A DX7 (Fm synthesis) replacement with Dexed on a Teensy

MicroDexed with Teensy is a great project. Here is my synthesizer project with Teensy 4.1.


Jeannie Projekt: https://forum.pjrc.com/threads/63255-New-Teensy-4-1-DIY-Synthesizer/page10?highlight=Teensy+Shruthi

MicroDexed: https://github.com/dcoredump/MicroDexed

Greetings from germany. Rolf
Are there instructions for running MicroDexed on a Teensy 4.1 with a regular audio shield and no screen? Can you change instruments some other way? I've been following for a while and I want to try this on a standard setup. Thanks for any advice you might have.
The teensy audio shield has unresolved digital noise issues in our configuration so It is strongly suggested to use the pcm chip from the bom. The main reason why this is better is that it doesn't need the clock signal, which eliminates the noise issue completely. Further the mute function is different. Other than that it is possible. Running without the screen is a bit pointless however it can be done by attaching it to a pc web browser (the display will be mirrored to the web browser screen). But when you are at your pc, it does not make much sense to use a standalone music device together with it since everything can be done on your pc anyway.
Thanks positionhigh, how do I load the webpage on the pc web browser? I didn't know this existed, but I'll attempt it. Is that what the screen is running to change instruments? Does the Teensy act as a webserver?

I have custom hardware that I'm using. I too wanted higher quality audio, so I have some nice hardware I'm experimenting with. That's why I want to try this. I also have an ESP32 which can act as a controller for the teensy (serial) so the idea would be to control this with a phone.
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you just open https://positionhigh.codeberg.page/ in your webbrowser, the teensy needs to be connected with the teensy internal, micro USB port to that pc. you can view what is supposed on the screen and can interact with the pc keyboard, mouse or a USB gamepad, connected to the teensy USB Host port.
There is even audio over USB. But it might have issues, stuttering etc. Let me know if this helps and feel free to joint the discord chat, everthing is on the project homepage.
i forgot, features like USB audio, WebSerial, WebMidi are usualy not available on a mobile phone browser. you have to use a modern desktop-pc web browser to use all of these.