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    virtmem: easily extend your memory

    Thanks for the feedback! I am not so familiar with this topic. I think the binary instructions could be put in virtual memory. You would still need to find a way to properly execute the chunks. Yes, I guess virtmem could bring a nice alternative to that. What kind of speed requirements are we...
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    virtmem: easily extend your memory

    Hello all, virtmem is an Arduino (and Teensyduino!) library that makes it easy to extend the limited RAM available on microcontrollers with 'virtual memory'. To do so, virtmem provides a simple interface to use external memory sources such as an SD card or SPI RAM chip which resembles working...
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    Teensyduino 1.17 Release Candidate #2 Available

    I'm especially interested in the SPIFIFO support. Paul, could you elaborate on what it does and how it is used? I'm using SPI quite heavily so any neat tricks are welcome :)