dave
  25. dlchambers

    Arduino/Teensyduino String object

    There's a lot out there re: the Arduino String object, mostly people saying "it's broken, don't use it". I've also read posts (by Paul S and others) that say that String works in Teensyduino land. But I haven't seen any recent info on this. Does anyone have any definitive info as to whether...
  26. dlchambers

    Teensyduino 3.1 ADC external reference

    I'm using a Teensy 3.1 in Arduino mode. In core_pins.h for Teensy 3 there are these defs: #define DEFAULT 0 #define INTERNAL 2 #define INTERNAL1V2 2 #define INTERNAL1V1 2 #define EXTERNAL 0 which are the possible arg values for analogReference(). But DEFAULT and...
  27. dlchambers

    Teensy 3 MicroSD guide

    Paul, could you kindly provide the mfr (Hirose?) and part # for the SD connector on the board? (board: It kinda looks like this:
  28. dlchambers

    Compiler for Teensy C code?

    I have played with the Teensyduino RawHID sample. Problem with that is setting my own VID/PID values and Mfr/Prod strings. I'm aware of Teensy 3.x's usb_names.h, and have played with it a bunch, but have never been able to get that to work. So I thought to punt on the Arduino env and just do raw...
  29. dlchambers

    Compiler for Teensy C code?

    I'm interested in playing with this: What's the suggested compiler (and/or IDE) for working with Teensy C code? Thanks, -Dave
  30. dlchambers

    Is there a way to slow down the I2C datarate on a Teensy 3.0?

    Do I also need to tweak the inline TWBRemulation functions in Wire.h? They're for __MK20DX128__, which IIRC is the Teensy 3.0
  31. dlchambers

    Is there a way to slow down the I2C datarate on a Teensy 3.0?

    I have a flaky I2C connection and I'm suspecting that it might be affected by the datarate. I'm running it as a Teesnyduino. Is there any way to slow down the I2C speed to a rate of my choosing, say 1kHz? And, while we're on the subject, what is the Teensy 3.0's I2C datarate when running in...
  32. dlchambers

    How to change Teensy 3.0 PRODUCT_NAME ?

    I have my own VID, bought & paid from USB-IF, and I want to use that with a Teensy 3.0. This is purely a technical question, not an ethical/legal one.
  33. dlchambers

    How to change Teensy 3.0 PRODUCT_NAME ?

    So, how does one spec a custom VID and PID for the Teensy 3.0 ?
  34. dlchambers

    Is Teensy 3.0 RoHS compliant?

    Is Teensy 3.0 RoHS compliant? And, if so, does it comply with 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2) directive? Thanks
  35. dlchambers

    How to change Teensy 3.0 PRODUCT_NAME ?

    What I was thinking is that it'd be super cool if there were a weak function that gets called at the top of usb_init(), named eg. usb_preinit(), which would allow a program to optionally override the values from usb_private.h (VID, PID, MANUFACTURER, PRODUCT, SERIAL_NUMBER) at run time. I...
  36. dlchambers

    How to change Teensy 3.0 PRODUCT_NAME ?

    Answering my own question :) In boards.txt you set <board>.build.vid=0x1234 <board> and that passes them as "-D" defines to the c compiler.
  37. dlchambers

    How to change Teensy 3.0 PRODUCT_NAME ?

    Related item: In my verbose compiler output, I see USB_VID and USB_PID defined to null (in red text): C:\Arduino\1.0.5\hardware\tools\avr\bin\avr-g++ -c -g -Os -Wall -fno-exceptions -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -mmcu=at90usb1286 -DF_CPU=16000000L -MMD -DUSB_VID=null -DUSB_PID=null...
  38. dlchambers

    How to change Teensy 3.0 PRODUCT_NAME ?

    I only find usb_names.h in the hardware\teensy\cores\teensy3 dir. Does it not work Teensy with 2.0/2.0++ ?
  39. dlchambers

    USB Serial dead on Win7

    I've been able to do USB serial with the Teensy (2.0, 3.0) on my Win7 machine forever. Now it doesn't work. For example, using a Teensy 2.0 (as a Teensyduino) with Arduino 1.0.5, if I load the File > Examples > Teensy > USB_Serial > HelloWorld example, I can compile it & load into my device...
  40. dlchambers

    Detect Teensy 3, C preprocessor

    #if !defined(__MK20DX128__) #error Teensy 3.0 is required #endif
  41. dlchambers

    Teensy 3.0 UART datarate?

    I's seen this table: and have read various postings that serial-over-USB can do 256k. My question is about the non-USB serial datarate for the Teensy 3.0. Can it's UART support 256k? Thanks, -Dave
  42. dlchambers

    __bss_end and __brkval on Teensy 3.0?

    I picked up this LCD from adafruit: and downloaded their Arduino lib, and opened their st7565lcd example. It compiles & works perfectly on a Teensy 2.0. But when I compile for Teensy 3.0 I get these errors: sps_lcd.cpp.o: In function `freeRam()'...
  43. dlchambers

    Serial stopped working

    I'm on Win7 x32. I have a simple Teensyduino sketch loaded that sends text to the serial port. I have the USB Mode as USB Serial. Serial used to work perfectly, both with Serial Monitor and term emulator. Now neither work. I've reinstalled the serial driver, no luck. The device do es appear as...
  44. dlchambers

    RS232 ports on the Teensy 3.0

    Questions: 1) The Teensy 3.0 has 4 independent RS232 ports, correct? 2) Has the Teensyduino HardwareSerial library been updated to support all 4? 3) Can the Teensyduino 3.0 HardwareSerial library talk to all 4 ports concurrently? 3) Any known issues with the 4x RS232 design and/or library? 4)...