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    How to switch between 2 different programs (different HEX) on Teensy 4/4.1?

    I wish I could do this, but I can't change the AUDIO_BLOCK_SAMPLES on the fly.
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    How to switch between 2 different programs (different HEX) on Teensy 4/4.1?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out how to switch between 2 programs on the Teensy 4/4.1. I would like to have an initial program that will read the state of a button when started that will redirect to 2 different programs. This same question was posted some years ago for Teensy 3.6, and I...
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    Flip Teensy USB host pads for USB programming

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if it is possible to flip USB1 with USB2 of the NXP chip used in Teensy 4 via code. I imagined this is possible with a new bootloader, but is there any code to overwrite this? This would allow me to connect another USB programming socket to those pads at the back of...
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    USB interface for multi channel outputs, not just stereo

    I made a custom board with the CS42448 for the same purpose and I'm also stuck at the same place as you. I managed to show more outputs in Windows too, but that was it. I still have hope this will be possible soon with Teensy. Understanding those bitwise operations would be a good new step and...
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    Bass guitar -> USB sound project questions

    The 50ms update is only an example. If you are not running any DSP through Teensy, I guess the only reason you need a Teensy (and not any other microcontroller board) will be for the USB Audio functionality. It is important to plan well how you will be switching your multiple output signals...
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    Quad channel output on Teensy 3.6

    That's great Paul. I will try VA to the battery first, good idea! Then I will do another test with 3.3V and if the regulator can't cope with it I will use another one externally. Thanks!
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    Quad channel output on Teensy 3.6

    Hi Paul and everyone. I'm designing a similar board to use Teensy with the CS42448 and was wondering if it'd be possible to use 3.3V for VA? I need to make it battery-powered (lithium 3.7-4.2V) so I was planning to just have a battery connected to VIN and use the regulated 3.3V to power all the...