Altium library for teensy 3.0

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Hi everybody,
is there anyone who have teensy library for altium designer?
Otherwise do you know where I can found the dimension of the card teensy 3.0 ?

Thank you
Okay thank you

And I have another question, do you think I can use Teensy 3.0 to control 3 BLDC motorthree phase?
Because to control each motor I need 3 PWM so 3*3=9 the 3.0 got 10PWM
But I need that PWM can be dephased to 180° as and when I look the caractistics, I see that there are only two timer to generate PWM, so can i make 9PWM dephased 180° but with the same frequency ?

Thank you, and tell me if I need to make another post :D
PWM stuff is outside of my experience, so Paul or somebody will have to answer. However, there are some extension boards that can do multiple PWM. Lets see, the ones I know about off the top of my head include:

  • Adafruit 12-channel, 16-bit PWM control using SPI: Note, you will need to power the chip with at least 5v, but it claims that you can drive it with 3.3v SPI logic. The documentation says it is more for LEDs and not for servos, so perhaps it isn't for you. There is a 24-channel 12-bit SPI version also available.
  • Adafruit 16-channel, 12-bit PWM control using i2c:
  • Pololu 12/18/24 Maestro USB PWM control Note, this is more setup for USB control of servos, and it has an internal scripting language that you setup on a PC. It is claimed you can drive it with 5v serial which means you would need to do level shifting to do 5v on the Teeny 3.0 and use one of the 3 hardware serial ports.
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