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    Teensy 4.1 qspi

    I have a 4 channel high speed ADC device (TI ADS8584S ) that I am currently using in SPI mode on a teensy3.6 that I am migrating to a teensy 4.1. I would love to use it in qspi mode and get some more data throughput. Either I am not understanding the docs, or there is no qspi other than the...
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    MTP Responder Contribution

    Thank you! Very nice work! I just spent a couple of days trying to figure out why all my files consisted of getname() headers of some sort followed by 32 ( I think) chars of my actual file data. If you have any hints as to your troubleshooting thought process, or how you arrived at these...
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    Teensy 4.0 Release

    More or less the same questions as the others.. Yay Paul for the work on the 4.0.. My current project was going to migrate to a linux board as I was out of clock cycles and optimizing tricks. Now I don't think I will have to. THANK YOU THANK YOU! I just ordered 2, and I am wondering where/...