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    The very last Teensy 3.5 and Teensy 3.6 are available today, limit 2 per person.

    Thanks for the 5V compliant Teensy 3.1, 3.2 and 3.5 and support for this long. Legacy systems can be a real time sink for continued support. I've deployed many 3.5s on adapter boards to replace proprietary 40 pin PIC processors on legacy TTL circuit boards produced for model railroad signaling...
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    I2C issues,

    May I humbly request I2C slave support for Teensy 3.2 in the next 1.57 beta? My desire is to add a 3.2 as a slave in a 5V environment. Thanks in advance for any consideration. Bob
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    5V Teesny 4.1

    I love the digital 5V tolerance of the 3.5. I deployed a bunch of 3.5s on adapter boards to replace 40 pin PIC processors. The legacy systems are ~1990's vintage through-hole designs, a mix of 74LS and 74HCT logic. The 3.5 has no problem driving 5V logic reliably. In-circuit the Voh scopes just...