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    Teensy 3.2 PropShield no Audio

    Does this hardware work if you do a basic sinewave out the dac1? and since you can connect multiple outputs to a single source if you have a spare PWM capable pin you can try adding one there and connecting a resistor+LED to it and look for brightness changes as audio plays? You can also run...
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    5V Teesny 4.1

    The boring answer is to buy all new peripherals, on a practical front high performance devices are always going to be fussier on power supply, ESD, pin drive capability and all these similar things so moving from a mega to any current gen device is going to have some thought involved. On the...
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    Help required: Spectrum Analyser on single LED strip

    Rairo The restting message is normal, looking at the code void setup() { // Setup serial for WS2812Serial Serial.begin(57600); Serial.println("resetting"); LEDS.addLeds<WS2812SERIAL,DATA_PIN,RGB>(leds,NUM_LEDS); LEDS.setBrightness(50); // Setup audio memory AudioMemory(12)...
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    Teensy LC Inputs

    Is there any reason for things like the triggers need to be analog inputs? Normally you would read them via digitalRead and only the analog stick would use analogread? This means most of your inputs can connect where-ever convenient for the build (keeping wires sensible laid out and separated)...
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    Suggestions on multiplexing two sensor values

    Not quite clear what you want to do but if I am understanding the design goal correctly, does using work? Define a 'timeSinceLastTagSeen' timer In the loop: Check each beacon in turn, if proximate to door, open door if closed and reset...
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    Issue with Teensy LC + Pot 10k for Steering Wheel

    You can probably add a deadzone in the computer settings and or the game itself, but otherwise have a look at // Record "resting values" min and max #define L_x_min_rest 488 #define L_x_max_rest 470 #define joyX_center 512 and // Check for less than or greater than zero, to keep the axis...
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    Processors not on a board

    The main CPU is not where the bootloader code resides, it is in the separate bootloader IC available: If doing a custom design, see notes at the bottom of the thread and more recent forum threads on some of the gotchas is this sort of thing. And yes...
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    How does the MLK02 bootloader identify the target chip?

    In answer to your follow up question, you do not need a bootloader once your device is programed, though it does complicate things if you want to support in the field firmware updates.
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    [Beginner] Universal Flight Sim Panel

    With the encoders, as per TGlev's post, the encoder library does most of the work and in your case it becomes really really simple since you are just firing once for any amount of rotation* Read the encoder and store the new value newEncoder1Value =; //If value is higher do one...
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    [Beginner] Universal Flight Sim Panel

    There are several ways to use ellapsedmillis to handle the buttons. One is to have an ellapsedmillis for every button, if button triggered, set the output and zero the timer and later cycle through checking if they are currently pressed and timer >50us. This will get very very messy in code but...
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    Launch webpage on plugin

    First up, note that if this was trivial to do it would be an attack vector. At one stage you could do this with USB storage and an autoplay that sent internet explorer off somewhere but would be somewhat alarmed if that was still possible on any sensibly configured system. There are some options...
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    A little help please. Keyboard module with analog stick input?

    The general idea would be using And probably And if you want a joystick you can make it be a combined device emulating keyboard/mouse and joystick (you don't need the mouse but it will not do any harm...
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    How Does One Choose a Library?

    Do not have any advice for nRf but looking at libraries: Check if library focus/summary is what you are after (you probably don't need a mesh capable library in this case) Check how recently they updated (more than a couple of years old increases probability of adventure) Check for documentation...
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    Drone RC Tx code for Teensy?

    The code is used SPI to control the radio, so nothing directly preventing it from working. The wiring does not look like classic SPI hardware connections and it packages a software SPI library so it looks like they are bitbanging the data. So getting this to work may mean swapping all references...
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    Teensy 4.x custom board possible?

    This is the Teensy 3 bootloader, so not what you want to buy But the links down the bottom includes a bunch of threads on other people's ventures that would be applicable. Unscientific analysis indicates that getting the crystal design right is tricky...
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    Teensy Production Volumes for Covid Ventilator

    Cannot speak for PJRC and the availability of large quantities of T4s but see Which is for the earlier T3 series but has links to resources for those embedding a Teensy into a Custom device. You can also do a forum search for 'custom teensy' which will...
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    Storing large amounts of configuration data

    A Teensy can chew through arrays of chars pretty reliably as long as you can define max lengths at compile time, which in this case sounds like you can since you know the max length of a line and wouldn't be trying to loop back. A lot would depend on how robust you want the error...
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    T4 3.3V rail short to GND

    The 3.3V from the audio adapter is odd, since it does not have a 3.3V regulator of it's own. For linear regulators it is normally ok to have them in parallel but given all the signs point to a stray voltage somewhere it bears investigation in case you have something achieving resonance or...
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    T4 3.3V rail short to GND

    Having re-read the schematic, is there any possibility at all that that 5V in the IDE connector can get shorted into a Teensy signal by cables flexing or moving etc, or can it come into contact with anything else with power at the far end? Come to that, how long is the cable? 10s to 100s of...
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    T4 3.3V rail short to GND

    The pull up resistors should be fine as long as they are to 3.3V or close to it, having too many of them can cause strange I2C behavior but that is not the current problem unless you have somehow put a .3ohm resistor in there. I would not suspect it of nuking an entire teensy but have had...
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    Hat switches?

    Are you working from and file->examples>teensy->usbjoystick->complete? The code in that example just spins the hat switch through 360 without further input You want to read four buttons and then produce an angle output, then provide that angle to the...
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    T4 3.3V rail short to GND

    As a place to start, see In particular the layout at the top left corner where there is the 500ma poly fuse and the regulator. This is not a hard cutoff device but should warm up as it approaches the current limit and constrain the draw. So 400mA is an...
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    Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X Teensy MCU mod (USB Flight Joystick/Throttle)

    The main zip file is in the first post, but looks like some updates further down may be needed to get things working on current Arduino. Looking at the code looks like the key bit for pins are are: //Hat pins #define HU 19 #define HD 20 #define HL 21 #define HR 22 //enable for rudder pedal...
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    Teensy 3.2 stuck in bootloader

    That is pretty much the intended purpose of the bootloader button. It forces the CPU into reset and prepares it for a new software download. This is specifically designed to overcome any user code side shenanigans to make it really really hard to brick a teensy. So nothing you code in the...
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    FreqMeasure Library, reading optical rotary encoder for pulse width.

    It should only have two pairs of {} . Your loop has only one if statement in it but ends with four } rather than two it actually needs. To make this more useful in your larger code suggest using to de-sync the changes in period from what...
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    FreqMeasure Library, reading optical rotary encoder for pulse width.

    Freqmeasure works in CPU cycles so direct porting from Uno code may have trouble. According to the docs FreqMeasure.countToFrequency(count); You should get a result in consistent hz, though for your use case it may actually be easier to directly use the raw count value, as long as you track...
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    FreqMeasure Library, reading optical rotary encoder for pulse width.

    There are several options for measuring, and freqmeasure should be the right option for what you are doing. It is hard to tell since the formatting got messed up in transit but looking at your code there is some oddities with the {...
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    theory (not support) question: debouncing, 74hc14, and an oscope

    With the different button behaviors, does how the buttons is pressed change anything? It is possible the button spring is ringing or resonating several times, where a different pressure/speed of press damps more quickly. The fun test would be to x-ray the switch while being toggled and see...
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    Tutorial with Teensy LC

    The basic tutorial on the linked page should work as written. Things the LC does not do: Has fewer pins Does not have the hardware for the audio library or OctoWS2811 mulit LED drive and some of the timer related libraries Less current capacity from the onboard regulator 3.3V only for IO pins...
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    ILI9341 CAN Display - Gauge rendering on display

    The main choke point in pretty pictures would be the display rather than the teensy because of the time taken to send one screen worth of pixels is fixed by the display interface. If you can live with the needle not overlapping the gauge markings the idea would be draw the background image once...
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    Using 3V3 pin on T4

    Per the 250mA max note on the reference card 100mA for the SD card is not a problem unless you are also powering other things that eat into that capacity. Be aware that the standard SD card library working in SPI mode does not achieve the full throughput of a high performance card, but if your...
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    Using 3V3 pin on T4

    Yes, most SD cards run on 3.3V so that would be the expected wiring method. One thing to watch for is that writing flash memory is quite power hungry, possibly up to 100mA so if you are doing high rate writes factor that in the power budget. For just reading the values are 5-10% of that.
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    Are resistors needed with rotary encoders?

    You do not normally need resistors, since you would use the internal pullups on the pins and not have a VCC supply at all. If you do have a VCC to the encoder then you may have a situation where one encoder position produces a short VCC/GND and that can be pretty problematic. Tests would be to...
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    Creating a software editor

    There is not an easy way to do this. The basic idea is to use the USB serial port and send messages either as single letters or more structured commands from your program. The basic proof of concept is to do this from the Arduino serial terminal to your device, and then build software that can...
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    Teensy 2.0 Two keystrokes if button is pressed

    The simple option is to delay(50) or similar and then release, short delay before checking if digital read is still low. Exact timings will depend on the USB bus handler at your computer. This will prevent other buttons from working, If you want to get clever about it you need to use millis()...
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    ADC in free running on Teensy 3.6

    Is there any particular reason to not use the Teensy optimized audio library? Which has an inbuilt FFT. If your application wants more specialization you probably want...
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    Interactive LED & audio Installation with capacitive Sensing

    1. The 12 sensors should not be a big issue as long as you are not trying to get too complex with the flower lighting effects. If you have a teensy already suggest adding the read logic for the other 11 inputs to your prototype, add more LEDs to your fastLED code (no need for more pixels, the...
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    [HELP] USB Device for a Tablet need parts list

    There are lots of ways to make things permanent, but given you have a working breadboard layout something like these will be relatively straight forward Proto board or prototyping is the relevant search term, key thing is to make sure you understand how the...
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    Need help choosing the correct battery

    If you have nothing higher than give volts best option is probably a 5V battery bank. They will not be optimal but they come in many sizes/shapes and bypass challenges over getting all the parts to match together. If you have a sleep mode on the wearable the better designed ones will detect the...
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    Many axis joystick

    4.0 is very new, unsure how complete USB joystick support is. It also has ADC hardware that seems to take more effort to get good results out of. You certainly do not need the performance for this, so would suggest the LC or 3.2 would be a better fit. What may get complicated is your axis, and...
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    VBAT Voltage Range for T3.5

    page 31 of lists the voltage range as 1.71 to 3.6V, matching the 3.3-2.7 of a lithium coin cell. So yes some form of regulation is going to be needed there.
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    How to use full ADC resolution with voltage divider

    That should be how it all works, the bias voltage/reference may end up being half way through your range. Depends on internals of the amp and how it is powered. If you are chasing precision you need to make sure the op amp supply and the bias voltage are stable, but suspect for battery...
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    How to use full ADC resolution with voltage divider

    To offset your voltage you can use where your would use a resistive divider on the non inverting input to set your range midpoint and the ratio of the input resistor and gain resistor to adjust gain to maximise the ADC range. While you can math out the various values would suggest either...
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    difficulty with interrupt routine

    Sorry, had missed the part about this being a hard fault that persisted after resets, which is why my suggestion about overflows. Not having any ideas on how a pulsed input could hard fault after X runtime this way other than if pullups were misbehaving in some way or you had some form of...
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    difficulty with interrupt routine

    Is it possible that the under the hood changes around 8bit to 32bit and higher clock rates mean that you can overflow usEarliestPossibleWindTurn? if (usNow > usEarliestPossibleWindTurn)
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    looking for solenoid advice for woodblock metronome project

    To get a feel for what a solenoid can do, have a look at a relays. This will draw 10mA at 5V (right at it's lower limit) and pull a very light arm a mm or so. The USB power from your computer to the arduino maxs out around one amp, so while you could power a...
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    USB device insertion sequencer

    Basic option is probably to leave the USB data lines connected through, and just use a relay or FET to control the 5V power. One option would be a row of USB extension cables (or OEM cables for that matter) cut open to allow access to the power wire, but it could probably also be done by opening...
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    Future Teensy features & pinout

    For the things I do, a native ethernet option would be interesting for those cases where you just want a networked device that does one thing well without needing to secure a full linux install. Suspect the economics are pretty hostile though with Pi's and openWRT devices around.
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    [HELP] USB Device for a Tablet need parts list

    The first suggestion before spending money with this would be to download and install arduino and Teensyduino, have a look at file->examples->teensy->USBkeyboard and If you can work out what to do to those...
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    External (non-USB) power supply for Teensy 2.0: General thoughts, bypass Caps?

    The deeper question here is what else is being powered with the Teensies and Pi. If all you have is the assorted T2+Pi running along in a steady state most power supplies will produce the target output without problem, since they have onboard caps designed to cope with the generally pretty...