3D Cad for Teensy 3.5 and 3.6

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Rendered model
3D CAD model for Teensy 3.6
https://github.com/BasicAirData/AirDataComputer/tree/master/Hardware/3D support/teensy3.6
Looks nice! Any chance that you could post the 3D files in a more universal format like STEP or parasolid .X_t so folks w/o Inventor could benefit too?
My version is not half as nice as that one, but I have used it in my 3d renderings in Diptrace.

If you want to play with the Step file, I have included it here...

Again this is not half as nice as the version above, but at least I could verify how things would look in diptrace...


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@KurtE It seems we posted at the same time.
Thank you for sharing!

In my humble opinion your release seem to be more appropriate for development purposes than ours; and it is nice. In fact ours is render oriented.

For development, we use Kicad. Once the PCB is completed we export the wrlm 3D model and then we use it with our enclosure/case 3D model.
I have created an Altium 3D Model for anyone looking to use it - Teensy 3.5/6 - it will also be up on my 3D Content Central portfolio in due course - search for tag 'Teensy'
Teensy 3_5A.jpgTeensy 3_5B.jpg


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Many Thanks ZS6HG,

My model was 90% finished, so your post inspired me to complete it. I have stolen some of your model - I didn't have all the passive components on mine.
My K66 and Reset-button are quite a bit taller than yours, and the Micro-SD a little further out, and while your SD Slot is much more accurate, it didn't import as solid into my package so I have left mine as-is.
Unless someone is like me, packaging with sub-millimeter tolerances and clearances, it will never worry them!
I will upload mine here after I have run it through a few MCAD packages at work to check it is robust (STEP, even though a standard exchange format for 30~40 years, is never read or written exactly the same on any two CAD systems)

My file as per my above post is here:

Oh, and another version with headers for those that don't like soldering!


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and finally a HOOPS stream format and a VRML format here:


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Darcy: Any chance that you can export your Teensy 3.6 model in parasolid or maybe IGES(?) format. The Step format seems to lose most (but not all) the color when it get imported into Solidworks. Parasolid usually preserves it. Figured I ask. Thanks!
Teensy noob here. I see that 3D CAD models are available for various Teensys, but I haven't found one for the 4.0.

Anyone have a model that I can import into Solidworks (2017) - native, STEP, or even IDF or IGES...?

Hey guys I'm about to release my Teensy 4.1 3D Cad Files just need to adjust few things on the bottom.
Quick preview:
3D TEENSY 4.1.jpg
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Okay so here I am releasing my 3d files in couple formats, note this is my first experience in 3d software.
All created with DesignSpark Mechanical version 3.
MIT License:
3D TEENSY 4.1 b2 top.jpg3D TEENSY 4.1 b2 bottom.jpg


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Those look a lot nicer than the quick and dirty version I did a few years ago, that I use in Diptrace to show 3d layouts of some of my boards that I tinker with, like:


But if you wish to play some with it until Chris O gets his uploaded...


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@ luni
Any chance to export as step or iges?
Unfortunately that's not possible with DesignSpark Mechanical free version, you can only do this with SpaceClaim Engineer.

With SpaceClaim Engineer, not only do you get the intuitive and fast "Pull, Move, Fill, Combine" interface that makes DesignSpark Mechanical so easy to use, but also you can import, export, and edit additional formats.
link: Ansys SpaceClaim Engineer
Perhaps the free trial version can do this:confused:

ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim Essentials Subscription $1,230.00
ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim Standard Subscription $3,080.00
ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim Ultimate Subscription $6,170.00
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