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    Two Teensy 4.0 boards

    I realize this is an old thread, but I just dug out some Teensies that were sitting idle. Most of them tested fine, but 2 Teensy 4.0 did not. They are not detected when trying to flash via Teensyduino. I'm now using Windows 11, Arduino 2.3.2 and Teensyduino V1.59. Other 4.0s and 4.1s are...
  2. J

    Library for using LPD 6803 chip

    I did download 1.20 last night, so that might be why it worked for me. Since it was Timer errors that we were getting (I don't remember if it was TimerOne specifically), that makes sense.
  3. J

    Library for using LPD 6803 chip

    Paul, I re-downloaded the library and compiled it to my Teensy. I didn't get any of the timer errors we were getting the other night. But I don't have the LEDs, so I can't test to see if it's better than on the MicroPro