8 Channel TDM Audio Test Source


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Hi All,
I am trying to create a test source with 8 channels of audio on a single I2S bus. Any recommendations on which board or combination of boards to start with would be greatly appreciated. This is to test other downstream hardware, so the source could be 8 individual wav files or really anything that I can get on the I2S bus. Thanks!
The Teensy 4.x supports 16 Channel TDM output or input on two I2S interfaces, if that's ok (so, in sum 2x 16 channels input + 2x channels output)
No other hardware (but the TDM Hardware) needed.
With the Teensy 4.1, could audio files on the SD card serve as the source and then be output as 8 channels on one of the I2S interfaces? Thanks again.
hello, sorry for bringing up this old post.
i was wondering if there is any news.
i'd like to give the test board a try, has the bom been uploaded anywhere?
Not that many parts that one would need a BOM...
The reason I was asking is that I am not a pro when it comes to electronics and PCB design. I could probably figure it out myself, but chances are high that I will fuck up sizes, packages and all these small details that are very likely obvious for someone that designs circuits every day. Thought I ask to save some time and troubles.
To conclude: there was no bom attached that I just haven't seen and no one has it handy and would like to share it with me.
It's probably a good time for me to do some homework and get familiar with PCB design :)
Not that many parts that one would need a BOM...
What sizes are the passives and 4.7uH Inductor? Also, What's the part number for Ferrite bead?
Also why does the board number need to be configured? If I am just using 1 board.
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