Adapting IBM/Lexmark M4 keyboard (from IBM L40 SX) to USB?


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Hi Everyone

I'm new here. Sorry. I've been googling how to adapt 'any old' laptop keyboard to a USB encoder for a while now and I feel like I am going around in circles. Like I know enough to know what I want, roughly how I might do it but not sure if I've actually homed in on the right method.

Essentially I need to adapt the keyboard which was sold by IBM as an M4 Spacesaver standalone keyboard, or was built into a few really early IBM portable computers.

This is the keyboard:


It has two ribbons - one is 19 pins and the other is 9 pins. I have seen other people do very similar encoding using the Teensy LC. Would this be reasonably simple to do?

Does anyone know anyone else who has done this? Can anyone point me in the right direction of obtaining a PCB, the Teensy and the right kind of connector to accept these two cables?

I can solder no problem and I have built things like BlueSCSI units from scratch. So I am in the right ballpark with ability...