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    Touch sensing?

    I'll check it out to see if it's fast enough. With some tuning inside the native touch library I was able to read the states of all 12 sensors on T3.2 in less than a millisecond. It's for a musical application, so very low delays are important.
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    Touch sensing?

    With Teensy 3.2 out of the picture, will there be another half-stick of gum sized board with 12 capacitive touch inputs? 3.6 is long, yet only has 11.
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    Teensy3.1 Audio adaptor with 12 touch pins

    I was able to get faster touch results by only calling touchRead once to read all 12 pins, and by futzing with the current, oversampling, etc. More info. The tradeoff is less sensitivity, but I basically wanted a boolean result of whether the sensor was being touched or not.
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    Teensy 3.0 Project Template

    I'm seeing a large discrepancy in the sizes of hex files. For example, when I extract and build this template with no changes, the hex file I get is 110689 bytes long. When I build the blink example in Arduino 105 R2 and Teensyduino 1.19, the hex file is 40677 bytes. Any idea what's at play...
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    Teensy EWI Project

    To make the touch sensing as responsive as possible, I made some changes in hardware/teensy/cores/teensy3/touch.c. I bumped the current up to 6 (14uA) Number of scans to 0 (1 scan) prescale to 1. I also wrote a method to scan all 12 touch pins on the teensy3. void touchReadScanAll() {...
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    Teensy EWI Project

    I'm building an electronic wind controller based on a Teensy 3.1, and using all 12 of it's touchRead pins to read 6 dual touch sensors. After significant time spent tuning for playability, it plays like a pennywhistle, complete with alternate fingerings, partial hole accidentals, and pitch...