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    TCD1304 with teensy 3.2

    I know it's an old topic, but I think it fits here for everyone who is searching and has not much experience with electronics like me. I wrote a code using interrupts to fit the timings with a teensy 4 and couldn't get get the sensor to work at 1Mhz. I found this thread and tried the code of...
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    Teensy 4, 4.1 or 3.6 - DMA 4 (multiple) channel ADC 9.6 khz

    Thank you for your answer. I just need to have the CPU free for calculations, so microseconds delay in between doesn't matter. But it sounds quite complicated and that explains why there is no library available. But in general; It is technically possible to read 16 channel with 2 adcs at...
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    Teensy 4, 4.1 or 3.6 - DMA 4 (multiple) channel ADC 9.6 khz

    I am searching for an easy way to double buffer four channels (or more) using DMA like in the ADC_timer_dma example (at 9600hz). I am not a programmer so it would probably take me a few weeks to be able to realise it myself. I hope someone already written a library, modified pedvide's library...
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    ADC broken in 1.53?

    I used 1.8.12 with 1.51 for my sketch using a slightliy modified adc dma timer. For Teensy 4.1 support I updated on 1.8.13 and 1.53. There i get the error message that didn't occur before: "undefined reference to `AnalogBufferDMA::init" Also tried the pedvide/ADC from github, but it didn't...
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    How can I tell if a TFT LCD screen is compatible with Teensy3.6

    I am not an electrical guy, so please be lenient towards me. Does any ili9486/88 spi Display work? Some chinese seller sell ili9486/88 spi displays, isn't there a difference between the controllers? Wanted to buy the Waveshare 4" model. This should work right...
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    SdFs - a New SD Library for FAT16/FAT32/exFAT

    Hey, it's an awesome library. On Teensy 3.6 "Fastest with LTO" it's nearly 3 times as fast as the SD.h library. The way faster datarates and response times are crucial for time intense tasks, that can't be realised with SD.h. Are you still working on it?