3d CAD Model for Audio Board / Shield


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Hi, has anyone come across a 3d model for the audioboard, looking to use it in KiCad but any 3d MCAD format would be great.
thanks Paul
I haven't, but I'm currently looking for a 3d model for the audio board as well for use in Fusion 360. Step, STL, whatever is around I'd be interested!

Thank you!
I made a (very) rough and ready AudioBoard using FreeCAD (for the first time!).

Zip file with the FreeCAD model plus a .wrl that you can use direct in KiCAD
View attachment TeensyAudiBoard-FreeCAD+WRL.zip

A picture of it sitting on top of a T3.6

If I get a chance later I'll update it with something better and post here, cheers Paul