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    Analog VU meter on ILI9341 TFT display (cooperation wanted)

    what a nice project, following closely! sry but i cant help much.
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    48kHz 8i80 USB Audio

    any updates on this highly interesting implementation?
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    MacOS version of teensyloader disconnecting regularly

    fyi: having no issues with 10.15.5 and my teensy 4.1. so far...
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    Please recommend soldering iron / equipment

    the heated desoldering pump paul mentioned is brilliant, available in the eu:
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    Compiling Teensy 3.2 using JetBrains CLion

    i am using visual studio with platform io, works perfect. teensy 4.1 is fully supported by platformio since about a week: cheers
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    Display refresh Latency

    afaik. i2c can also used at higher speeds ... that might improve your display speed: but SPI will always be way faster...
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    ADAT Multichannel In / Out?

    you can also offload adat generation with theses chips: encoder: decoder: used them once and worked great
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    Are there other stores that sell the psram chips?

    just noticed your aliexpress link is broken. i just ordered this one: and hope it will work :)
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    Is there a way to increase the audio lib buffer?

    isnt AudioMemory for increasing buffer size?
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    Teensyduino 1.52 Install Problem

    i am using the default 1.52 from the download page with catalina just perfectly...just everything a little slow trying the new build now
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    Acquiring/Sending JPG Snapshot from IP camera using Teensy 4.1

    also have a look at these example network stuff: thats code for the teensy 4.1
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    Acquiring/Sending JPG Snapshot from IP camera using Teensy 4.1

    using a teeny/arduino board aims for solving problems at a lower level... means things you wanna accomplish are quite difficult compared to a 20$ openwrt router with linux and some bash script. so you might wanna thing about how you want to solve your task. this is completly doable with a...
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    Acquiring/Sending JPG Snapshot from IP camera using Teensy 4.1

    cgi seems to mean that you want todo an HTTP request ? get that response..extract the image and then send it out via tcp again..?
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    New Teensy 4.1 not recognized by Teensy loader

    new official 1.52 is here...
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    Just noise with Teensy 3.6 and Audio Adaptor Board

    yes since rev c its in there:
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    CS42448 TDM Input

    is there any update coming to the osh pcb for the CS42448 to use it with an T 4.1?