About the use of tweaking teensy cores


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Hi to all,
i would like to replace files in the teensy core,like alex6679 wrote in his github fork:

"Tested with Teensyduino 1.59In order to use it, copy the files of 'changedCorefiles' into cores/Teensy4 and replace the original files.Examples can be found in main_usbOutput.cpp and main_usbInput.cpp"

But where are the cores located in my PC? Do i need to download them and put them where?
Thanks to enlight me about that :unsure:
easier said than be done,never was able to compile, i followed the instructions but i think there is other things to do before.
Your "good luck" makes me smile somewhere a little bit :unsure:
Anyway i'll wait for this thing to be incorporated with the next teensy update :)
If you’d like to post the verbose error messages on the tweaks thread then maybe we can spot what’s gone wrong. It’s one of those chicken-and-egg cases where it’s way more likely to get into an update if people have tested and found it works for them…