Amiga emulation on Teensy 4.1

Some updates of the UAE port to the teensy4.1...
I restarted from a more compatible version of the source code.

- Sound has been fixed
- Most GFX problems too (no AGA support yet but ok)
- Add support for Hard Disk (e.g. WHDload now working to launch demos and games from the HDD)
- Moved to 68020 core (for better compatibility)

Still runs on a 320x240 display.
Anyone got the uVGA library working on the Teensy4.1?
I have an observation and a question concerning the teensy 4.1 bottom psram pads and the code... in teensyuae41/iopins.h the psram is defined on pins34-37 and the 4.1 psram pads on bottom are different pins , 48-50 and 52-54.

Should I change those defines, or... ?
Sorry, no need to change this for teensy4.1. I used to connect the psram my own way on the T4.0 but no need if you use teensyuae4.1...
so for people who wants to try, most important using the teensyuae41 project:
1) have the PSRAM soldered under the T4.1
2) select the type of display in platform_config.h (ILI or ST)
3) look at the display pinout in iopins.h (TFT_*) and Analog joystick pins/ADC (forget second joystick, SD and PSRAM pins)
4) finally compile for smallest code...
For the sound I use the MQSR output on pin 10, therefore CS is using pin 22. If you don't have sound, it is because the SPI still initialize the CS as pin10 (my workaround is adapting pins_arduino.h => PIN_SPI_SS= something else that 10)
I have done some more fix past w-e around the floppy driver (some games as great gianna sister were not booting anymore from adf) and some GFX issue (battle squadron sprite that was corrupted)
You might experiment some issue due to the PSRAM. Some games might freeze because of the PSRAM caching I guess. It is very random. Please share the issue you have especially around the PSRAM. I find it strange because sometimes recompilation or rebooting seems to move the problem somewhere else... But I think it will be hard to fix...
yes CrystalHammer works nicely but you have to run it from an HDD image (whdload installed in an HDF image).

I have tried all variants of the games on floppy and only the 93 remake works (adf) and that one has not the nice music!
When you insert the floppy in the startup menu, press one of the user key to insert the second floppy first, then select the first floppy and press the fire button to start emulation using first floppy.
When you need to swap, you have to press one of the user key (as I recall, the user key that does not swap mouse and keyboard)

It works on Amiga, I don't recall having implemented on ST but might be wrong ;-)