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    Teenys as programmer for teensy?

    Pensive, I totally agree. I just ordered a couple TeensyLCs. In the mean time, a teensy saved is a teensy earned. :) Don
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    Teenys as programmer for teensy?

    That looks like a winner, thanks Paul!
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    Teenys as programmer for teensy?

    Teeny USB connector repair Hi I have a teensy 3.1 that I squeezed into a tight fitting case, and upon removal the micro usb connector ripped off :(. I believe it still works fine - is it possible to program this teensy without the use of the USB board? For example I remember reading somewhere...
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    Teensy 3.0 Project Template

    I just tried this template and was able to drop main.cpp into place and have it build correctly. Its reallly nice to have a clean directory structure and a make build system. Thank you for this template!!
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    Firmware loader for Teensy 3

    What would be helpful is a loader for the teensy3 that has no GUI guts at all. My teensy is connected to a 'headless' linux box and Id like to be able to load a hex file remotely. $ ./teensy ./teensy: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: no...
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    Better alternative to arduino IDE ?

    What does it take to build a project for the Teensy3 with just the arm-none-eabi tools and a Makefile? Id like to avoid the IDE all together and also get a better understanding of the complie/link process for the teensy3. Thanks!
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    USB Host Status?

    Just adding +1 to this thread. Id like to connect a USB wifi radio (they're so small these days!) to the teensy 3 to build a tracking device which sends reports over an (unencrypted) access point.