Adding Wifi/BT to a Teensy 4.x with a Murata Type 1DX-SPI chip?


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I saw the Arduino MKR GIGA R1-Wifi uses a Murata LBEE5KL1DX module to bring both Wifi and BT support to the board.
Based on available info, they are using SDIO interface for Wifi and UART for BT.

I would really like to get Wifi & BT support on the Teensy 4.x using this chipset, and found they have an SPI version as well - Murata LBEE5KL1DX Type 1DX-SPI

The only thing I can't seem to find is any reference guide for communicating with the Wifi over SPI or BT over UART.

Does anyone have any sort of lead that can help me obtain this info?
Does anyone have any sort of lead that can help me obtain this info?

Did some googling and there seems to be some support for STM32. Try searching for "STM32 connectivity pack". There are some references to i.MX, but nothing specifically for Teensy or imxrt1062.

I found it but unfortunately it's still too vague as to how to communicate with this chipset.

Real bummer as it has a very small footprint, and seems to have strong capabilities.
Interesting thread. That Murata chip indeed is very small. It would be pretty epic if a library for the Teensy was made in order to use it.
The Portenta H7, GIGA R1 and some other high end Arduinos does use this chip. So I'd say it must be pretty potent.

I don't have much knowledge on how to add it, but I do hope that this thread gets attention and that we all can work together to make it happen.